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MEETING MINUTES—March 27, 2007

Montville Township Committee Regular Meeting

Tuesday, March 27, 2007, 6:30 p.m.

Montville Township Municipal Building, 195 Changebridge Road, Montville, New Jersey

6:30 p.m. – Statement of Open Public Meetings Act Compliance read by Chairman Art Daughtry:  “As required by the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate Notice of this meeting has been provided which Notice specified the time and place of the meeting to the extent known at that time. The Notice was posted on the bulletin board at the Municipal Building, mailed to The Daily Record, The Star Ledger, and The Citizen as well as other newspapers and it was placed on file in the Township Clerk’s office. This meeting has been properly noticed to the public in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act.”

Present:            Committeeman Stephen Moscone (arrival 7:20 p.m.)

Committeeman James Sandham, Jr. (arrival 6:40 p.m.)

                        Committeewoman Jean Bader

                        Committeewoman Deborah Nielson

                        Chairman Art Daughtry

Also present:            Frank Bastone, Township Administrator

Frances Vanderhoof, Director of Finance

Anthony Barile, Township Engineer

Thomas Mazzaccaro, DPW/Water & Sewer Director

Linda White, Land Use Administrator

Richard Cook, Chief of Police

Lt. David Peterson, Traffic Safety Officer

Martin Murphy, Township Attorney

RESOLUTION NO. 2007-CES-032707 PROVIDING FOR A MEETING NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF THE NEW JERSEY OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS ACT, N.J.S.A. 10:4-12 – Litigation – Tax Appeal Urmston Realty; Woodmont Properties; Attorney-Client Privilege; Contract Negotiation; Property Acquisition.

Motion:  Nielson.  Second:  Bader.  All in favor except Moscone and Sandham - absent.  Resolution adopted.

At 6:30 p.m. – Closed Session.  Committeeman Sandham arrived at 6:40 p.m.  Committeeman Moscone arrived at 7:20 p.m.  At 7:35 p.m. – Public Session.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance led by Committeewoman Nielson.



Ordinance is offered for adoption on first reading with second reading and public hearing scheduled for April 10, 2007, at 8 p.m.  Motion:  Bader.  Second:  Sandham.  Roll call vote – Moscone, yes; Sandham, yes; Bader, yes; Nielson, yes; Daughtry, yes.  Motion approved.


Ordinance is offered for adoption on first reading with second reading and public hearing scheduled for April 10, 2007, at 8 p.m.  Motion:  Nielson.  Second:  Bader.  Roll call vote – Moscone, yes; Sandham, yes; Bader, yes; Nielson, yes; Daughtry, yes.  Motion approved.

RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING CONSENT AGENDA NO. 2007-CA7:  Motion:  Nielson.  Second:  Sandham.  Roll call vote – Moscone, yes; Sandham, yes; Bader, yes; Nielson, yes; Daughtry, yes.  Resolution adopted.


WHEREAS, certain cash bonds have been posted with the Township of Montville to secure the performance of obligations; and

            WHEREAS, the Engineering Department has verified that the improvements, the installation of which were secured by the cash bonds, have been installed in a satisfactory manner and has recommended the release of cash bonds.

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Committee of the Township of Montville, County of Morris and State of New Jersey, that the following cash performance bond shall be released:





STP Contractors, LLC

242A Old Bloomfield Avenue

Parsippany, New Jersey  07054

(Block 39, Lot 20) 30 Waughaw Road

Roof Leaders

Soil Stabilization



$   500.00


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this Resolution shall be forwarded to the Chief Financial Officer.


WHEREAS, supplemental funds are available for 2007 Municipal Alliance activities through the County of Morris; and

            WHEREAS, the supplemental funding of $2,500 requires a 100% cash match of $2,500 from the Township of Montville;

            Now, therefore, be it resolved by the Township Committee of the Township of Montville, in the County of Morris and State of New Jersey, as follows:


The Township Committee of the Township of Montville supports the 2007 Supplemental Application for $2,500 to be utilized as follows:  $750 for “Red Ribbon” week, $1,000 for Project Graduation and $750 for project promotion.

The Township Committee of the Township of Montville herein commits to the provision of a $2,500 cash match from the 2007 operating budget for the supplemental funding to be allocated in the same manner as described above for the $2,500 supplemental grant funds.


