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8:30AM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building



Mr. Karkowsky - present        

Ms. Nielson – present                         

Mr. Lipari - present       

Mr. Visco – present       


Discussion – Sign Ordinance

Mr. Lipari personally visited townships that were similar to Montville to determine how their temporary sign ordinance works and how it looks when riding thru their township.  Accordingly he found several ordinances he felt may work for this community, and requested Mrs. White to take those areas that better reflected the goals of what he felt our sign ordinance should be.  Mrs. White indicated she also added several other temporary sign areas that were in code, but taken out regulating construction, development signs, garage sale signs, political signs and incorporated them in one area.

Time periods, permit process and fees as well as monitoring system discussed.  The subcommittee found this in order and ready for a final draft that is to be made available for the March 26th subcommittee meeting with Chamber scheduled today at 8:30AM.  Mrs. White will have this ready by that date and invite chamber subcommittee.

Potential development of a gym on Trinity Baptist – Changebridge & Horseneck - Jerry Driesse –Chairman – Board of Deacons

Present:  Jerry Driesse

Mr. Driesse reviewed potential development of a gym which was reflected in rear yard in parking lot.  Mr. Driesse indicated it would be used for phys ed facility and possibly extra curricular activities like basketball, etc.  There are 50 parking spaces, as well as deferred parking that are engineered but not constructed since it was determined at Board of Adjustment that it was not needed.  There are 167 students in school.  The building would be steel and masonry.  Mr. Driesse was encouraged to try and go ‘green’ with any construction. 

After reviewing several locations, it was felt that moving it closer to existing structure in corner may be safer and less intrusion into the yard with loss of fewer parking spaces.  Mr. Driesse indicated he would review further, and if necessary will come back for another informal meeting with Planning Board subcommittee.

Potential occupant for 323 Changebridge Road – office/warehouse – asbestos company

Present:  Pane Repic, potential purchaser

Steven Schepis, Esq.

Mr. Repic indicated that his company is known as Jupiter, and it is an asbestos removal company.  He would have no trucks and/or asbestos washing or activity in this regard on this site.  His use would be office/warehousing, and in the future would like to have 8’ fence vinyl where there would be outside storage.  He also may have one to two tenants.  This would be a field office only.  The asbestos is cleared off of a site and moved to a landfall. He has other contractors that perform this service.  He would want, though, to store 5 office trailers on his property, as well as about 5 vans.  This area is in the flood hazard area, and is subject to either an LOI and/or wetlands (as it relates to outside storage area).  Mr. Repic indicated he would provide this in the future, but for the time period, would only want his offices here.  The Subcommittee had no objection to allowing a waiver for interior office/warehouse.  Under this waiver, when filed, the subcommittee does require upgrade of landscaping on site, as well as removal of dumpsters in area.  No outdoor storage, no storage from across street Chuk’s Landscaping, limit of 3 vans under waiver, and just an identity of door.  There will be 7-8 vehicles for employees.

Discussion – Heller – PMS08-14 – Changebridge Road (Kay’s)- Mrs. White indicated she was asked by Mr. Heller for permission to defer the installation of the second driveway out of Kay’s onto John Henry due to  today’s economic condition and expenses for upgrading the site.  He hopes to install it within two years.  Bonding is required.  Applicant can proceed, with the understanding that this bond would be retaining for outstanding work and that said site must be complete with two years of Zoning Permit for occupancy. 

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

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