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                        ROLL CALL

                        Nick Cifaretto            - absent             Ron Cain, Jr.  - present

                        Everett Vreeland – present             Mark Tabakin - present

                        Leonard Murphy - present             Ron Soussa  - present

                        Jennifer Horowitz (Alt #1) - absent             Carol Ann Soroko (Alt #2) - present

                        Anthony Speciale - present

                        Acting Chair:  Ron Cain, Jr.



                        Township Committee: Art Daughtry - present



‘How Do’ Guide & Website Development

Nothing new was available at this time from Mr. Soussa.  Mrs. White indicated she sent documents she gathered on this subject from various other website/townships, modified them to respond to our community’s process, and forwarded them to Mr. Cifaretto and Mr. Perkins.  The web is being updated, and will be much more user friendly with drop downs, and ease in locating municipal information.  Mrs. White indicated last week she met with Township Administrator, Frank Bastone, Bob Perkins and the Department Heads to review the new web format being created for our community which will be similar to the Montclair site.  Members were asked to look at that website.  The web will encourage photos of the community.  EDC may wish to look at the various areas recently redeveloped or new to the community and take photos of these areas for the web:  Montville Inn, Bonefish, Lake Valhalla, Berlex-Bayer, Tiffany’s, Atlantic Stewardship.  Members thought we should also take photos of existing vacant buildings and add this information to web.  Mr. Vreeland to coordinate this.  Members encouraged to review current website and provide recommendations to Mrs. White to pass along to Mr. Perkins for changes/upgrades to EDC web page. 

Rezoning updates/Kramer Road/Changebridge Rd.

Mrs. White indicated that she had spoke to the owner of the site located on corner of Kramer and Changebridge Road, understood he was scheduled for July 18, 2007 meeting of EDC.  Mrs. White indicated she advised owner and spoke with his attorney indicating that he should send a letter into the Township Committee requesting consideration of expansion of the existing retail zone up to this area from the Changebridge Plaza.  This lot is in an industrial zone and any retail would be a use application.  Mrs. White indicated the owner did not have a known tenant at this time, but is looking for higher end tenants for this site.  Redevelopment of Changebridge Road properties should be encouraged. 

Mrs. White indicated that the Towaco Master Plan would be adopted end of June.  General discussion ensued. She explained along with Mayor Daughtry about the zoning ordinance drafted, acknowledging that there will be some changes made to a draft zoning ordinance.  Concerns voiced on need for more impervious coverage to allow outside café’s, etc.  small side yards. 

Mr. Speciale mentioned that the Planning Board recommended a study to provide for retail in existing industrial buildings to help with revitalization, a goal this committee mentioned several times. 

Boss Glass building discussed on Changebridge Road.  Many recreational tenants are moving into this facility; someone mentioned that a bakery was interested in this site.  The recent tenant was hockey. 

Carlson Tool building discussed.  Nothing filed on this at this time.  Owner is encouraged to meet with town in order to talk redevelopment concepts.

Casha Office building on Rt. 202 discussed.  Mrs. White indicated that there was someone interested in using this building as a car wash.  Mrs. White expressed that this type of activity wasn’t one envisioned along the corridor, and that it was a use application at the Board of Adjustment.

The adjacent church building has someone interested in coming into town.  Mrs. White indicated she spoke to this applicant’s attorney, nothing filed at this time.  No use/tenant mentioned.

Quick Chek is filed at the Board of Adjustment.  Discussion ensued on traffic studies conducted in area, and the need to possibly address these studies thru updating the Master Plan element for Circulation.   

Mr. Cain asked what was going on with Stiles Lane.  Mr. Daughtry indicated the road improvement isn’t happening soon due to budgetary issues, but that there was a plan developed by township engineer, and perhaps developers along this roadway may be required to post some off-site contribution.  The building immediately past Christine Valmy is due to be demolished and a new landscaping building will go in this place.  There is also a Board of Adjustment application for Paul Miller.  Mr. Cain noted that the proposal before board was to have outside parking for 75 cars.  Concerns arose as to how this may affect our redevelopment hopes in this area.  Mrs. White indicated the board’s professionals were aware of the streetscape and upgrades we have made in area, and this is scheduled for Design Review Committee meeting next week.

Mrs. White asked to correspond with Mr. Barile on this proposed roadway improvement along Stiles, and if we need to address in master plan, then perhaps we should do this now also to make sure any off-site improvements, if they can be taken into consideration, are discussed at proper board levels.

Discussion ensued on corrections being made by County on Rt. 202 near Montville Inn.  Several feet of concrete is being removed to correct traveled way.


Adoption of EDC minutes of: 5-20-07 Eligible:  Mr. Speciale, Mr. Cifaretto, Mr. Cain, Ms. Soroko, Mr. Tabakin  - Adopted unanimously in a motion by Mr. Tabakin, Seconded by: Mr. Cain 

Next Meeting:  July 18th

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

With explanation


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