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8:30AM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building



Mr. Karkowsky     - present

Ms. Nielson - present              

Mr. Lipari    - present

Mr. Visco     - present

Also present:  Joseph Burgis, Planner


Discussion re: PSPP/F08-11 Lasala Development - B: 40, L: 30.03 & 30.04 – 2 Jacksonville Rd.

Present:  Frank LaSala, applicant

Adam Remick, PE

Mr. Remick indicated that they the County Planning Board abandoned, at this time, their plans for road improvements at the corner of Main and Rt. 202.  Mrs. White indicated these improvements have been on the book for approximately 6 years.  Mr. Remick indicated that the County felt it would be too expensive to condemn this site since the improvements originally engineered and financially approved would require taking of the entire lot.

Discussion ensued on whether or not some other type of improvements could be made since this was a concern to the municipality some years back, thus the request for road improvements in this area.  Mr. Barile was asked to address this also at the municipal level.  Mrs. White indicated she conferred with Mr. Barile on this matter of road improvement.

Ms. Nielson indicated that the municipality is concerned about traffic improvements in this area since as Towaco redevelops, there was a need to make sure areas like this are upgraded to address any resident concerns previously voiced to traffic congestion issues.

Ms. Nielson suggested that perhaps Eric Keller from Omland Engineering should take a quick review of this issue to see if he could offer some traffic calming and/or improvements in this area to respond to the township’s concerns.

General comments offered to the applicant was the entrances on Jacksonville as well as Main Road, and perhaps there could be a redesign and/or shifting of some of the improvements to respond to upgrades in traffic improvements at this intersection.

Parking numbers and parking needs reviewed.  Mr. LaSala indicated that he has provided parking for 10 employees on the Goddard School site adjacent, which is under his ownership.  He also indicated that the original Goddard School site had deferred parking of 14 spaces, and that as part of this approval, he would construct those parking spaces, which would mitigate parking number issues, but as a result, would increase impervious coverage on the Goddard School site.

This property is located in the prime aquifer.  Existing coverage on Goddard lot is 50.2%.  Mr. Remick indicated he has designed stormwater system exceeded the recharge percentage provided for in this code.  Mr. LaSala also indicated that it was his intent to use pervious pavers to further comply with intent of Towaco ordinance/master plan.

The issue of COAH was brought up.  Mr. Burgis indicated this development would require 2 units since the retail is calculated (perhaps a monetary contribution), as well as the residential component.  Mr. LaSala indicated that he would review this, and if possible, allocate the one bedroom unit to the affordable needs of the municipality, possibly seeing if it could be aged restricted unit.  Applicant indicated he would address this as this application goes further at Planning Board level. 

In view of issue with traffic and safety related improvements and need for the Township to take another look at this site, Mr. LaSala indicated he would carry this application from the regularly scheduled Planning Board meeting to the January 22nd meeting to allow the board engineer, Eric Keller and Mr. Barile to confer and review site plan. 

          PMISC08-45 Signature Marketing Group – 25 Riverside Dr. –

B: 182, L; 7 – office (3,700 s.f.)/warehouse (29,200 s.f.) appliance distribution/assembly – 18 employees – 8:30am-5pm Mon-Fri – no outdoor storage - signage to be in compliance with approved theme (Frasetto)

Approved subject to compliance with use letter, sign theme and agency findings.

PMISC08-46 Kramer U.S. – 700 Main Rd. – B: 40, L: 30.01 – 1,400 s.f. office for pharmaceutical equipment sales – 3 employees – 8am-5pm Mon- Fri – no signage requested – no outdoor storage (Karl Weiss – Kitchen Creations)

Approved subject to compliance with use letter, sign theme and agency findings.

PMISC08-47 Stephany Yang – 28 Bloomfield Ave – B: 170, L: 16 – office 850 s.f. -dietician, marriage counselor, accu-pressure – 2 employees – 9am-7pm Mon-Sat – signage to be in compliance with approved theme – no outdoor storage (Carpel)

Approved subject to compliance with use letter, sign theme and agency findings.

          Discussion re: Master plan Re-examination schedule

          Mr. Burgis indicated he felt that the best way to proceed with this is to hold workshop meetings before the regular meeting of the         Planning Board starting at 6PM with the Master Plan          Subcommittee.  He indicated there are three components involved:          Re-examination, Housing Element and development of new        ordinances.  He said he would first begin with a meeting with Mrs. White to review the previously adopted re-examination report, as    well as meet with Mrs. White to review some background data.  It   is anticipated the Planning Board will start this subcommittee           review at the first meeting on February 12th at 6PM.  Mr. Visco was     asked to sit on this Master Plan subcommittee as an ‘alternate’

          Meeting adjourned.

          Respectfully submitted,

          Linda M. White

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