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Nick Cifaretto - present                                                Ron Cain, Jr. - present

Everett Vreeland - present                                            Mark Tabakin - absent

Ron Soussa - present                                                    Deane Driscoll (Alt #1) - present

Jennifer Horowitz - present                                           Carol Ann Soroko (Alt #2)

Anthony Speciale - present



Township Officials:       Linda White, Land Use Administrator – present

Planning Board Liaison:  Gary Lewis - present



  • Website Development – Update

Mr. Vreeland indicated he has made some minor changes on the text existing on our website relating to adding NJ transit, Lakeland Bus info.  Additionally he thought we should add Liberty to Newark airport and add Morristown Airport.  He although though it a good idea to add health care and ‘pharmaceutical’ international trade.  Mrs. White will make the necessary edits on web.

  • Coordination of Survey for Business owners  

Mr. Cifaretto noted we received five responses, and due to the low return, that we should wait another month to see if more are received, then offer comments to the Township Committee based on the input received.  Most offered they would like to see more retail along Changebridge, but found Montville a good community to have their business in.

  • Change of Meeting Time to 7:30AM

Board members moved the 8:00AM start back to 7:30AM.  Mrs. White will provide new notice accordingly.


  • Towaco Center.

Mrs. White indicated the ordinance has been favorably recommended and forwarded to Township Committee.  This is on their agenda for April 22nd, and back on Planning Board agenda for May 8th, then scheduled for a public hearing at Township committee meeting to May 13th at the committee level.

Discussion continued on concerns voiced about a memo from the Board of Health relative to controlling noise in the area, and perhaps this was over regulating, and that there are noise ordinances that prohibit loud noises, etc. and that this should be able to be controlled without ordinance amendments.  Mr. Soussa also felt there should be some leeway on designs of a building and that we should continue to work with helping applicants interested in upgrading this area. 

  • Changebridge Road study and Rt. 46 & Old Bloomfield Avenue  

Mrs. White indicated these subjects are on agenda of Planning Board for April 24th meeting.  When these reports are available, Mrs. White indicated she will distribute.

  • Master Plan & Re-Examination Update

Mrs. White indicated the Planning Board will be looking to do the master plan and re-examination, starting with the re-examination due to the many rezoning requests received.  The whole review process will take around 18 months from start.  The re-examination will be probably around a 6 month process.

  • Stiles Lane Update

Mrs. White indicated she didn’t receive the print out of the Stiles Lane Road improvements yet, and will reschedule for next month.  As mentioned previously, the budget has this cost in it, but priority is set by the Township Committee.  Mr. Cifaretto mentioned the County had no objection to this improvement going forward.

  • Form Letter for ‘Welcome to Montville’.

Board members reviewed the draft form letters.  Mrs. Horowitz indicated that the final draft will be sent to the members to review.  Discussion ensued on the subject of an appointment of a member to act as a formal advocate for an applicant.  This person would be a contact name to help any business owner in their processes and/or to respond to a question/concern that may arise after occupancy.  Reference was made to the issues with Winebow and the installation of a fence and how an EDC representative may have been able to help this business.  Mrs. White was asked to discuss this with the Township Committee/Administrator and how to develop this process and/or consider expanding their current duties/function.  Mr. Cifaretto indicated that he would like to act as liaison, and asked Messrs Cain, Sousa, Vreeland to participate as well as Ms. Horowitz who were all amicable.    Ms. White indicated she will reschedule subject in May. 


  • Waiver of Site Plan application review

Members asked if the number of copies requested on a filing can be reduced to allow 4 until completeness vs. 20.  Mrs. White indicated she had no real problem with allowing a reduction to completeness, and was only trying to resolve problems encountered at the actual time of the board hearing.  Mr. Cifaretto also indicated that he saw no reason to wait 45 days for answers on an application.  Discussion ensued on delays and carry over’s at board level as well as setting of an agenda.   . 

  • Joint Meeting of Planning Board & Board of Adjustment

Mr. Cifaretto thought it would be a good idea if a member of the EDC could attend.  Messrs. Cain and Vreeland indicated they would probably attend.  Mrs. White indicated it is an informal meeting aimed at discussing the development issues and upcoming items that may affect the community. 

  • Write up on ‘Starting a Business in…’

Mr. Cifaretto asked the members to review this write up found on a website for another community and see if it is something we would like to see in our community.  Mrs. White will put on agenda for next meeting.


Adoption of EDC minutes of 3-19-08 – Eligible:  Mr. Vreeland, Ms. Soroko, Mr. Speciale, Ms. Horowitz & Deane Driscoll – adopted unanimously


Mr. Cifaretto asked Mrs. White to check on the EDC membership requirements since Mr. Cifaretto has sold his residence.  She will check with ordinance & if necessary ask Township Attorney.

Mr. Cifaretto also asked Mrs. White to talk to Mr. Tabakin since he has been absent at many of thee meetings and in view of the policy of the township on missed meetings, there is a problem at this level.

Meeting adjourned unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

Absent with explanation

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