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8:30AM Start



Mr. Karkowsky     -        absent        

Ms. Nielson          -        present

Mr. Lipari              -        present

Mr. Visco               -        present


  • Meeting with Chamber on draft temporary sign ordinance

Chamber representatives present:

Joseph O’Dowd

Tony Speciale

Margaret Miller-Sanders, President

Barry Braverman

Mr. Lipari reviewed the changes that were being recommended to allow temporary signage in the community to help assist the local businesses during these difficult economic times.

As a result, the subcommittee recommended that this policy to allow temporary signs be considered for a year to see if it works in helping the local businesses advertise their specials, to see if it becomes an enforcement nightmare, to see if it creates an unsightly situation.  If it is successful, then this would go into law. 

It was decided that there would be a 90 day period for the temporary signs in a calendar year starting March 26, 2009 with a sunset date to review it’s impact March 26, 2010; that the signs be of a professional quality, that the temporary sign be no larger than 16 sq. ft., that it be installed in an area that does not obstruct sight distance, that there be a permit required, a permit fee of $20 with new request same owners, $5; permits can be issued for the entire 90 days if business wishes to list those dates of installation in advance.  The subcommittee indicated that they had no objection in waiving these fees during this trial policy period. 

Discussion ensued on how to get this message to the business owners, and the Chamber members volunteered to pioneer this at their level, notifying and working with the local businesses.  Ms. Sanders would draft an article/letter on this and forward it to Mr. Lipari and Mrs. White before final release.

Mrs. White indicated that she developed the application form and the “most commonly asked’ questions on signage, and if the Chamber wanted to add to this and post on their website, that would also be a good idea. 

Mrs. Nielson indicated there was a Planning Board meeting this evening, and we would move to get this into affect as soon as possible so our local businesses could look towards upcoming holidays for temporary signage relief.

Mr. O’Dowd felt the Township should promote buying local, and asked if the Township Committee shouldn’t look at this.  Mrs. Nielson indicated she would take message back to the Township Committee. 

  • Home Depot outdoor storage

Present:  Marc Malanga & Pat Kressler, Store Managers of Home Depot

Mrs. White indicated that Ms. Kressler is the new store manager of Home Depot and that they wanted to work with Township, recognizing past managers didn’t comply with the prohibition of outside sales.  Mrs. Kressler indicated that this season they wanted to place their flowers and commodities along side the existing nursery area which area is enclosed within block and board.  It creates a pleasing affect entering site from Rt. 46.  Subcommittee members wanted assurances that there would be no safety issues as to customers in roadways and/or emergency parking areas.  Mrs. Kressler indicates it would not, and that the site is watched very closely to ensure no debris is created in area. 

Subcommittee had no objection to granting the temporary permit, noting that the Planning Board is creating new policies to help our business promote their commodities.

  • Conservation Easement & vacating area – policy

Mrs. White indicated that the township attorney has indicated that the process which needs to be established is that the township engineering office will deal with the initial inspection to determine if there was tree clearing and/or disturbances in the conservation area, and if so, will require a tree replacement/mitigation plan be prepared and submitted to their offices.  If there is no plan submitted, then it will be turned over to zoning for summons.  If a property owner asks for vacating the area, the Township Attorney has indicated that this is a function of the Planning Board not the Township Committee, and that they will be required to conduct a public hearing for the determination of relief and/or substitution of conservation easement area.  Further, public notice would be required from the host subdivision lot, just not the affected lot.  This would be an expensive endeavor, but the subcommittee members found that if someone wanted to pursue same, obviously the waiver would be reviewed at a Planning Board meeting.

  • PMSP/F89-28-97 PHASE II and III Bear Rock - Request for waiver from complying with installation of treescape

Mrs. White indicated that a report from Mr. Omland’s offices find that there are three solutions:  grant waiver, deny waiver and/or only ask for treescape on those lots that have no trees and/or dead or dying trees which is a compromise to the developer.  Further discussions found that the applicant shouldn’t be granted waiver from requirement and that if possible, he may want to put those trees that are required in areas where there are dead and/or dying trees located along municipal ROW’s.

PMISC09-04 Frier & Levitt – 84 Bloomfield Ave. Suite B – B: 173,         L: 7 – law office 6,578 s.f. – hours of operation 9am-5pm – 10      employees – no outdoor storage of vehicles – signage requested          (Gardenview Realty)

Approved subject to compliance with all agency findings, use letter          and approved signage there.

PMISC09-05 Montville Dental Assoc. – 170 Changebridge Rd. Unit B3-3 – B: 139.03, L: 6 – 1,300 s.f. dental office (previously dental office) – 6 employees – hours of operation Mon-Tues 11:30am-8:30pm; Wed-Thurs 8am-5pm – signage in compliance with approved theme

Approved subject to compliance with all agency findings, use letter          and approved signage there.

PMISC09-07 TeaWolf, LLC – 21-25 Riverside Dr. – B: 182, L: 7 – office (1,575 s.f.)/warehouse (13,333 s.f.) for botanical extracts and juices – 10 employees – hours of operation 7am-5pm Mon-F – signage to be in compliance with approved theme (21-25 Riverside Dr. Assoc.)

Approved subject to compliance with all agency findings, use letter          and approved signage there.

PMISC09-06 Veraxis Health Communications – 84 Bloomfield Ave. – B: 173, L: 7 – 2,000 s.f. office – no signage – 5 employees – hours of operation 8am-5pm Mon-Fri – no outdoor storage (Gardenview Realty)

Approved subject to compliance with all agency findings, use letter          and approved signage there.

Meeting adjourned,

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

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