WHEREAS, building permit fees were paid for the issuance of building permits for property located at 14 Peach Tree Drive, Montville, New Jersey; and


WHEREAS, the property owner revised the project plans after the necessary permits were secured; and


WHEREAS, Catherine Megaro has requested a partial refund; and


WHEREAS, the Construction Official has recommended a refund of $490.00.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Committee of the Township of Montville, County of Morris and State of New Jersey, that a portion of the building permit fees submitted by Catherine Megao for property located at 14 Peach Tree Drive, Montville, New Jersey, shall be refunded in the amount of $490.00.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this Resolution shall be forwarded to the Chief Financial Officer.


WHEREAS, Olde Towne Properties, the substituted (for Scott Serafin) developer of a development known as Block 40, Lots 52 and 53 (628 & 630 Main Road), has requested approval to submit a substituted  Performance Guarantee to the Township of Montville; and

            WHEREAS, Scott Serafin has submitted a Performance Guarantee in the form of Letter of Credit #3150 issued by Valley National Bank dated April 8, 2004, in the amount of $25,000.00; and


WHEREAS,  Olde Towne Properties has submitted a substitute guarantee in the form of a Letter of Credit #6730059109  issued by Lakeland Bank dated March 27, 2007, in the amount of $25,000.00, and


WHEREAS, the Township Engineer, Township Attorney, and Land Use Administrator have reviewed the Performance Guarantee submitted and have recommended its acceptance.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Committee of the Township of Montville, in the County of Morris and State of New Jersey, that the Performance Guarantee submitted by Scott Serafin in the form of Letter of Credit #3150 issued by Valley National Bank dated April 8, 2004, in the amount of $25,000.00 is hereby released and the substitute guarantee in the form of a Letter of Credit #6730059109  issued by Lakeland Bank dated March 27, 2007, in the amount of $25,000.00 from Olde Towne Properties L.L.C. is hereby accepted.  The Township Clerk is authorized and directed to forward a copy of this Resolution to the developers.



WHEREAS, grant funds are available through the 2007 Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund Program; and

WHEREAS, the Montville Township Historic Preservation Review Commission has recommended that an application be made for the Montville Township Schoolhouse No. 10 (Montville Museum) Third Phase in the amount of $216,372.00; and


                        WHEREAS,the Township will commit available funds to meet the matching fund requirements of the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund program; and

                        WHEREAS,the Township will commit to matching funds of 20% of the total grant equaling $54,093.00.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Committee of the Township of Montville that the appropriate officials of the Township are authorized and directed to submit an application for the Montville Township Schoolhouse No. 10 (Montville Museum) Third Phase in the amount of $216,372.00.

Motion:  Bader.  Second:  Sandham.  Roll call vote – Moscone, yes; Sandham, yes; Bader, yes; Nielson, yes; Daughtry, yes.  Resolution adopted.


WHEREAS, The Township of Montville and Dakota Excavating entered into a Contract for the synthetic turf soccer field at Community Park; and


WHEREAS, it has been determined that certain changes to this Contract are necessary; and


WHEREAS, the details of the proposed Change Order are as follows:

-            Installation of sod on the area between the new synthetic turf field and the parking lot to allow the field to be open for use earlier.

; and

WHEREAS, Dakota Excavating has submitted a change order for the necessary work in the amount of $9,700.00, but a credit of $2,950.00 will apply for seed and mulch that will not be needed in that area; and


WHEREAS, the Township Engineer has requested and recommended to the Township Committee that it modify its Contract with Dakota Excavating as a result of this change.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Committee of the Township of Montville, in the County of Morris and State of New Jersey, that the following Change Order is hereby approved in the Contract between the Township of Montville and Dakota Excavating:


Original Contract Price:                           $635,712.00

            Change Order #1:                                                6,750.00

            Adjusted Contract Amount:                                   $642,462.00

            % Change in Contract:                                       1.06%

Motion:  Sandham.  Second:  Nielson.  Roll call vote – Moscone, yes; Sandham, yes; Bader, yes; Nielson, yes; Daughtry, yes.  Resolution adopted.

