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                        Nick Cifaretto            - present             Ron Cain, Jr. - present

                        Everett Vreeland - present                  Mark Tabakin - absent

                        Ron Soussa - present                         Deane Driscoll (Alt #1) - present

                        Jennifer Horowitz - absent            Carol Ann Soroko (Alt #2) - absent

                       Anthony Speciale - present



                        Township Committee: Deb Nielson - present

                        Township Officials:              Linda White, Land Use Administrator - present

                        Planning Board Liaison:  Gary Lewis & Tony Speciale - present



                        Appointment of Chairman  - Nick Cifaretto

                        Appointment of Vice Chairman – Ron Cain, Jr.

Selection of Meeting Dates – 2/20/08, 3/19/08, 4/16/08, 5/21/08, 6/18/08, 7/16/08, 8/20/08, 9/17/08, 10/15/08, 11/19/08, 12/19/08 @ 7:30AM – Meeting Place:  Municipal Conference Room – Adopted

EDC Purpose & Goals:

Chairman Cifaretto restated the EDC’s goals and objectives stating that they are looking to help fill existing commercial/industrial space within the township.  Their focus is not on rezoning but if the Township Committee asks the RDC for a specific project, they will investigate and respond accordingly.  Although there was a memo written that may have created some action, at least it started the activity on addressing parking, setbacks, heights and issues of site development that were restricting commercial/industrial buildings to go forward with changes.

Stiles Lane Access:

Would like to see this further investigated as to opening access.  Where are we with this?  Ms. Nielson indicated that it is reflected in the budget but priority is the issue.  What is the goal of opening this roadway up?  Mr. Cifaretto elaborated in assisting the property owners on Stiles Lane, the small commercial strip area, and future build out.  Mr. Cifaretto would at minimum like to see the concept sketch at this level.  Mrs. Nielson will get a copy for EDC. 

State DCA Permit Procedures:

Concerns voiced over the need to have plan review for small interior tenant spaces sent back down to the State.  This is creating unnecessary delays and concerns as to how it may affect future growth and tenant changes when dealing with the major corridors.  Mrs. White indicated that she had been having conversations with Mr. Laird to determine if there was a way to keep these types of reviews in house.  She would continue discussing this issue with him. 

The EDC asked if possible to obtain a memo from Mr. Laird on this process of when it can be reviewed in house and when permits are referred down to state, and how we may be able to better serve the owners of these facilities by keeping them in house.

Mr. Cifaretto explained some of the concerns he relate to the buildings on Changebridge that had to go back down to the State either for first tenant approval or other changes to the interior.  One example was a 1,500 sq. ft. fit out for a new tenant.

 Lengthy discussion ensued on planning for the future, writing specifications, and ways to promote quicker turn around on permit review, loss of permit revenues and discussing with the Township Administrator.  Mr. Lewis and Mr. Cifaretto will work on this as a subcommittee.   Mrs. White was asked to list this on the next EDC agenda for update.

Upcoming Seminars – Morris County EDC – Wednesday March 19th @ County College of Morris 5PM to 8PM – Registration $30 each - Mrs. White to confirm date and register Deb Nielson, Ron Soussa, Dean Driscoll and Ron Cain Jr.

Website Development

Members felt the site needed more ‘punch’ and hopes this happens as the web evolves.

Coordination of Survey for Business owners

Mr. Cifaretto developed this questionnaire.  He indicated he would put on computer and that Ms. White would transmit to all committee members.  He asked members to jot down their changes, comments and ideas and we would review this at next meeting.

Towaco draft Master Plan – Planning Board schedule of 1/24/08

Ms. White noted this is on agenda for that Planning Board meeting night.  Mr. Cifaretto indicated he would attend on behalf of the EDC to support this plan that night.

Update: Changebridge Road, Old Bloomfield, Rt. 46

Mrs. White indicated Kramer/Changebridge study on retail uses along this corridor scheduled for February 14th at Planning Board level.  The Old Bloomfield/Rt. 46 study is scheduled for January 24th meeting night. 

Nothing yet on Kevah Konner site.  She did contact both the owner of this site and GI to work together on the State highway issue discussed at last meeting.  Nothing came back from state from the Township’s letter, and nothing further from these owners.

Highlands Map

Mr. Speciale displayed the Highlands Map prepared by Mr. Omland for the Planning Board.  Concerns noted that the two of the larger areas for redevelopment are reflected in the planning area.  More specifically, the concerns related to the southern district which is near Rt. 46, a major highway. 

Discussion ensued.  Mrs. White indicated that Mr. Omland noted that the Highlands Commission representatives would come up to the Township to discuss our community.  The Planning Board was looking to do this, but scheduling wouldn’t be until March.  EDC thought this a good idea and wanted to be involved in this meeting.  When scheduled, Mrs. White will notify EDC.

Letter of Support:

For Township Committee’s consideration of adoption of Planning Board Budget.  Motion made to send the letter of Support from EDC for Master Plan review to Township Committee passed unanimously. 

For development of Retail along Changebridge Road.  Motion made to send the letter from the EDC supporting retail along Changebridge Road to the Planning Board and the Township Committee unanimously passed. Mrs. White will send the letter accordingly.

Coordination of Support for State DOT involvement along Rt. 46

Mrs. White mentioned that the Township did send a letter to the State about the areas of possible redevelopment.  Nothing in response from that agency was received.  This letter was sent by the Township Administrator.  Mrs. White indicated she recently sent an email to Mr. Bastone and Mr. Barile to indicate this is something we are still looking at this.   


Scheduling for Inviting Potential Developers to EDC meeting – not coordinated at this time. 


Mr. Speciale asked that the minutes of 12-19-07 be corrected to reflect him as absent.  Mrs. White will correct.  All minutes carried to next agenda for action and Mrs. White was asked to send out copies of the minutes again. 

Adoption of EDC minutes of 12-19-07 – Eligible:  Mr. Cifaretto, Mr. Vreeland, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Cain, Mr. Tabakin, Ms. Soroko

Adoption of EDC minutes of: 9-19-07 Eligible:  Mr. Speciale, Mr. Cain, Ms. Horowitz, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Tabakin, and Mr. Cifaretto 

Adoption of EDC Minutes of 10-24-07 – Eligible:  Mr. Speciale, Mr. Cain, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Cifaretto, Ms. Soroko and Mr. Vreeland


Mr. Speciale indicated that the Chamber of Commerce will hold their annual dinner dance on March 1st.  A prior Chairman of this EDC will be honored, Aaron Van Duyne as Citizen of the Year.  This is the 45th Award Dinner Ceremony.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda White

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