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Statement of Compliance

“As required by the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been provided.  The notice specified the time and place of the meeting to the extent known at the time.  The notice was posted on the bulletin board at the Municipal Building, sent to the Daily Record and was placed on file in the Township Clerk’s Office.”



New Temporary Board Secretary Alicia Angione


Ms. Caron introduced new board secretary Alicia Angione.


Old Business

Adoption of Minutes of June 18, 2008 as distributed

Chair asked for adoption of minutes

Motion made by:  Donna Ambriano

Seconded: Sergio Angione

Roll Call:  Unanimous


Marie Kull raised an issued about an email supporting a candidate in this year’s presidential election.  Discussion ensued.  The matter tabled to end of agenda. 


Stream Monitoring & Watershed Ambassador – Update by Larry Kornreich

Mr. Kornreich indicated he did not know who to contact on this matter. Ms. Caron indicated she would contact Dr. Bowen about this project and Arbor Day and copy Mr. Kornreich.  Mr. Merritt supplied the name of the regional water ambassador for our region.


Ms. Caron will pursue reaching Dr. Bowen.  If additional contact information is needed, Mr. Merritt will be asked for his contact name.


Water & Aquifer Project – Hugh Merritt reported that Tom Mazzacaro is available to make a presentation to the EC at any time requested. Tom would request subject and the factual data that EC was seeking is needed to prepare for his MUA presentation.


Hilltop Nursing Home – Update –Mrs. Caron reported that this application is still with the Board of Adjustment which continues to receive testimony.


GI- Auto Salvage –Mrs. Caron updated Commission on status of this review:  (Lowe’s) EIS discussion still pending.  Waiting to here from Laura Newgard the chosen Hydrologist to represent an independent report to Montville Township on this proposal. She will supply an outline as to the items she is testing for and why. Ms. Newgard will also propose dates when the EC can walk with her through the GI Auto Salvage property. Laura Newgard will also supply the EC with facts she is seeking to help this will allow the commission to make informed and factual decisions and recommendations. This will also help make this proposal hands on learning experience for all members of the Environmental Commission.


ANJEC – Annual Congress (Oct 03rd – Mercer County College) - 2 submissions were made for the annual award by ANJEC. Joanne Calvacca and Renee Chirico, residents of Montville made the submissions to ANJEC. Arbor Day and Recycling were the two subjects for which the EC was nominated.  ANJEC final decisions were not made at this time. Mrs. Caron is going to attend the Congress, which is an all day event with a variety of seminars.  If formally notified the Montville Township EC are winners, she will contact ALL the Environmental members. She encourages all commission members to attend this fact filled event.


Paper Recycling Project – Angelo Intile

Carried in view of absence of Mr. Intile.


NJ Solar Power Inc – Project – Sergio Angione

Summarized difficulties in reaching Ken Echiverria from NJ Solar. Ken submitted his report at the last minute and Mr. Cotter and Mr. Angione did not have the chance to examine the contents.  Discussion ensued on a clean energy bill that was in Congress awaiting approvals.  The approval of this bill will make or break the clean energy program in NJ.  The bill’s content was summarized by Sergio Angione. Sergio has also reached out to a new solar company. Sergio will be meeting with Philip Stone from GO Genetics to discuss the Montville Township proposed solar project.


NJ Clean Energy Program – Update – Michele Caron – she contacted Energy Star NJ program. Ms. Caron summarized her discussions with BPU reps regarding upcoming meetings dates, and the variety of additional information that may be available for a program geared to the general public. With lack of NJ Clean Energy calling back in a proper amount of time for the October EC meeting; Mrs. Caron will see if any other energy saving program can be developed for residents. A discussion ensued on the best dates for such programs. It was suggested by Tim Braden that this type of program could be part of Montville Day. Other locations discussed could be the library. The library could work in tandem with the EC in getting this valuable information out to the residents of Montville. Discussion will continue next meeting if no resolution is made in the next few weeks.


Environmental Resource Inventory- added to “Old Business” portion of the meeting, Mrs. Caron presented the last ERI which was completed in 1981. It was recommended that she believes that it should be updated.  This is a useful tool for the Montville Township planning board, BOA, and Township Committee to use when making land use decisions. It would provide valuable, factual data and give these boards visual environmental changes and comparison information. Discussion ensued whether this document should be updated; the conclusion was to look into cost of the update for inclusion in the budget. State case law indicated that this report should be done every 5-10 years.


Computer Recycling – Michele Caron

Not discussed


New Business

Planning for 2009 Goals & Objectives:

     Mission Statement –

     Business Plan

     Budget for 2009 calendar year

     Web Site/Newsletter

     New Programs for public participation

     Recycling Requirement for businesses in Montville

     Update of NRI

Mrs. Caron appointed Sergio Angione, Hugh Merritt, and Larry Kornreich to create a mission statement and Business Plan.  She also appointed herself, David Cotter, and Donna Ambriano to create a Budget for 2009 calendar year. EC discussed that mission statement must be approved before creating the business plan. The plan would help the TC envision the budget requests and the goals for the EC in the future.



Planning Board Special Meeting on Oct 6th 7:00pm –

Waste Water Management Master Plan projects will be presented. The EC is invited to attend this meeting.


Planning Board Meeting of October 23, 2008 – Highlands – confirmed - Presentation by the Highlands Commission will be given to the Planning Board and the EC has been invited.  This presentation being held by the Planning Board is scheduled for Oct. 23 at 7PM and all members were urged to attend


PSPP/FC05-02-08-07 Montville Residency – Planning Board Preliminary & Final Site plan – Block: 160 Lot: 4 - 17 Hook Mountain Road – Ms. Caron forgot to bring the submission packet – Montville residency is asking for a report from EC. The exact location was discussed and it was suggested that Commission members take a walk on the property to come back next month with any Environmental questions or concerns they may observe.


Update – New Legislation – State Permit Extension Act; Highlands Master Plan; Ms. Caron indicated these were passed. 


Grant Applications – Bike Path/Restriping Changebridge

Mrs. Caron updated commission on grants that would be available to help make the Bike Path/ Restriping Changebridge project happen.


Public Discussion – None


Meeting Adjourned: Motion made by: David Cotter

Second:  Sergio Angione


Respectfully submitted,




Alicia Angione


[1] With explanation

[2] With explanation


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