NO. 3 – RESOLUTION APPROVING THE LISTING OF BILLS AND SIGNING OF CHECKS:  Listing of bills approved; and the Mayor and Township Clerk are authorized to sign the checks.  Motion:  Sandham.  Second:  Moscone.  Roll call vote – Moscone, yes; Sandham, yes; Bader, yes; Nielson, yes; Daughtry, yes.  Resolution adopted.



Chairman Daughtry opened the public hearing.  Hearing no comments, Chairman Daughtry closed the public hearing.

Motion to adopt ordinance:  Moscone.  Second:  Sandham.  Roll call vote – Moscone, yes; Sandham, yes; Bader, yes; Nielson, yes; Daughtry, yes.  Ordinance adopted.


Martin Murphy, Township Attorney, read proposed amendments to Section 1 F and Section 1 P. 

Motion to amend ordinance:  Nielson.  Second:  Moscone.  Roll call vote -   Moscone, yes; Sandham, yes; Bader, yes; Nielson, yes; Daughtry, yes.  Motion approved.

Carry pubic hearing to April 10, 2007, at 8 p.m.  Motion:  Sandham.  Second:  Bader.  Moscone, yes; Sandham, yes; Bader, yes; Nielson, yes; Daughtry, yes.  Ordinance adopted.



FINANCE:  Frances Vanderhoof, Director of Finance, submitted a report on the financial reports she has received from organizations.  She will be contacting the organizations that have not yet submitted their reports.

ADMINISTRATOR:  Frank Bastone, Township Administrator, stated his report is contained in his memo dated March 23.  Montville Baseball/Softball will be on the April 10 agenda.

Chairman Daughtry stated Highlands Planning area – he met with Linda White to fine tune the delineations on the map they sent to us and improve upon them.  We are not officially “opting” in at this time.

ATTORNEY:  Martin Murphy, Township Attorney, reported the Township has been served a lawsuit by Woodmont Properties regarding the release of their performance bond.  We will be filing an appropriate answer.


Committeewoman Bader:  None.

Committeewoman Nielson:  Play equipment for three parks – she noticed Manchester Park was not in there.  She would like to know where that is in the hierarchy of the improvements.  Also, can we explore options to delay purchase to the Fall sale and possibly save approximately $11,000.  There are a number of residents concerned about Manchester and the conditions out there.

Daughtry asked if we received a priority list yet from Recreation about the $140,000.  Nielson replied Recreation is working on that.  This playground equipment is coming from the $70,000 that was allocated to them. 

Committeeman Moscone:  None.

Committeeman Sandham:  It was in the Montville Messenger, and I hope everyone read it – we tried to work diligently on the tax rate and debt service this year.  2006 was the first time in twenty years that the Township municipal debt decreased, not increased.  We followed the recommendations of the Long-Term Financial Planning Committee.

PRESENTATION OF ROUTE 202 TRAFFIC STUDY:  Study prepared by Orth-Rodgers Associates, Inc. entitled Traffic Analysis and Conceptual Intersection Design, Main Road (Legis. Route 202) in Montville Township dated February 1, 2007 is hereby made an official part of these minutes.  The Study is available for inspection and/or purchase in hard copy or on cd in the Montville Township Municipal Clerk’s office.

Chairman Daughtry welcomed everyone to the meeting.  He read a background statement regarding the study into the record:

The objective of tonight’s meeting is to hear firsthand County study results and recommendations from the professionals involved with the study.  As part of this study, I have asked our Township professionals to acknowledge and certify all of the criteria used to support the study, such as growth potential and the impacts of this growth along this corridor.

No decisions are being made tonight regarding endorsement of all or any of the County recommendations by the Township Committee.

The public will be encouraged to ask questions of any of the professionals at the conclusion of their presentation.

I also want to publicly thank the County Engineering Department and the Freeholders for funding this effort.

After the question and answer session regarding the Route 202 Study, there will be a brief discussion with the County regarding the improvements to the corner of River Road and Route 202.

Tonight we have the following professionals in attendance that have either participated in the study or reviewed and commented regarding the results:  Mr. Steve Hammond, Morris County Engineer; Mr. Chris Vitz, Assistant Morris County Engineer; Mr. P. Norman Deitch of Orth-Rodgers, the consulting firm hired by the County; Mrs. Linda White, Director of Montville Township Land Use; Mr. Tony Barile, Montville Township Engineer; Chief Richard Cook and Lt. Dave Peterson, Montville Township Police Department; and Deputy Mayor Deb Nielson. 

