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Minutes of March 19, 2008



Nick Cifaretto - Absent                              Ron Cain, Jr. - Absent

Everett Vreeland - Present                                    Mark Tabakin - absent

Ron Soussa - Absent                                  Deane Driscoll (Alt #1) – Present

Jennifer Horowitz - present                       Carol Ann Soroko (Alt #2) - present

Anthony Speciale - present



Township Officials:  Linda White, Land Use Administrator

Planning Board Liaison:  Gary Lewis



  • Upcoming Seminars – Morris County EDC – Wednesday March 19th @ County College of Morris 5PM to 8PM.

Those members registered given directions to the seminar for this night’s meeting.  Deane Driscoll, Deb Nielson, DickVreeland & Ron Soussa attending.

  • NJ Future Redevelopment Forum - February 29, 2008 at the Hyatt Hotel and Conference Center in New Brunswick.

Mr.  Cifaretto was to attend this seminar and will give update at our April meeting.

  • Website Development – Update

Mrs. White indicated she is scheduled to be taught how to input the data onto the web.  Board members discussed the need to get information out to the general public, and manners in which this could be done.  Different ideas such as using the Montville Messenger, tax bill mailings and postings on the web as ways to aid the public in becoming more knowledgeable as to what is happening in their community. 

  • Coordination of Survey for Business owners  

Survey will be mailed with resolution from the Township Committee.  There are approximately 600 businesses.  We should have some input by the April meeting.


  • Towaco Center

Mrs. White indicated that the Planning Board moved that the Township Committee adopt the Towaco ordinance discussed at their Board meeting on March 13th.  Several changes were made.  She has not sent it to Township at this time, waiting on final ordinance.

Board members discussed a statement being written with a resolution supporting the adoption of this ordinance, and Mrs. White was asked to discuss this with Mr. Cifaretto.  Someone should be at the adoption meeting night of Township Committee to read this into the report.  Mrs. White will discuss with Mr. Cifaretto as to writing the support resolution and attending the public hearing when and if this ordinance goes forward.

Discussion ensued on posting an article from EDC on the web highlighting the committee’s support for redevelopment of this area.  Reference made to the article that was in the Daily Record supporting of the Towaco Ordinance, indicating perhaps this article could be used to write up something from EDC.  Mrs. White asked to discuss this article with Mr. Cifaretto

  • Changebridge Road study and Rt. 46 & Old Bloomfield Avenue  

Mrs. White summarized activities at the Planning Board.  She indicated the planner was authorized to draft an ordinance on the Old Bloomfield Avenue to respond to possible elimination of an FAR%, increase in existing impervious and building lot coverage.  Although this draft was supposed to be available at next Thursday’s Planning Board meeting, Mrs. White indicated it is more likely to be on the agenda of April 10th agenda.  EDC members asked for copies of any draft ordinance.

Mrs. White indicated that as to Changebridge corridor, Mr. Burgis is spending a great deal of time examining existing and proposed retail use to ensure that whatever changes we may consider, there would be no impact to existing residential base and traffic.  It is hoped this draft will be available also for the April 10th agenda.  Mrs. Horowitz voiced concerns on the original developer and his monies and time constraints concerned that we may lose this opportunity to remove a gas station with a neighborhood retail strip mall center.  She wanted to know how we can assist and/or expedite this process.  Mrs. White indicated she has been in contact with Mr. Lahini and has kept him involved, even discussing the Board of Adjustment process with him. 

  • Coordination of Support for State DOT involvement along Rt. 46

Mrs. White indicated that we sent the letter to the state, as well as made contact with both Kevah Konner and GI Auto site voicing concerns about the need to join together in seeing that DOT addresses this area of Rt. 46.  She also indicated that she gathered all existing  data (mapping, traffic studies, etc.) and gave this to the DOT recently. 

  • Highlands Mapping Objection  

Mrs. White indicated that the Township Planning Board wrote to the Highlands opposing the adoption of the map since many of the lands in the planning areas of sites that this township either already has developed or are working with developers to redevelop (i.e. Rt. 46 area).  The Township Committee will be adopting a resolution of opposition and will send this to the Highlands also.

  • Master Plan & Re-Examination Update

The Planning Board continues to review the master plan proposal and recently reviewing starting first with a re-examination process in view of the various zoning requests received, and the various corridors under study.  Mr. Lewis is the chairman of this Planning Board subcommittee and will be working on this in immediate future.

  • Stiles Lane Update

Mr. Barile will produce the map for the EDC’s review.  Not available at this time.

  • Form Letter for ‘Welcome to Montville’.

Mrs. Horowitz indicated she prepared a ‘draft’ form letter to be used for anyone who has contacted and/or filed with the township relative to helping them thru the development process.  She thought that perhaps there should be an EDC contact for each inquiry and this individual would contact that person and work with them thru the process.  Mrs. White hadn’t reviewed letter yet, will review and get back comments next week.  Mrs. Horowitz voiced concerns on ensuring that the process moves quickly.  Mr. Lewis summarized the Boiling Springs application and the Marra Meat Market waiver, both of which were thru the Planning Board very efficiently and effectively since all professionals worked together.


  • Scheduling for Inviting Potential Developers to EDC meeting – not discussed
  • Waiver of Site Plan application review – not discussed


Adoption of EDC minutes of 2-20-07 – Eligible:  Mr. Cifaretto, Mr. Vreeland, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Speciale, Ms. Horowitz


Meeting Time Change:  Meeting time of 7:30am to 8:00 am discussed.  Majority of  members present indicated 8:00am works better in this schedule and asked Mrs. White to amend meeting times and schedules for April meeting.  Next meeting is April 16, 2008.

Distribution of Minutes/Agenda Schedules:  Committee members indicated that they wished to continue to receive these documents by email vs. posting on the web.  Mrs. White indicated she received some input on this and concerns were that the deocuments and information being sent to board members may be altered or posted without verification and/or confirmation.  After discussion, board members asked Mrs. White to continue sending minutes and documents thru email 

Meeting adjourned,

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

With explanation

With explanation

With Explanation


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