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Nick Cifaretto  - Present                                  Ron Cain, Jr. - Absent

Everett Vreeland - Present                                Mark Tabakin  - Absent

Ron Soussa - Present                                       Deane Driscoll (Alt #1) - Absent

Jennifer Horowitz - Present                               Carol Ann Soroko (Alt #2) - Absent

Anthony Speciale – Present



Township Officials:       Linda White, Land Use Administrator - present

Planning Board Liaison:  Tony Speciale



Mr. Cifaretto asked Mrs. White to remind those board members of the need to ensure attending the EDC meetings, advising them that the if there are three absenteeism’s in a row, the Chair is required to notify the Township Committee.  Some members have been absent often. 

Upcoming Seminars – Morris County EDC – Wednesday March 19th @ County College of Morris 5PM to 8PM – Registration $30 - Mrs. White registered Mr. Soussa, Mr. Vreeland and Mrs. Nielson.

NJ Future Redevelopment Forum - Mr. Cifaretto indicated he would like to be registered for the his attendance at the NJ Future Redevelopment Forum being held February 29, 2008 at the Hyatt Hotel and Conference Center in New Brunswick.

Website Development – Discussion ensued that this web still has to be updated and that it is still too cumbersome to navigate.  The mayor is still reflected as Art Daughtry.  Mr. Speciale indicated the Chamber just moved to appropriate $5,000 to upgrade their website and that these two sites should be connected. 

Coordination of Survey for Business owners – Survey reviewed.  It was agreed this one page survey would satisfy the EDC’s needs.  The EDC would use the Chamber’s and Township Business listing, and Mrs. White would coordinate getting this survey out.  Only changes made today were minor wording changes, as well as adding fax number to allow answers to be faxed to Land Use offices.


Towaco Center – Master plan adopted.  Draft ordinance anticipated for February 28th meeting.  EDC supported this planning study at a prior meeting.

Changebridge Road study and Rt. 46 & Old Bloomfield Avenue – scheduled for March 13th meeting of Planning Board.  Ms. Horowitz expressed concerns over delay with having the Changebridge project go forward especially in today’s environment.  Discussion ensued on Board of Adjustment process and whether or not this process would have been faster in view. 

Coordination of Support for State DOT involvement along Rt. 46 – Mr. Cifaretto noted that the letter did go out and contact was made to those businesses (GI/Kevah Konner) to move towards working together on improvements along the Rt. 46 corridor in this area.

Permit Processes – DCA – Mr. Cifaretto indicated that since last meeting, there has been active involvement as it relates to having in house review vs. going to the state, also noting that Mr. Laird is attending class for higher license level to support same.  It appears the permit process will move much more smoothly in view of cooperative efforts of all involved.

Highlands – Concerns raised that the Highlands map shows areas that have either been developed or subject to further development along Rt. 46 (Kevah Konner/GI site) and that the EDC should take a strong position on this and asked Mrs. White to draft a letter to Highlands asking them to reassess their position in view of our need to further economic revitalization and the existing developments on this stretch of land.

Master Plan Update – Planning Board will start with a re-examination to address the various rezoning requests received as part of their overall approach.  The budget has not been adopted to address the Master Plan, but this element will start since many of these rezoning requests have adequate funds to begin review process.  The Master Plan itself will take about 18 months to complete.

Stiles Lane Update – Mr. Cifaretto indicated he would like a copy of the proposed roadway improvement in this area, acknowledging that this will stay as an item on agenda to see what happens during the budget review cycle.  Mrs. White will get a copy of the map from Mr. Barile.

Form Letter for ‘Welcome to Montville’ – Discussion  ensued on developing a letter that would welcome new businesses into the community, letting them know that the EDC is here to serve their needs and/or assist them in their relocation to the community.  Ms. Horowitz thought that this type of letter was better if it were sent to new applicants filing in the community.  Mr. Speciale indicated that the Chamber sends a welcome package to the new residents and businesses and wouldn’t have a problem working with EDC on this.  After a general discussion, it was decided that Ms. Horowitz would work with Mrs. White on a letter that would be sent to new applicants coming into township.


Scheduling for Inviting Potential Developers to EDC meeting – not discussed


Adoption of EDC minutes of 12-19-07 – Eligible:  Mr. Cifaretto, Mr. Vreeland, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Speciale, Mr. Cain, Mr. Tabakin, Ms. Soroko

Adoption of EDC minutes of: 9-19-07 Eligible:  Mr. Speciale, Mr. Cain, Ms. Horowitz, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Tabakin, and Mr. Cifaretto 

Adoption of EDC Minutes of 10-24-07 – Eligible:  Mr. Speciale, Mr. Cain, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Cifaretto, Ms. Soroko and Mr. Vreeland

Adoption of EDC Minutes of 1-16-08 – Mr. Cifaretto, Mr. Vreeland, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Speciale, Mr. Cain

Approved and adopted unanimously in a Motion made by:  Mr. Speciale and seconded by Mr. Vreeland.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

With explanation

With explanation

With explanation

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