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Montville Environmental Commission

Summary Minutes - June 19, 2008

Roll Call:

Present:         Donna Ambriano, Sergio Angione, Michele Caron, David Cotter, Larry Kornreich, Marie Kull, Hugh Merritt, Tim Braden

Absent:          Angelo Intile

The first part of the meeting was conducted in conjunction with the Open Space committee, during which Bettina Zimny gave a presentation on what other towns have done – and what Montville might wish to do – to establish walking and bike paths.  The Commission agreed that this idea was worth pursuing, and that a first step would be a survey of residents on their ideas.  Chair Michele Caron will work with Open Space chair Maritza Byrne on a possible joint letter to the Township and initial steps.

Statement of Compliance noted

Discussion of Creation of Liaisons

Discussion ensued on the creation of appointments of members to certain boards and commissions within the community.  The following members were selected by Mrs. Caron to serve a liaison to:

Tim Braden – DRC

Hugh Merritt – Board of Health

Angelo Intile – Open Space

Adoption of Minutes

The minutes of the May 21, 2008 were unanimously approved.

Moved to adopt by Dave Cotter, seconded by Marie Kull

Roll call:  unanimous

Stream and Monitoring Program

Larry Kornreich stated that he is awaiting materials from former Chair Charles Perry on this project.

Water and Aquifer Project

Hugh Merritt reported that Tom Mazzacaro is willing to meet with the commission to update them on this.  It was agreed to ask Mr. Mazzacaro to attend the September meeting.

Secretary for the Commission

Michele Caron reported that the posting for this job had not resulted in any responses but that the Commission will continue to try to fill this position.

Hilltop Nursing Home

Ms. Caron reported that the Commission had been asked to endorse the recommendations of the board of health regarding possible development of the Hilltop Nursing Home.  All agreed that there was not enough information available to comment.  Ms. Caron agreed to obtain more information on this for future consideration.

GI Auto Salvage

Ms. Caron reported that the EIS that had been conducted for the GI Auto Salvage property was outdated, but that the Township will be hiring a consultant to help make recommendations on this property.  She said that the Commission will be involved in this, including a walk-though of the property.

ANJEC and Website

Ms. Caron and Mr. Cotter reported on the webinar hosted by the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions.  They encouraged all members to read the Environmental Commission handbook (the Commission will purchase additional copies for distribution). Upon their recommendation, the Commission agreed to work with administration and land in updating the current Environmental Commission web page to reflect upcoming programs, making information available and perhaps considering adding links to other agencies (i.e. ANJEC).  Also discussed was the use of the Montville Messenger for making information available on a variety of “green” issues, including conservation and renewable energy issues.

New Business

David Cotter reported on the June 10 seminar on New Jersey’s Clean Energy programs.  He recommended that Montville participate in the program under which municipalities can have 75 percent of the cost of an energy audit paid under this program.  He will look into this and report back.

The Commission voted in opposition to the Permit Extension Act that is being considered by the New Jersey legislative.  Mrs.  Caron moved the Motion made by: Mrs. Caron, Seconded by:  Hugh Merritt

Roll Call Vote:  Donna Ambriano, Sergio Angione, Michele Caron, David Cotter, Larry Kornreich, Marie Kull, Hugh Merritt, Tim Braden

Sergio Angione abstained   

Letter to be sent by Ms. Caron.

Ms. Caron reported that:

-Commission will work later on a mission statement for 2009

- Township employee Adam Brewer is working to become a certified on recycling issues and is coordinating recycling efforts in town

- the paper recycling project may be able to be done in conjunction with electronics recycling day

Solar Power Update

Mr. Angione reported that he and David Cotter have picked up where this project left off, having had electric bills sent to New Jersey Solar Power.  They will work with NJ Solar Power in ascertaining possible energy cost savings for Montville.  

Mr. Cotter stated that he and Hugh Merritt may be able to attend some meetings of the Board of Health to increase communication between that body and the Commission.

Respectfully submitted,

David Cotter

Acting Secretary

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