Background:  The last extensive traffic study at the County level was March 1992.  Over 850 citizens signed a petition to put a traffic light at Park and Whitehall in June 2004.  Changebridge and Route 202 at peak busy hour is within 100 cars of the same situation at that intersection prior to opening Route 287 northbound.  A “new” Route 202 was planned in the 80’s and subsequently abandoned due to opposition from residents in the Changebridge at Montville site.  A bridge was removed in the early 80’s that crossed over the railroad tracks from Route 202 onto Bellows Lane east of Jacksonville Road in preparation for the realigned Route 202 that was supposed to go down Whitehall Road, along Canal Road, onto Macculloch Drive, and interconnect to Route 287 where the northbound entrance exists today.

Goals of this study:  To reach agreement on a plan to resolve traffic issues within this corridor and to actually fund those improvements.  To continue the spirit of cooperation with the County and to look into other routes in town that are controlled by the County that are in need of improvement.

Chairman Daughtry introduced Steve Hammond, Morris County Engineer; and P. Norman Deitch and Brian M. Stankus of Orth-Rodgers, Traffic Engineering Firm. 

Deitch stated this traffic study was broken down into the North section and the South section.  The North section is the Towaco area.  We did field observations and traffic counts from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.; 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.; and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.  We did license plate i.d.’s (South area), crash analysis, existing intersection analysis, review of anticipated developments, future volume projections and analysis, i.d. of required improvements, and cost estimates.

North study area – Towaco:  The petition regarding the traffic light at Route 202 and Whitehall Road – it does warrant it.  A benefit is it will divert volume off of Firehouse Road. 

Intersection of Pine Brook Road and Whitehall Road – recommendation is a turning island or warning signs/flashes.  The two traffic signals close together are currently running on a short cycle.  Installation of a signal on Main and Whitehall should help this.  Another recommendation is a left turn lane in front of the post office.  We want to minimize queuing.  Estimated cost is $300,000.  Possible auxiliary lanes on Main Road at Whitehall Road. 

Potential Main Road/Whitehall Road bridge – there is a concept drawing.  Estimated cost $7 to $8 million.  A bridge would improve things.

South study area:  License plate matching surveys – just first three characters.  Morning peak hour 40% of cars turned right onto Changebridge Road.  Cars do use Schneider Lane as a bypass.  That will have to be addressed.

Proposed South study area improvements without potential bypass roadway:  widen Main Road to provide a lane between Changebridge Road and Route 287.  Expand intersection.  Left turn slot into 2 Changebridge Road.  Any widening of Main Road - that trestle by 2 Changebridge Road is a design constraint, but it can be done.  Estimated cost $1.2 million.

In addition, we looked at what happens if we build a bypass of the Main Road/Changebridge Road intersection from Route 287 ramp to Changebridge Road across from Maccullouch.  Approximately 40% of Main Road/Changebridge Road traffic could divert to bypass.

Proposed improvements with bypass:  Left turn slot onto Route 202 from Changebridge Road.  Widen Changebridge Road to provide three-lane approach.  Traffic signal at bypass – Changebridge & Maccullouch.  Widen Changebridge Road.  Cost $3.1 million.  This does not include right-of-ways.

Chairman Daughtry thanked Mr. Deitch.  He also thanked the Morris County Freeholders for funding this study. 

Daughtry asked five questions:

1)  Provided the recommendations are endorsed by the Township Committee at a later date, what funding amounts/resources will the County and/or State contribute to the proposed improvements?

Steve Hammond, Morris County Engineer, stated there are two County roads involved – 30% Township and 70% County.  50/50 for one County road and one Township road.  Right now, they are not looking at any Federal or State money.  They are not accepting any applications.  Potential State aid for paving.  It will mostly be a local and County project.  Anticipating timeline – engineering one year, construction one year.

2)  What would be the timelines to actually complete the recommended improvements? 

Hammond stated construction South area – just signal and widening – nine months.  North area – five months.  Three-year timeframe with engineering, bidding, construction, etc.

