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Sergio Angione -  present                                  Victor Canning,  - present

Angelo Intile -   absent                                       David Cotter, Vice Chair - present

Hugh Merritt - present                                        Michele Caron, Chair - present

Dr. Lawrence Kornreich - present                     Jim Muhaw, Alt#1 - present

                                                                                Ray Hinkle, Alt#2 - absent

                                                                                Fred Eckhardt, Member Emeritus - absent

Tim Braden - present



“As required by the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been provided.  The notice specified the time and place of the meeting to the extent known at the time.  The notice was posted on the bulletin board at the Municipal Building, sent to the Daily Record and was placed on file in the Township Clerk’s Office.”


Presentation by Water & Sewer Director – by Tom Mazzaccaro was an informative presentation on the Towaco Valley aquifer.

MINUTES – Adoption of minutes of 2/18/09 – Eligible: Mr. Angione made a motion to accept the minutes Mr. Canning seconded the motion.   Roll call:  unanimous


  • ZSPP/FD23-08 Youssef, Eli– (Eli Bagel) - 37 Main Rd. – B: 81, L: 2 - Prel/Final Site Plan and Use variance to allow development of a 2-story building consisting of a retail bagel shop and a two bedroom residential apartment- no update available  
  • Solar Program – Sergio Angione– Update the commission that they are looking to create final proposals with acceptable buildings to move forward with project.
  • PSE&G Letter – Larry Kornreich and David Cotter – Release of Letter to PSE&G received by governing bodies, senators, etc. Responses were received back on the three return receipt requested.
  • Environmental Inventory Report – Update - Michele Caron/David Cotter- no update available
  • Project Porchlight- Michele updated commission that there are not many volunteers. 


·       High School Honors Program – Aquifer learning project – Larry Kornreich updated the commission that Mr. Miller and Larry Kornreich are looking to work on volunteer project with students in the summer. 

·        Recycling Day – April 25, 2009 Saturday – Angelo Intile, Michele Caron updated commission that trucks will be coming to town for no cost for the shred it event, the event will be from 9am-12pm.

·        Arbor Day – April 24, 2009 – Friday – Michele Caron – Dr. Gary Bowen, Superintendent of    Montville Schools – Honoree

                           NEW BUSINESS

·       Science Teacher from Middle school Mr. Meyers- Remodeling the courtyard of Lazar and came to speak to commission for support, commission is looking to support Mr. Meyers and his project.

·        March 30, 2009- Invitation to Morristown New Dodge Foundation headquarters- gives highlights of lead building and green guidelines. 7pm-9: 30pm

·        Cool Cities-Jim Muhaw updated commission that he will be working with a different group called sustainable New Jersey to come to a meeting in May and present to commission; Louise Davis will be coming to speak from Sustainable New Jersey.



Meeting adjourned unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

    Alicia Angione

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