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            Ron Cain, Jr. - present                          Margaret Miller – Sanders - present

            Everett Vreeland - present                    Mark Tabakin  - absent

            Ron Soussa - present                            Deane Driscoll - present

            Jennifer Horowitz - present               Alexander Kachmar Alt. #1 - present       

            Greg Milazzo – Alt #2- present


                        Township Committee: Deb Nielson - present

                        Township Officials: Linda White, Land Use Administrator  


New members of the EDC were welcomed to the committee, giving the  membership a brief description of their occupations and backgrounds. 



                        Appointment of Chairman – Ron Cain unanimously

                        Appointment of Vice Chairman – Deane Driscoll unanimously

Selection of Meeting Dates – Third Wednesday Monthly@ 8:00AM – Meeting Place:  Municipal Conference Room – adopted as noted


Upcoming Seminars – Morris County EDC – Wednesday March 18th @ County College of Morris 5PM to 8PM

Mrs. White indicated that she will carry this to the February agenda at which time we should have more information on program and cost.  Mr. Vreeland indicated he would be glad to attend.  Other members indicated they will wait until the program is available.

Website Development – update

Mr. Soussa indicated that he would create a ‘demo site’ and would review the Marlboro site previously discussed to see if their concept of their EDC website info can be easily set up here in our community. 

Update: Pending BoA & Planning Board applications

Mrs. White updated EDC on various projects under approval or pending review at the board level.  Mrs. Horowitz indicated she sent a cafe/bakery type of use to the potential developer of Sunoco.  It was felt we should continue to encourage this possible tenant on coming into Montville. Mr. Cain appointed Ms. Horowitz to contact these owners again and he will work with her on this site and/or will lead this possible new tenant to any other site in town that may be zoned and available.

Mrs. White mentioned LaSala’s site plan and that this is the type of project that best represents the goals of what the township Planning Board wanted to see in this area along Jacksonville & Rt. 202.  Members noted they received the email with the attached rendering and agreed that this type of commercial development should be encouraged and asked Mrs. White to write to the Planning Board commending this project and supporting it.

Discussion continued on Trader Joe’s and the possibility of seeing if they are interested in relocating to this township.  Mr. Cain appointed Mr. Soussa to work with him on contacting Trader Joe to see what their land use needs are and to see if they are interested in looking at Montville for a new business.

Mrs. White indicated Kay’s was approved for a bagel/bakery use.  She indicated there is a pending application for the new lifestyle proposal on Changebridge and that the Planning Board subcommittee would be looking at this informally before site plan is filed to assist them prior to their review process.

She also indicated Lowe’s continues at the BoA, that the lifestyle mall on Bloomfield Avenue is tabled until March but that they indicated they are going forward. She mentioned that San Dol has an extension of their site before Planning Board and that once the issue of safe as to emergency access is addressed, as well as some other revisions, this will go forward.  The site in the rear, the residential aged restricted housing, is still on agenda.  There is a cell tower application filed on Landmark Properties located on Stiles Lane.  She also noted an application is on going at Board of Adjustment for new medical building/day care center on Changebridge near the SSG&W building.  .

Update:  Coordination of Support for State DOT involvement along Rt. 46

Mrs. White indicated that she has asked Eric Keller, our traffic expert to coordinate a meeting with the state officials, township and legislators on making sure that the entire Rt. 46 corridor is addressed not only for Lowe’s but as a result of this major use application, and the possibility of future redevelopment and new development in this immediate corridor that this township aggressively moves forward to get this before DOT now.  General discussion ensued on roadway improvements to bridge and Old Bloomfield bridge.  Mr. Keller is aware of the Lowe’s application and issues in this area facing community.

Update:  Master Plan Re-Examination Process & addressing membership participation at EDC; update on Emery Lane inclusion in study

Mrs. White indicated Mr. Burgis was made aware of the input from EDC membership to have him look at Emery Lane in the re-examination process.  She indicated that at some point in the process, there will be need for involvement and comments from the EDC.  Mr. Burgis acknowledged when this goes forward, this input would be sought.  The Planning Board will begin pre-meetings for master plan and ordinance before their regularly scheduled meetings. 

Mr. Soussa thought we should look again at those five homes on Changebridge and try and seek redevelopment on these properties.  Mrs. Nielson and Mrs. White indicated that the planner felt that we should limit retail to the sections we did sometime last year to see how, if any, traffic would be affected.  Mrs. White indicated she would ask Mr. Burgis to keep these properties in consideration on re-examination, and will copy out tax map to give to him.

Update from Township Esq re:  Letter from GI requesting EDC endorsement of development of Lowe’s – Old Bloomfield Avenue

Mrs. White indicated she informed this applicant that the EDC cannot have a presentation before them for endorsement of a ‘use’ which is presently before the Board of Adjustment.  She mentioned the Township Attorney did note that if a member wished to attend this hearing, he and/or she is free to comment on the project at that level.

Update:  Chamber of Commerce letter re:  concerns on restrictive signage in community

Mrs. White noted that the Planning Board intends to meet with a subcommittee of the Chamber to review the temporary signs in community.  Ms. Sanders indicated that the Chamber feels a 90 day period would be more helpful than a 30 day example.  Both the chamber and EDC felt, though, that these signs should be professional and have certain controls as to size and placement.  Mrs. White gave some examples of the temporary signs that may be what we have in mind, mentioning the Don Pepe temporary sign.

At this time she noted she is allowing these businesses to put up the temporary signs to help them during these economic times.  Mrs. Sanders indicated that the Chamber appointed a subcommittee and would get these names to the Planning Board.  Discussion ensued on use of electronic signs and perhaps if we started to use these types of signs where businesses could be permitted to ‘advertise’ temporary and/or special sales, that this may help our businesses.  This is an on going issue and will be studied this year.


Discussion ensued on developing a Welcome Letter and Package of materials from the Economic  Development Committee to the new businesses that open in our community.  Ms. Sanders noted that the Chamber sends out materials and would supply a list of what is sent to them to the EDC to avoid duplication.  Ms. Nielson indicated that there was work put into a Welcome letter and that this letter should be sent again.  Mrs. White indicated she would do so.  Other ideas offered:  putting photos of new businesses in the Montville Messenger and putting a small write up in it.  Mrs. White indicated that in the future these new business sites will be made into a matted photo to display on the wall with their name and date of occupancy. 

Mrs. White reminded members that if they have other information on vacancy, to send this data along so that it can be constantly updated.


Adoption of EDC minutes of 12-19-08 – Eligible:  Mr. Vreeland, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Cain, Mr. Tabakin, Mr. Driscoll, Ms. Horowitz - adopted unanimously

Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting:  February 18, 2009 @ 8AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

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