Committeeman Sandham stated all of the quotes do not include right-of-ways.

Hammond stated it depends on where we are talking.  If it is Main Road – we own almost all of the right-of-way.

3)  For both the North and South study areas, what is the life expectancy after the proposed improvements are implemented, including expected critical traffic counts, that would trigger further improvements?

Hammond stated there is a ten-year life expectancy.

4)  When this artery reaches the next trigger point will another physical route be necessary (i.e. Changebridge Road bypass)?

Hammond stated he cannot provide a good answer on that.  He cannot predict the growth, etc.

5)  I understand various traffic data and traffic studies were provided to you by Lane Use and independent sources along the various corridors in the community.  As it relates to the improvement along Changebridge Road/Route 202 and the possibility of development or redevelopment of the Vreeland Farm area, what benefits would come from the proposed construction/improvement of a four-way intersection in this area?

Hammond stated left turns into the Police Station and whatever is developed there – it would help with left-hand turns going in and coming out.


Steve Sammit, Changebridge @ Montville, asked if they looked at the zebra stripes on Changebridge Road.  People cross that all the time.  They are supposed to stay off of them.

Deitch stated they did look at that as part of the study. 

Hammond stated that is an enforcement issue.  One option is to narrow out the road. 

Steven Bale, Changebridge @ Montville, stated trying to make a left into Maccullouch – there have been any accidents because of people coming up over the zebra stripes.

Josh Jandura, Rathbun Road, Towaco, asked is anything was done in the study in the area of Rathbun Road.  There is limited sight distance there. 

Hammond replied that was not looked at in this study.  They could look at it in a separate study. 

Cindy Varrone, Changebridge @ Montville, asked if it is indicated in the study if the bypass road would draw more traffic that may not normally be in the area.  Also, was there any consideration given to bicycle lanes?

Dietch stated he does not feel the bypass Road would attract any additional traffic.  Bike lanes – it hasn’t been designed  yet.  It is something that will be looked at. 

Gary Lewis, Cooks Farm Road, Montville, stated Whitehall Road/Firehouse Road traffic signal timing – when it is green, it is red on Main Road.  I wouldn’t change the timing.  I would just put a green arrow there that is somehow linked to the firehouse. 

Hammond stated they will look into that.

Gerry Hug stated the bypass road – if that is chosen, is that considered a County improvement? 

Hammond answered he would say yes. 

Ilene Green, Changebridge @ Montville, stated widening the road – the railroad bridge – if you are only widening to there, aren’t you just bottlenecking it there?

Dietch stated improving the traffic signal will improve it there. 

Green stated when school gets out, the traffic is worse.

Trishka Patrone, Majorca Road, Towaco, asked is there anyway you can tell how many cars are actually going into Lincoln Park?  Maybe we can ask the State to make an exit into Lincoln Park.

Daughtry stated when Route 287 was originally proposed, there was supposed to be an exit in Lincoln Park.  We are taking all of that traffic.  It would be a great time to call the State and ask for an exit ramp.  We probably won’t get it.  All of the proposed improvements are definite improvements. 

Steven Baylor, Changebridge @ Montville, asked on the bypass, are you planning on making any restrictions – i.e. no trucks.  Also, I don’t want anyone to forget this is a residential town.  This has to be taken into consideration.

George Hoffman, Route 202, Towaco, stated the street Nowak Lane – there is a constant flow of u-turns there.  Did you notice this in the study?

Dietch stated they did not notice that.

Hammond stated the bypass road – there would not be any restrictions.  Trucks would be allowed.

Rich Moore, Indian Hill Road, Towaco, asked if they considered a five-second delay to give residents coming from Indian Hill Road a chance to get through.

Hammond stated they did not look at that design yet.

Dave Palmer, Changebridge @ Montville, stated there is a proposed 18-truck stop and the bypass road would bring more trucks to the area.

Daughtry stated you will have the opportunity to comment on the development at Planning Board.

Jandura stated she is very surprised they didn’t look at Rathbun/Main Road.  There are accidents there.  There is a very bad turn in the road there. 

Steve Netsky, President, Changebridge @ Montville, asked what are the exact numbers. 

Dietch stated the total vehicles approaching the intersection – right turn onto Changebridge Road – peak 190 evening to 370 morning peak.

