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            ROLL CALL

            Nick Cifaretto            - present                            Ron Cain, Jr.  – present

            Everett Vreeland - absent                             Mark Tabakin - present

            Leonard Murphy – absent                                 Ron Soussa  - present

            Jennifer Horowitz (Alt #1) – entranced noted

            Carol Ann Soroko (Alt #2) – absent

            Anthony Speciale - present


                        Township Committee: Art Daughtry - present

                        Planning Board Liaison: Gary Lewis - present


It was with sadness that Mr. Cifaretto announced the death of Mr. Murphy.  Board members asked secretary to send in the donation from them in honor of Mr. Murphy. 


Update:  Website Development

Mrs. White indicated that she has given a lot of information to Mr. Perkins for web, that the web should be up and running by December, and that she sent copies of what was on the EDC website to the members asking them to supply their comments as to any other changes and/or what should be put on EDC website.

Mr. Speciale indicated that the Chamber is also looking at upgrading their site with links to various Montville Township webs and other websites with common goals. 

Mrs. White indicated that Dick Vreeland volunteered to take some photos for the EDC website of various places in the community, and she would remind him of this. 

Mr. Daughtry indicated they are trying to get on budget with the web, in view of some personal delays, but appear to be on line for December. 

Update:  ‘How Do’ Guide

Linda White indicated she has gathered a lot of documents on building permit process/whom to contact in township and gave them to EDC and Mr. Perkins to consider using for the WEB.  The only aspects not finalized are the documents developed on the ‘application’ process, which is still an open issue.

Update:  Rezoning – GI, Towaco, Kramer, Pine Brook & Stiles Lane

Stiles Lane:

Mr. Cifaretto indicated that this improvement is going to be but back into the budget.  Discussion ensued on why the County has now required townships to pay ½ expenses and what their involvement would be with this.  Mr. Daughtry reviewed some of the improvements he worked with recently within the Rt. 202/Park Avenue area for a traffic light, indicating there is a Morris County Freeholder meeting with the Township Committee on September 26th and invited EDC members to attend, especially based on concerns of needs to address some upgrades along county corridors.

Mr. Daughtry brought EDC up to date on the Robbins tract (before Changebridge Plaza/Stiles Lane on Changebridge), which was in litigation indicating that this can only be used as open space.  Mr. Cifaretto mentioned condemnation, and wondered if this should be looked at, but Mr. Tabakin indicated a township couldn’t condemn their lands.

Mr. Daughtry indicated he did get a request from Mr. Nelligan as to the possibility of using some open space in town to develop a community center type of building for special needs children.  He indicated Mr. Nelligan felt that the State might lighten challenged.

Mr. Soussa wondered if the Township shouldn’t investigate use of properties we might have acquired, noting Kramer property/dog park area, to see whether or not the properties were purchased with township funds.  If not, then perhaps we can look at these types of properties to see if we can put it back on the tax rolls. 

(Ms. Horowitz entered)

GI Site –

Pending before Planning Board and scheduled for September 27th agenda.  Mr. Burgis is developing ordinances for the various uses that the Planning Board narrowed this study down to, including aged restricted housing.

Mr. Daughtry indicated he feels the Rt. 46 access to this site is problematic, noting we should also be looking at the Kevor Konner area of Rt. 46 since it should be a total revisiting of this highway area.  Mrs. White indicated we did send the letter to the State on the need to address Rt. 46 but no response received at this time.  Discussion ensued.  It was felt that if there was a developer interested in both sites, that we may be able to have the developers face this issue.

Kevah Konner site -

Still being reviewed to see how much land is buildable; plans are at the DEP level.

Towaco Center -

This area is pending before Planning Board and is on their agenda for October 11th meeting of Planning Board.  Ordinances and possible amendments to master plan will be discussed. 

Update:  contact with Hotels

Linda White indicated she tried to contact Ms. Soroko several times for the list of hotels to send a letter of inquiry to, but hasn’t received anything yet.


Update:  Sign Ordinance

Mr. Cifaretto indicated he would like to see a ‘simple code’ one that isn’t too complex and is user friendly.  Linda White indicated this draft is a compilation of various sources and is being developed as a ‘guide’ to things that have been brought up and/or ways to find what is best for our community, and isn’t the ‘draft ordinance’ but one that should be commented on so that all agencies involved in the land use process are comfortable with final results.  EDC members asked to review and offer their input, if any.

Mr. Speciale indicated that he would have a concern with eliminating the use of ‘logo’ signs, discussing the lifestyle malls being considered by community.  They should be considered.  Mrs. White indicated she received some photos from the Design Review Committee on a mall in Sussex that has a Dunkin Donuts.  They maintain theme but allow the logo on window. 

(Note:  Mr. Soussa left)


Chairman’s  Memo of 7 August 2007   (discussion)

Mr. Cifaretto indicated his desire to finalize some of the issues that he committed to writing in his memo of August.  He indicated we already learned from the Chairman that the Planning Board is dealing with FAR% and parking ordinances.  He felt that there should be relief from having to deal with an FAR% and that the parking numbers should be less stringent.

Gary Lewis indicated that we should focus on reviewing the Master Plan that needs to be addressed.  Mrs. White indicated that the budget is on the agenda for discussion and that proposals were already requested from Planning Board professionals for work on the zoning ordinances/any master plan revisions needed, etc.   Mr. Lewis expressed concerns about lack of support to fund this project, which will be costly, and thought that the EDC may be able to help by supporting it with Township Committee members.   Mrs. White noted the EDC receives all copies of pending ordinances/studies from Planning Board and Planning Board invites comments and participation.  Mr. Cifaretto indicated the EDC should be involved in the process.

Discussion ensued on developing ordinances that have illustrations to aid in determining heights/side yards that will be easier to understand.  Township should be concerned about developing ordinances that impact existing residential lots/homes. 

Reporting Request made from the chair on status of the items pending, asking that the Planning Board and Township Committee supply these reports on progress on:


Parking Needs

Master Plan

Stiles Lane

Budget for EDC

Linda White indicated that there are funds left in this account, and was there any work that the EDC wanted to fund before end of year, and/or mentioning seminars and conventions.  Mr. Cifaretto supported seminars/education.  Mr. Soussa asked to be registered for the one EDC seminar being conducted.  Mrs. White will coordinate.  Any other interest, advise accordingly. 

Mixed Use Concept:

Mr. Cifaretto indicated he received an inquiry from Mr. Soussa on individual uses, discussing what constitutes a professional and who may occupy professional offices, explaining about a professional may also sell certain products.  Mr. Cifaretto indicated that this may be more in line with a mixed use, and that he had no objection to looking at the concept of mixed uses in future.  Looking at a specific site and use though is a Planning Board and not an EDC issue.


Adoption of EDC minutes of: 8-22-07 Eligible:  Mr. Speciale, Mr. Cain, Ms. Soroko, Mr. Vreeland, Mr. Soussa & Mr. Cifaretto  - Adopted

Meeting adjourned unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

Absent with explanation

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