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Minutes of June 13, 2012

Meeting Called to Order:  by Chair B. Fucetola at 7:26pm.

Members in Attendance:   A. Angione, L. Connelly, J. Daughtry, M. Duddy, K. Fisher, B. Fucetola,

J. Giudice, L. Blecker, G. Mandel, E. Oxild, K. Sandham, and C. Ziolkowski 


Members Absent:  N. Mertz, D. Peterson, C. Porreca, J. Witty and M. Witty (meeting with Recreation Commission)

Liaisons in Attendance:  S.Gallopo (TC)  

Liaisons Absent:  K. Goodwin (MTHS SAC), K. McCorkle (Lazar SAC) and M. Palma (BOE).


GUEST(S):  Steve Nebesni (Alliance Coordinator for Morris County)

MINUTES:  The May 23 minutes were accepted on a motion made by M. Duddy, seconded by C. Ziolkowski noting a correction in spelling of Twp. Committee Scott Gallopo’s last name (under 5/23/12 Twp. Committee report).  All in favor by voice vote.


“The Unkind Truth” – Thurs. June 28 at 7pm at the Senior House

“Fein Such” – Teenage Wasteland article by James E. Shepard

SUB COMMITTEE REPORTS: - PLEASE copy B. Fucetola on future meeting dates

DAC Chair Report –B. Fucetola reported there are no more “Parents Who Host” signs.

S. Gallopo emailed A.Brewer to post “Parents Who Host” info on the Municipal Building’s electronic

board.  B. Fucetola will contact D. Peterson for posting this on the Police’s electronic signs.

Moving Ahead (Project Graduation) – J. Daughtry reported that on June 14 at the Senior picnic,

T shirts will be sold for the upcoming event.

            Publicity (Community Outreach) – E. Oxild had no update and suggested that Adam Brewer be

contacted.  S. Gallopo recommended that all events get sent to Trudy Atkinson (Twp. Clerk) who

updates the Township calendar.  He will follow up with T. Atkinson and A. Brewer about the calendar

and updating the DAC web page.

            Dances –  M. Duddy reported dates/themes are still being worked on.  $100 deposit will be needed to

have the acting group script the Halloween event.

HS Prom date – “moving the date up” is still being considered for next year (2013).

FINANCIAL REPORT:  N. Mertz absent, no report.

YOUTH ACTIVITIES REPORT:  C. Ziolkowski reported the following (copy attached for reference):

DAC budget needs to be established and sent to Twp. Committee for approval

57 REACH members have been selected for the next school year.  Officers’ ballots are due June 22.

4 deserving Seniors received REACH awards (plaques) – (all Seniors received plaques in the past)

REACH training Saturday, Sept. 8 at 10am

2013 grant will be available mid to late June



            TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE – S. Gallopo, no report.


POLICE REPORT  – D. Peterson absent, no report.


B.O.E. REPORT – Liaison Palma absent, no report. 

            S.A.C. REPORT - K. Goodwin and K. McCorkle absent.  It was reported that they are waiting to hear

back from school administration regarding “Too Good for Drugs” program.


            Project Promotion – B. Fucetola (in lieu of N. Mertz’s absence) requesting $500 for supplies for the

 Matt Bellace program scheduled at the Lazar Middle School.  This expenditure was approved on a

motion by A. Angione, seconded by K. Sandham to supplement what may not be covered by the grant. 

All in favor by voice vote.



Fein Such - M. Duddy contacted a Parsippany attorney and summarized the “Fein Such” letter which

 explains the legal ramifications of drunk driving.  He suggested having the Parsippany attorney attend

 the Sept. DAC meeting with the intent of having him speak at the High School on this topic.  An

“emergency” meeting needs to be scheduled to include DAC members, BOE Superintendent, and the HS

principal.  The intent is to have the attorney speak at Back to School night about parental fines for

underage drinking at house parties.  B. Fucetola will follow up with making contacts and scheduling a



There being no further business to discuss on a motion made by M. Duddy, seconded by J. Daughtry the meeting adjourned at 8:08pm.  All in favor by voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Alicia Angione, Recording Secretary

Maryann Witty, Corresponding Secretary


D.A.C. MEETINGS – 7:30pm at the Youth Center

Wednesdays, September 12, October 24, November 28, December 12


Friday, September 28 from 7:30pm to 10:30pm at Mennen Arena – Ice Skating

Friday, October 26 from 7pm to 9:30pm at HS Cafeteria – Monster’s Wedding Night

Friday, December 7 from 7pm to 9:30pm at Lazar School Gym – Holiday Hullabaloo


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