Netsky asked what is the potential volume there?

Hammond stated that depends on the zoning, etc., what goes there.  That is up to the Planning Board and the Township.

Daughtry stated there are four tracts of property that are going to affect that intersection.

Netsky stated residential units don’t have the same impact as a commercial or retail use.  Did you use the current zoning/uses in your study and projections?

Dietch answered yes, and growth projections.

Linda White, Land Use Administrator, stated the Quick Check application is on the Planning Board agenda of April 12th.  The application is on file already.  Feel free to look at it.

Hammond stated the projections were based on the existing zone. 

Joe Spinella, 45 Cobblestone, Montville, asked will that April 12th application be subject to County approval?

White stated the application on for April 12th is only a request for rezoning.

Spinella asked would the development application be subject to the County?  Hammond answered yes.

Spinella asked would that be based on the current traffic flow?  Hammond answered partly yes.

Dave Burkler, Rathbun Road, Towaco, stated he would confirm what his neighbor’s said.  It is a very dangerous intersection.  What would help is the removal of the tree. 

Hammond stated he will have his assistant look at it within a week. 

White stated there is a subdivision there and as a requirement there are improvements that have to be done at that intersection.  I will provide the information to Mr. Hammond.

Mr. Angelo, Changebridge @ Montville, asked there are 2,200 cars at the Route 202/Changebridge Road intersection per hour?  Dietch answered yes.

Angelo asked the growth is about 500?  Dietch answered yes, over ten years.

Angelo stated that is a 20% increase.  I don’t think anyone would support that. 


Christopher Vitz, Senior Engineer, Morris County, distributed a sketch of the proposed new corner radius of 50 feet.

Vitz stated the timeframe would be within three months once they get the approval from the Township. 

Committeeman Sandham thanked Mr. Hammond for taking a second look at that intersection.

Dawn Mazzaccaro, River Road, Montville, stated a bottleneck was created in the road.  Large vehicles have to take up the whole road.  How is two feet going to make a difference?

Hammond stated two feet is the minimum – it gets wider.  It is designed to be a mountable curb.

Mazzaccaro stated but what I pull behind me is a horse trailer.  I can’t go over it.

Vitz showed Mrs. Mazzaccaro on the sketch that it will be widened there. 

Mazzaccaro stated the other concern is the backup there. 

Committeewoman Nielson asked Mrs. Mazzaccaro if she can make the right onto River Road from Route 202.  Mazzaccaro answered no, she cannot.

Nielson asked is there anyway we can improve that?

Hammond stated not without considerably widening the road. 

Barbara Mazzaccaro, Moore Road, Montville, spoke about the difficulty turning onto River Road from Route 202.  You have to go far up to make the turn in.


Nielson stated the North study – the bridge proposed potentially – that would be a large impact on the residents and businesses in the area.

Hammond stated the cost far exceeds what the County would fund.

Nielson stated the constraints on the railroad bridges, perhaps we could press our legislators and get Federal funding for that.

Hammond stated he would be more than happy to work with the Township on that.

Nielson stated the intersection of Pine Brook Road and Whitehall Road – I did notice there are wooded areas there.  Could improvements be made immediately?  Sight triangles, etc.  I don’t thinks it’s not doable.

Hammond stated I don’t think it is not doable.  There are short-term solutions.  Re-grading, etc. are more long-term solutions. 

Nielson stated South study area – I was personally surprised to see a four-lane highway with excel and decal lanes.  Also, there were no left turn lanes for going into the Senior Center.

Committeeman Moscone asked if funding is available this year. 

Hammond stated their capital budget is already in place. 

Moscone asked if we could start engineering this year for a signal, etc.  Hammond replied for a signal, yes.

Sandham stated Towaco section – there is a significant impact on downtown by putting in that bypass.  Would you envision a signal at Jacksonville Road/Route 202?

Hammond stated they have not gotten that far yet.

Sandham stated signal Route 202/Whitehall Road – would you put a right-hand turn lane there? 

Hammond stated with the four lanes there, a right-hand turn lane is defacto. 

School buses going into Firehouse Road – they are blocking that intersection.  Are you going to look at that?

Hammond answered yes. 

