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            ROLL CALL

                        Nick Cifaretto            - absent                         Ron Cain, Jr. - present

                        Everett Vreeland – present                                  Mark Tabakin - absent

                        Leonard Murphy - absent                                Ron Soussa - present

                        Jennifer Horowitz (Alt #1) - absent                 

Carol Ann Soroko (Alt #2) - present

           Anthony Speciale - present


                        Township Committee:

                        Township Officials:              Linda White, Land Use Administrator             - present

            Planning Board Liaison:  Gary Lewis – Present


Appointment of Temporary Chairman – Ron Soussa

                        Appointment of Chairman – Nick Cifaretto

                        Appointment of Vice Chairman – Ron Cain, Jr.

Selection of Meeting Dates – 2/21/07, 3/21/07, 4/18/07, 5/16/07, 6/20/07, 7/18/07, 8/15/07, 9/19/07, 10/17/07, 11/21/07, 12/19/07, 1/16/08 @ 8AM – Meeting Place:  Municipal Conference Room – Adopted unanimously


Development of  ‘How Do’ Guide & Application Review Process

Updated chart listing the various building processes developed by Mr. Lewis was reviewed.  Mrs. White indicated the list was given to Mr. Laird who supplied additional comments.  Mr. Lewis indicated he developed this chart to help in laying out the formation and development of a guide for commercial users.

Mr. Lewis and Mr. Soussa to review.  Rescheduled for next agenda discussion.

Meeting with Senator Martin re: Highlands

Mrs. White indicated that she received a call from Senator Martin’s aide who invited members from the EDC to meet with him in his office.  Discussion ensued.  Mr. Cain indicated he would talk with Mr. Cifaretto on this proposed meeting. 

It was felt that representatives of the Highlands should participate at this meeting.  Those attending should be the chair of EDC, Mayor Daughtry, Deputy Mayor Deb Nielson and Frank Bastone, Township Administrator. 

General discussion ensued on the mapping and concerns of the Highlands legislation on our community.  Ms. White copied the memo that Stan Omland, PE provided to the Planning Board on this subject to review.

Mr. Cain will speak with chair and get back to Ms. White on tentative meeting schedules with Senator and possibly Highlands representatives.  Mr. Vreeland indicated we should have Highlands talk with township also.  Ms. White indicated that the township Planning Board and members of the Township Committee have already indicated there will be some joint meetings on the future on common issues facing the community, and that this subject may be one of those that involve joint meetings.

Mr. Vreeland indicated he would like to work with Mr. Lewis on the Highlands since Mr. Lewis is the appointment member of the Planning Board that was asked to keep in touch on this new legislation.

Seminar at Morris County EDC – Wednesday March 21st @ County College of Morris 5PM to 8PM

The following members indicated they wanted to attend the upcoming Seminar at Morris County EDC – Wednesday March 21st @ County College of Morris 5PM to 8PM – Township will prepare and pay for their registration of:  $30 each.  Ms. White indicated she has not yet received any registration forms, but members should put this date in their calendar.  Members:  Ron Cain, Jr., Carol Ann Soroko, Nick Cifaretto, and Dick Vreeland.  Other members will be reminded when registration forms come in.          

Website Development

Linda White indicated that this budget amount allocated in EDC budget was taken out, noting that the Township Administrator is working on the municipal web site as pat of his tasks.

Business Inventory Listing

Members talked about getting vacant lands onto the website and somehow highlighting these vacancies on the web to help in getting these places filled.  Ms. White indicated that we already have a business inventory listing on web, but if Mr. Vreeland and/or any other member of the EDC come across one that should be added, to forward it to her attention to keep it current. 

Bus Tours – Realtor Lists

The issue of whether or not the EDC wished to organize this bus tour discussed.  It was felt this activity was not needed and saw no value to keep this on their agenda in the future.  Subject tabled. 

Berlex Corporation

Linda White indicated that there was no meeting set up at this time, but would remind Deborah Nielson about the possibility of coordinating one aimed at letting Berlex know that we want to retain their corporation in our community, and how can we help them in this goal? 

            NEW BUSINESS

                        Reporting on Rezoning Requests

Several members asked about the rezoning request in O’Dowd on Main Road.  inda White indicated that this isn’t scheduled yet, that we are waiting on county traffic reports and when this is available, the Planning Board will schedule.  The question of whether or not the EDC should review and/or offer report discussed.  Ms. White reminded members that the Planning Board indicated that they would ask the EDC for reports on some planning matters.  Gary Lewis indicated he would ask the Planning Board at their next Planning Board meeting.


Adoption of EDC minutes of: 12-20-06 Eligible:  Mr. Cifaretto, Mr. Speciale, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Cain, Mr. Vreeland, Mr. Tabakin, Mr. Murphy, Ms. Horowitz – adopted unanimously

            Meeting adjourned unanimously.

            Respectfully submitted,

            Linda M. White

with explanation

absent thru  February - vacation


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