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Mr. Lewis, Chair – present

Mr. Karkowsky - present        

Ms. Nielson - present              

Mr. Lipari – present

Mr. Visco (alt) – present

Also Present:  Joseph Burgis, AICP



Discussion of Re-Examination Report

The draft re-examination report reviewed.  Members found this ready for adoption, asking Mr. Burgis to remove the ‘draft’ wording and get hard copy to Mrs. White. 

It was decided that this can go forward for adoption at the April 16th meeting.  Mrs. White indicated upon receipt of a clean copy, she would get this document on Website, as well as transmitting by email to other boards, and will get out copies out to the adjacent municipalities, and although notice isn’t required, will notice accordingly.

Goals of Objectives of Community

Mr. Burgis submitted a land use map that was developed based on township tax records.  He asked that the members review this map, noting that his firm will ride through the township and make determinations that the property as shown is reflected property.  This map is then used to determine how the zoning is affected when the zoning map is overlaid on this document.

Mrs. Nielson indicated some of the areas shown have homes on them, but are shown as vacant.  Mrs. White will review this map against town records and will work with Mrs. Nielson on the areas that appear to be inconsistent with mapping developed.

Mr. Burgis indicated once the zoning is overlaid, you can then make determinations on changing of zoning existing and/or changes to zoning ordinances affecting the area, explaining some of the circumstances we may see when this product is finalized.

Mr. Burgis indicated the next step is to look at the Goals and Objectives previously given to the Planning Board and look at the objectives and goals.

Mr. Lewis indicated he wants to see us find a way to further develop existing vacant commercial/industrial buildings, which may involve relaxing some of the standards in place.  Along these lines, discussions continued on those areas along Changebridge & Rt. 202 that may need to be addressed as to promoting redevelopment of some of the areas that are older areas.  Mrs. White reminded members about Emery Lane which was offered by the EDC as a place that may make a nice retail area off Rt. 202.  Mrs. White and Mr. Lipari indicated that the board should also look at allowing the frontage of those areas on Rt. 46 to be changed from industrial to retail since we are already looking at the Kevah Konner site up to this area which is next to Sevilla and Chapin Road (mostly First Industrial).  Members had no objection but would want to make sure that it was limited retail.  Mr. Burgis will look at this during his review process; understanding concerns on parking and feels it can be done.

Members expressed a potential policy objective of evaluating the existing bulk provisions in certain older zones with modest houses to prevent much larger, much taller replacement homes using the existing setbacks. Consideration would have to be given to safeguard existing homes wanting to expand. The consensus is to carry this forward as a study item for now….there are several different zoning approached available to address this.

Mrs. White reminded Mr. Burgis about the development of non-conforming lots.  He indicated that wording is put in the Master Plan for both areas of concerned since this is what the Board of Adjustment will rely on for decision making in the future, reviewing some of the wording he has proposed to respond to those issues.

Mr. Burgis indicated he would develop a schedule for submission to the master plan committee.  The next meeting of this committee is scheduled for April 23rd at 6PM.  Mr. Burgis will get the schedule out in advance and asked the members to jot down their comments and ideas so that we can continue to go forward with goals and objections.

As to how we should involve others in review process, Mr. Burgis suggested that as we finish each element and/or section of review and find it acceptable, that it be transmitted to the Planning Board members for review, and thereafter be distributed to other agencies.  He reinforced he will be asking other boards (i.e. Board of Adjustment, EDC) for comments and to meet with us at future meetings, but we may not be ready for this till Summer 09.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

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