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Nick Cifaretto            - present                         Ron Cain, Jr.  - absent

Everett Vreeland - present                               Mark Tabakin - absent

Leonard Murphy – present                               Ron Soussa – absent

            Jennifer Horowitz (Alt #1) - present                Carol Ann Soroko (Alt #2) - present

Anthony Speciale - present


                        Township Committee: Deborah Nielson - present


The EDC members discussed the Highland Legislation.  Mr. Cifaretto indicated he attended the Highlands seminar.  Question is:  what is the Township's position.  Mr. Cifaretto indicated that we were going to look at revising the Highland's maps and submit to them the changes we think they should make.  Concerns raised on lack of data from the Highlands as to 'how' they developed the mapping.  Mr. Cifaretto noted if we opt in, we take away Home Rule, and is that what the Township wants to do?  The EDC feels Montville should 'opt out', and that we have always been ahead of the curve.  The EDC did not feel that the Highlands could take care of Montville like we take care of ourselves, a strong argument to 'opt out'.  The purpose of the Highland's map was discussed, noting that the main focus of the map is to preserve drinking water and preserve the natural environment of the township.  If we 'opt in’, we will have Highland's controlling our zoning forever.  The EDC felt we should meet with neighboring towns on the Highlands and have an educational meeting, most importantly we need direction from the Township Committee.  Concerns voiced on sewer permits and possibly delay of approval of them if we do decide to 'opt out' of the Highlands. 

Mr. Cifaretto noted that 3/27/07 the Township Committee is releasing a Traffic Study conducted along Rt. 202/Changebridge up to Towaco area and urged the EDC members to attend this informational meeting.

Mr. Cifaretto noted that the Planning Board would be hearing the O'Dowd rezoning on April 12th relative to the Quick Chek/gas station/retail use rezoning request.

Mr. Cifaretto noted receipt of the DRC minutes, referencing All Brite minutes in particular.  He feels we need to make Montville more beautiful, but doesn't feel there are any teeth in the DRC review ordinance; that the sign regulations and parking regulations are a joke.  They should be addressed.  

Minutes from prior meeting approved and adopted unanimously.

EDC indicated that they must make a list of priorities and get some progress on these matters, referring to Stiles Lane, Towaco Center and Pine Brook Area.  Mr. Cifaretto indicated he would meet with some developers in this area mentioning Marv Hirschberg, Larry Gage and Bob Gannon.  He feels the EDC must be more proactive.

Mr. Cifaretto asked that Mrs. White update the EDC on state of Kevor Konner site.

Mr. Cifaretto voiced concerns that people out there find Montville 'hard' to deal with, and our project should be to let them know that we are 'open' for business and that we are here to 'work with' and that we are proactive to development and we are accommodating and welcome them to Montville and that we want this to be a positive approach for potential applicants.  We need to help those trying to sell their lands, like Sunoco.  We should contact Sunoco and tell them we want to keep them and have a dialogue going.  We should let them know that there is a 'new' government in Montville.  Some people are not all on the same page and some still have 'old ideas'. 

Ideas discussed.  Consider creation of 'development committee' that tells us 'what we want' and 'what we don't want'.  Tell developer's what we want?  Do we want a 'big box' on Kevor Konner property?  We need to be more proactive.  When calls come into Linda White, they should be referred to Nick Cifaretto.  She should also be required to give a list of callers to the EDC, along with all emails and a log of calls received weekly.

Concerns raised on Mr. Bastone's attendance?  Will he attend an EDC meeting?

Noted for discussion:  the Iskon site adjacent to the town property Camp Dawson on Jacksonville Road is on the market for 2.3 M.  It would be a good place for an Adult Day care and/or Bed & Breakfast site.

Ms. Soroko indicated she has contact with a large shopping center developer (Lifestyle Center) Stanbury Development and she will contact them to have them discuss possibilities with Nick Cifaretto.

In summary, the EDC asked if the township ever heard about the $200,000 grant request made to Highlands?  We should be apprised of any updates on this matter.

Meeting Adjourned.

Taken from notes by Dick Vreeland

By:  Linda White

With explanation

With explanation


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