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Vacancy                                                          Ron Cain, Jr. – Acting Chair

Everett Vreeland - present                                Mark Tabakin - present

Ron Soussa - present                                        Deane Driscoll (Alt #1) - present

Jennifer Horowitz - absent                               Carol Ann Soroko (Alt #2) – present

Anthony Speciale – absent



Township Officials:       Linda White, Land Use Administrator - present

Township Committee Liaison:  Deb Nielson - present



  • Reorganization for Chair/Vice Chair

Motion to appoint Ron Cain as chair unanimously accepted.  Motion to appoint Deane Driscoll as Vice Chairman subject to his being moved up to a regular member accepted unanimously

  • Coordination of Survey for Business owners  - Update from 7/16/08

Mrs. White indicated she updated this form, and would be using one of the part time staff people who work in her office to call the numbers for personal contact names and/or in September will ask for a part time high school student for this project.

  • Press Release for Montville Messenger

Mrs. White indicated that the EDC agreed to use the wording from the Powerpoint demonstration prepared for use at the Morris County EDC.  This will need to be put into a future issue since September deadline is over.

  • Update of Meeting with Morris County EDC

Members found this an interesting meeting and asked Mrs. White to check the price for membership again.  Messrs. Soussa, Vreeland and Driscoll indicated that they were the bulk of the program. 

  • Update of Membership in Morris County Chamber $570 for 11 members

a)     Good Morning Morris Friday 9-12-08 @ 7:15 to 9:00 in Florham Park non member for $60  ($38 for member)

b)     Women in Business Committee 9/17/08 – How to be the Ultimate Negotiator

     Non-member $60 ($38 for member)

c)     Business Connections once a month free to members & guest 9-19-08 in Randolph 7:15PM to 9:15 – structured networking amount

Mrs. White asked if the EDC was interested.  She indicated she has received another call from the County asking us to join.  Any one of the members were invited free to one of these events.  Discussion ensued.  At this time the EDC did not feel it worthwhile for the members to join noting if they wanted to participate in a meeting/seminar, they could pay on it for less than membership totals.


Mrs. White updated the EDC on pending application and zoning reviews under consideration.


  • Report from Dick Vreeland Re:  Bank Interest

Mr. Vreeland indicated that chair of Valley National was interested in locating in our community.  Mr. Vreeland was told to have this individual contact us with location information as to lease/buy/township area he was interested in. 

  • Chamber of Commerce Request for Nominations  

The EDC unanimously recommended the Planning Board for its efforts in further redevelopment and rezoning issues, as well as new developments under consideration.  The nomination when completed will be sent to all members for review and comment.


Adoption of EDC minutes of 7-16-08 – Eligible:  Mr. Speciale, Mr. Cifaretto, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Cain, Deane Driscoll, Mr. Tabakin, Ms. Soroko, Mr. Vreeland

Adopted unanimously


Concerns voiced on the lack of information on our current website.  Mrs. White had forwarded members the Marlboro website which several members thought would work for our community.  Mr. Soussa volunteered to try and create a similar website for Montville. 

Members questions whether or not the four homes along Changebridge across from Dell Building can be looked at for redevelopment.  Mrs. White explained that the Planning Board started with retail on one side first to address any impacts.  This will be further reviewed under master plan re-examination. 

Mr. Soussa and Mr. Vreeland thought that perhaps the EDC should get involved in trying to see if we could assist the owner of the old church on Changebridge in redeveloping.  Mrs. White indicated she has attempted to reach out to this owner for years.  She will try again.  Both Mr. Soussa and Mr. Vreeland indicated that they would meet with this owner when information is available.

Meeting adjoined.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

With explanation

With explanation


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