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            ROLL CALL

            Nick Cifaretto            - present                         Ron Cain, Jr.  - Present

            Everett Vreeland - present                               Mark Tabakin - present

            Ron Soussa              - present                         Jennifer Horowitz (Alt #1) - absent

            Carol Ann Soroko (Alt #2) - present

            Anthony Speciale - absent


                        Township Committee: Art Daughtry - Present

            Planning Board Liaison: Gary Lewis - Present


            OLD BUSINESS


The Changebridge Road corridor discussed relative to allowing the industrial property to be permitted to have a larger retail component within the inside of their facility.  This was an amendment, noted Mr. Lewis, recommended by the Planning Board.  Mr. Lewis elaborated indicated that there is also plans at the board level to look at retail use along Changebridge Road, noting the various zones existing along this roadway.  Mr. Soussa indicated that if all bulk requirements are met, there should be no limitation on retail uses on this street.  Traffic discussed as it relates to the current situation, noting the volume is already heavy, and what would more retail do on this corridor?  Discussion ensued.  Perhaps small service type business/offices would lessen traffic because local people would shop and work locally:  idea is to keep shoppers in our township.  Parking regulations were also felt to be more a problem in this community, and that we should make a change on this.  It was felt that retail parking is ok ‘as is’ but perhaps parking standards in “OB and I’ zones should be look at since it is felt these are a hindrance to marketing this site.  We would need to consistently look at progress, noted Mr. Cifaretto.  Chairman polled board asking for their input on retail along Changebridge Road.  Motion by Mr. Vreeland, seconded Mr. Soussa that retail should be looked at strongly by the Planning Board along Changebridge Road.  Unanimous agreed upon.  Letter will be sent to Planning Board by Chair.


Mrs. White updated EDC on rezoning items pending at Planning Board level.  She indicated the Board was going to notice for the master plan discussions on January 24th, gave a draft copy to the EDC and asked for their input to the Planning Board.  Mr. Cifaretto asked Mrs. White to put this back on agenda of EDC for January 16th agenda.

Mr. Daughtry updated EDC on the status of NJ Transit and Firehouse Road with work starting on the joint County/Township lighting improvements on Firehouse Road around Feb. March of 2008.  He also elaborated on the discussion of the county possibly looking at the parallel parking issue, indicating he asked the County to look at this along Whitehall Road. 

The Planning Board will also be considering an impact ordinance which would require a developer to deposit improvement monies into a fund that would allow for development of a parking lot, streetscape, etc.  There would be specific wording that would indicate when such a deposit would be required.

Development of Business Interest Questionnaire

Mr. Cifaretto also felt that there are times when the EDC should consider inviting owners to attend their meeting to discuss their expansion ideas.    Along these lines, Mr. Lewis reminded members that he had thought we might want to develop a questionnaire that would go out to all industrial and commercial users existing in town and ask them ‘what are they looking for’, i.e. how can we help them.  Mr. Ciffaretto and Ms. White were to work on this questionnaire.  It was felt that this would have to be a simple questionnaire.

Invite Potential Developers

Mrs.White indicated that both Mr. McDermott and Mr. LaSala were both interested in developing in the Towaco Center area.  Mr. Cifaretto indicated he would like to invite them in to the EDC, but one at a time and would coordinate that with Mrs. White.

Kevah Konner

Mrs. White indicated that they are still pursuing redevelopment of this area, and that the Planning Board has asked that both the sites in this area work together to stress to the State DOT how important it is for them to address this area jointly since the ultimate build out will need state upgrades.  Mrs. White indicated she did express this to both Mr. Boswell of GI and Scott Konner of Kevah Konner site.  EDC members expressed interest in moving and assisting this effort. 

Update:  Website Development

Members felt that the web page is an improvement but needs more ‘pop’, although functional it really needs to be more upscale/enhanced.

Update:  Budget Support – Planning Board

Mr. Cifaretto indicated that we need to make sure the Township Committee knows that the EDC supports the updating of the Master Plan for the community, and towards this, moved that a letter go to the Township Committee and Planning Board supporting the adoption by the Township of the Planning Board Master Plan and Operating Budget in order to address the goals of continued economic growth.

            Update:  Contact with Hotels

Mrs. White indicated she contacted all of the listings for the contacts for major hotels.  These numbers were not direct contacts.  Issue tabled.

Morris County Seminar – March 19th from 5 to 8pm

$30 per person – The following members wish to attend:  Ron Soussa, Dick Vreeland, Nick Cifaretto,  Deb Nielson


            Goals for 2008

Mr. Cifaretto and members agreed that our goal for 2008 should be retention of commercial businesses and development of a business survey to determine what we can to better enhance their operations. 


MINUTES (Note – minutes not acted on – carried to January meeting)

Adoption of EDC minutes of: 9-19-07 Eligible:  Mr. Speciale, Mr. Cain, Ms. Horowitz, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Tabakin, and Mr. Cifaretto 

Minutes of 10-24-07 – Eligible:  Mr. Speciale, Mr. Cain, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Cifaretto, Ms. Soroko and Mr. Vreeland

            Meeting adjourned unanimously,

            Respectfully submitted,

            Linda M. White

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