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Minutes of July 16, 2008



Nick Cifaretto - present                                                Ron Cain, Jr. - present

Everett Vreeland - present                                            Mark Tabakin  - present

Ron Soussa – present                                                   Deane Driscoll (Alt #1) - present

Jennifer Horowitz - absent                                           Carol Ann Soroko (Alt #2) - present

Anthony Speciale - present



Township Officials:       Linda White, Land Use Administrator - present

Planning Board Liaison:  Gary Lewis – present



  • Coordination of Survey for Business owners

The list has been updated by personal contact calls from Land Use staff, as well as use of the Water and Sewer bill list.  The members thought that there should be a ‘contact name’ not just the name of the business.  Mr. Vreeland, Ms. Soroko, Mr. Soussa and Mr. Driscoll indicated they would remain after the meeting and fill out names of some of the companies they knew.  Mr. Cifaretto asked if Mrs. White could look into getting an intern to reach out to all these companies and get the name of the person any correspondence from EDC should be directed to.  Mrs. White indicated she would discuss with Mr. Bastone and/or coordinate accordingly.

  • Comments as to write up on ‘Starting a Business in... .’

Members felt general format acceptable but document should be simplified and corrected to relate to our community.  Goals and objectives of this document reviewed.  This document would be developed more as a way to welcome people coming into the town with a how to list and contact person to guide them in their development/business needs.  It should be developed in such a way to welcome and ease transition into a community.   

  • Letter to Township Committee & Planning Board from EDC

Mr. Cifaretto indicated that he did send a letter to the Township Committee and Planning Board noting the EDC’s appreciation of the rezoning efforts made to help promote economic growth in Towaco.  Mr. Lewis said this letter was well received by Planning Board and appreciated, and thought perhaps in view of the rezoning along Rt. 46, Old Bloomfield and Changebridge zone giving some relief for retail development and bulk requirements, perhaps another letter would be in order.  Mr. Cifaretto indicated he would take care of this and all agreed.  Discussion continued on the development of a press release and article for the Montville Messenger and newspapers highlighting activities in the community.  Mrs. White will start first draft for EDC membership review.  This could be put on website also, as well as the slide presentation made (which would be slightly modified before installation).  Mr. Lewis indicated that the EDC may want to also consider letters endorsing some of the site plans that are on file now at Planning Board for Old Bloomfield Avenue & Changebridge.

  • Morris County EDC

Mr. Lewis prepared a Power Slide presentation that was sent to Morris County highlighting the activities of the Township boards and commissions in zoning changes


Adoption of EDC minutes of 5-21-08 – Eligible:  Mr. Speciale, Mr. Cifaretto, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Cain & Deane Driscoll – Adopted unanimously in a Motion made by:  by Tony Specially and seconded by Deane Driscoll


Mr. Cifaretto thought that the EDC may want to venture into ‘marrying services’ to reduce economic burdens on a community noting the Board of Ed’s staff and municipal staff.  Mrs. White indicated that Mr. Bastone is already working on a shared services program and this is something he has actively pursuing.  The EDC encouraged shared services. 

Mr. Cifaretto regretfully informed the EDC committee that he will be sending in his letter of resignation from the EDC to the Township Committee indicating it was a hard decision for him since this community was important to him, and he has worked hard these past 12 years to make a difference.  He feels he has helped promote the business climate and development process in the community, struggling with the decision to resign, ultimately deciding he would do so.  All members noted their appreciation and their feelings of a loss of an dynamic leader at the EDC.  Mrs. White indicated that when a chair resigns, the vice chair takes over until re-organization.

Meeting adjourned unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda White

With explanation


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