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            ROLL CALL

            Nick Cifaretto - present                                  Ron Cain, Jr.  - present

            Everett Vreeland - absent                               Mark Tabakin - present

            Leonard Murphy - absent                                Ron Soussa  - absent

            Jennifer Horowitz (Alt #1) - absent                Carol Ann Soroko (Alt #2) – present

            Anthony Speciale – present


                        Planning Board Liaison: Gary Lewis - present



‘How Do Guide ‘ not discussed.  More work needing to be done on this, and a lot more has to be done.  Subcommittee will work on it and bring it back to a future meeting.  

Rezoning updates

Kevor Konner site looking to develop a Lifestyle Mall use.  They will come in with a concept plan once they get all the parameters from DEP and buildable area.  They also indicated that they need a temporary tenant for Hertz Penske site since this site will not be part of the Lifestyle Mall.  The representative indicated that the ultimate build out would be a restaurant on this site.  Mr. Lewis indicated that the owner should come in with a planned development project showing the ultimate development and then deal with temporary use under that scenario. 

GI Auto Site:  General discussion ensued on where this project sits.  Mr. Lewis indicated that the applicant was asked to come to the Planning Board several times, and that they haven’t done so.  Recently Linda White indicated the Planning Board asked the planner to readdress the type of uses that may be able to exist on this site.  Originally they asked for aged restricted housing of 400 units, but no ordinance was ever developed to respond to the Planning Board’s input offered from tours conducted.  The applicant thru Boswell now feels the site may be better suited for a box retail use like Lowe’s and is coming back to Planning Board with this type of layout.  The Planning Board did put this on their agenda to discuss with Mr. Burgis on May 24th, and asked Mr. Boswell to renotice for the June 14th Planning Board meeting to discuss his conceptual ideas of retail box store development. 

Committee members felt that the owner Rene Avila should be contacted by EDC to help in promoting redevelopment in this area, and indicated he would contact him to clarify the change from housing to retail and discuss his ideas and coming to the township for a meeting to review this property for redevelopment.

Sunoco Site:  Mr. Cifaretto indicated that there was a meeting held on this site with the owner, along with he and, Ms. White and Ms. Nielson and that they reviewed a conceptual layout for retail use on the site.  Owner indicated he could construct a building that would meet retail use.  At that meeting, members all gave some ideas of why types of uses, parking ideas and development ideas to help promote redevelopment of this area.  Mr. Cifaretto indicated that he would be meeting with Ms. Horowitz and this owner again this morning to further review their property ideas.

Website Development

Linda White indicated that she has been advised that they are moving forward with new web design and that she has sent a lot of the information she gathered to Mr. Perkins will take the concept/information and modify for our use. 

Meeting with Commercial Realtors – not discussed due to time constraints

Updated Business Inventory Listing & Existing Businesses:  Linda White indicated this was updated but more work and updates have to be done.  She indicated she hasn’t heard from Mr. Vreeland who usually sends her any updates he may have.


Potential Coffee Shop Use:  Mr. Cifaretto indicated he wanted to bring the board up to date on his investigation into a concern that a potential developer who wanted to construct a coffee shop in town was being told it would be 8 months before they could even get before the board.  He indicated he has found that this was not accurate and that the applicant’s professionals were the ones that had given that information to the potential developer.  He did place calls to the proposed developer but did not receive back any further calls.


Adoption of EDC minutes with amendment to indicate the ‘welcome’ section was taken from Summit.  Accordingly amended minutes of 4-18-07 adopted unanimously.  Approved:  Mr. Speciale, Mr. Cifaretto, Mr. Cain  

Next Meeting:  June 20, 2007

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White


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