Daughtry stated there are properties on Whitehall Road – there may be a restaurant.  If it can be channeled down to two lanes, can there be parallel parking there?

Hammond stated they could take a look at that.

Daughtry asked would they solicit the State of New Jersey and NJ Transit to look at this bridge? 

Hammond stated you would have a better shot of them working on the Whitehall Road bridge as a safety issue.

Daughtry stated but asking NJ Transit – they may want to do the new bridge because it would alleviate pressure on the other two bridges.

Anthony Barile, Township Engineer, stated he spoke to NJ Transit about a year ago, and they have no long-term capital plans.  It would take a lot of political pressure.

Daughtry stated ok, send a letter.


Sandham stated the Board of Education and Township Committee subcommittee met.  The BOE moving to town hall does not seem to be viable at this time.  The cost estimates escalated.  The subcommittee has been working together.  It has come to a potential solution of going to 86 River Road with renovating or building a new building.  The cost estimates that their architect submitted seemed to be high – that is what the Township Committee feels.  We want to get someone else to look at the numbers.

Sandham stated 86 River Road is underused.  We will not be adding to the infrastructure.  Does this Township Committee want to undertake this renovation or potentially knock it down and build a new building?

Nielson stated that was summarized accurately – what has been discussed to date.  We discussed a lease, but no terms were discussed yet.  The term would generally be up to ten years.  They would pay rent in lieu of what they pay now.  They would pay the down payment, architectural fees, etc.  Parking lot improvements would be born by the BOE.

Jon Alin, Board of Education President, stated their preference is to demolish the building and start from scratch.  Our goal is to build the most cost effective permanent home.  If nothing comes of this, our option is to go to referendum.  We would pay for the 86 River Road building.  We would own the building after payment of the lease.

Nielson stated she did not recall the transfer of the ownership of the building.

Alin stated they would lease for ten years to payoff the debt. 

Sandham stated I don’t think anyone on this committee would want that property sitting there doing nothing.  Do we want to give the site to the BOE and let them build the building, go out to referendum, or do we want to build the building and they pay us back the debt?  I do want legal counsel’s opinion of bonding this and then renting it out.  I also believe we need to have a public hearing on this.  When could you go to referendum?

Alin stated we can go to referendum four times per year.  If we were going to referendum, we would go as a multi-use building. 

Martin Murphy, Township Attorney, stated bond counsel states no problem with doing this.  We would reduce it to writing.  We would need four votes. 

Moscone stated we need a rough number.  Also, we have to comply with ADA requirements. 

Daughtry stated we had a bid amount of $420,000 that was for the roof, windows, and stucco.  The fire department has $100,000 in their budget for that. 

Alin stated we are looking to build the cheapest building we can.

Daughtry stated he would like to offer the BOE $1.5 million, and they can do what they want with it.

Sandham asked would you be in favor of the Township bonding up to $1.5 million to support BOE offices at the 86 River Road property?  It is under the understanding they are repaying us the entire amount in no longer than 15 years. 

Committeewoman Bader stated she needs more solid numbers. 

Nielson stated she needs to know that this is barebones and it doesn’t necessary have to be $1.5 million.  I am generally in favor.  There may be an issue with the architect.

Moscone stated he generally agrees with everyone.  I don’t like the architect, but the architect should be yours.  We need a solid number up to $1.5 million.  The public needs to know.  Who is paying for the demo of the building?  I am in favor of up to $1.5 million and demolishing the building. 

Daughtry stated we will take the building down.

Sandham stated he is in favor of the least costly, most economical building.  I am comfortable up to $1.5 million.  That takes their rent down by 25%.  I would like to see it come in for less. 

Daughtry stated he has the same sentiments as Committeeman Sandham.  I have faith in the members of the BOE to do the right thing.  Let’s get this out to the public as a discussion item on April 10th.

Robert Gannon stated he would suggest using an architect that does not necessarily specialize in schools, as it is just a building.  $230 per s.f. should be doable. 

Daughtry stated we will discuss this at the April 10th meeting.  We will discuss with the BOE after their election. 

Alin stated he will poll his board.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 p.m.  Motion:  Moscone.  Second:  Sandham.  All in favor.  Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,


Gertrude H. Atkinson, Township Clerk

Last Updated ( Monday, 26 November 2007 )
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