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Environmental Commission 2008

Statement of Compliance


“As required by the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been provided.  The notice specified the time and place of the meeting to the extent known at the time.  The notice was posted on the bulletin board at the Municipal Building, sent to the Daily Record and was placed on file in the Township Clerk’s Office

Roll Call



In Attendance




















Commissioner Emeritus






























Michele Caron presented David Cotter as temporary chair

·        Nomination for Environmental Commission Chairperson

David Cotter nominated Michele Caron as Chairperson, voted; seconded Marie Kull - unanimous vote

Meeting turned back to Michele Caron by David Cotter

·        Nomination for Environmental Commission Vice Chairperson

Michele Caron nominated David Cotter as Vice Chairman, Seconded:  Larry Kornreich voted and unanimously adopted

·        Environmental Commission Recording Secretary – Frank Bastone has been sent the job description for this open paid position. He will advertise within the township.

Public DISCUSSION - None

New Business

TC approval of Towaco Center Master Plan - No discussion.


Arbor Day – April 25, 2008 – Michele Caron reported on accomplishments and strides made with the third annual celebration. Dr. Gary Bowen Superintendent of schools was pivotal in assisting the commission with obtaining posters from the 5th Graders. Pizza Parties were given to Hilldale School and Valley View School for winner if the contest. The MTWC judged the 45 posters at a dinner meeting and announcements were made. This year three poster contest winners were feted.

Fred Eckhart and his family came out to be the honoree of 2008 Arbor Day. Everyone agreed it was a great day. Additional programs should be developed from this event for the environment in the school system and throughout the town.

 Computer Recycling Day – May 13, 2008 – Michele Caron reported another successful day for the electronics recycling. Urban Renewal Corp, Key Club, Women’s Club, and EC members were in attendance for a very smooth running event. Appreciation letters were sent to all Key Club students with hours listed for their volunteer work. Recycling Day should be in conjunction with Earth Week each year. Annual event was discussed as less hardware was collected from the previous drive. 9,000lbs or two 16 foot trucks were filled. Montville Township was extremely helpful in each department, assisting the success of this event. Kudos was given to all involved.

Soldiers Laptop Presentation – May 19, 2008 – EC members, Women’s Club, VFW, Boy Scouts, Fire Department and TC members met to present refurbished laptops to our Montville Soldiers leaving in June for 2nd and 3d tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nine soldiers were in attendance in full dress uniform. Each gave a few words to the crowd of friends, family, and town folk who gathered. Women’s Club and Kiwanis will work together to prepare monthly care packages to be send out to each soldier. The Flat Stanley program was announced to begin in September 2008, so that students and seniors can keep in touch with the soldiers. Marc Peer the first soldier to leave was presented with a Dell Computer and case. The other soldiers will be sent computers once they are in place overseas. Boy Scouts gave a salute to all soldiers as they marched from the meeting room.

Certified Letters to EC – Michele Caron passed around letters addressed to the EC for all commission members to review. After discussion with Linda White Township Land Use Administrator it was determined that these letters are an FYI for the Environmental Commission. If any discussion, recommendations or reports must be made by the EC, Ms. White will alert the commission as to what needs to be accomplished to present appropriate reports and recommendations on a submission that is presented to the EC and which environmental experts will be used to respond to reporting process to the Planning Board and/or Board of Adjustment.

Solar Power – David Cotter gave a report in the absence of Solar Chair Sergio Angione. NJ Solar is waiting on the electric bills for the town. They will provide the information needed to assist NJ Solar to provide Montville with solar options. Hugh Merritt read a report from Morristown and Cedar Knolls power explorations.


TVDB Stream Monitoring – Charlie Perry and Montville High Schools’ Ruth Staekins will be contacted to see how we can continue this valuable program. Lenny Kornreich has agreed to oversee the future of the elementary and high school programs regarding environmental and aquifer protection lessons that can be implemented into the schools.

Hugh Merritt – Gave reports on three subjects that he would like to have addressed by the commission. Hugh has taken classes at Rutgers University for Watershed Stewardship.

His suggestions are as follows:


Certified Recycling Coordinator – By 2010 we are required by law to have a certified recycling coordinator working in Montville. Adam Brewer is now acting recycling coordinator. Frank Bastone Administrator will be asked if Mr. Brewer is certified by the state to handle this position. Recycling of all garbage MUST be adhered to by ALL residents and businesses in Montville. Is this being promoted and what is being done to police this project?


Natural Resources Inventory for all OPEN Natural Green Space in the township. When was the last time this was done? How do we update this report? How do we get a copy for the entire board to review?


Aquifer and Fresh Water Stewardship – Hugh Merritt will take the lead of this issue and coordinate all of the township departments on obtaining more up to date water quality data. He will contact Tom Mazzaccaro to come before the commission to report about how we are protecting and maintaining our water resources. Tim Braden asked for water and aquifer statistics. MUA gives a quarterly report. What can be done on a more consistent basis?

Paper Shredding Recycling Project – Angelo Intile spoke to the commission about shredding projects he has heard about in other communities. He will look into the many companies involved in this industry to see if we could incorporate this into a fund raising project for the township. Angelo will report his findings at the next meeting.

Turf Discussion – Tim Braden and Jim Sandham gave the commission details of the lead found in the turf fields at Dawson Park. The actual lead was found in the undercoating of the product. Numerous tests have been done and to date, no additional elevated levels have been found. Constant monitoring will be done on a monthly basis to maintain safety of people using this field.

Open Space Joint Meeting – It was suggested by Tim Braden that we appoint an “unofficial liaison” to meet with the OS group. It was also suggested we have a joint meeting at least once or twice a year to coordinate our efforts. Planning Board should also be included and integrated into the EC meetings so they clearly understand our mission and goals for the future of Montville. Angelo Intile has volunteered to be the open space liaison. A roundtable discussion with all committees will also be coordinated at a later date. The commission voted unanimously the entire conception was a good idea to proceed with.


Water Restrictions – The commission discussed lawn watering restrictions. Tim Braden will seek to continue the water restrictions as law. Discussion ensued and it was agreed that this restriction should continue on a permanent basis to protect the aquifer.

Adding New EC Commission Members – Resumes for open EC spots must be submitted to Trudy Atkinson for TC review. Tim Braden will report on the progression at next meeting.

Meeting Adjourned 10:00pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Michele Caron

Environment Commission


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