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Montville Township Committee Special Meeting

Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 7:00 p.m.

Montville Township Municipal Building, 195 Changebridge Road, Montville, New Jersey


7:10 p.m. – Statement of Open Public Meetings Act Compliance read by Chairwoman Deborah Nielson:  “As required by the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate Notice of this meeting has been provided which Notice specified the time and place of the meeting to the extent known at that time. The Notice was posted on the bulletin board at the Municipal Building, mailed to The Daily Record, The Star Ledger, and The Citizen as well as other newspapers and it was placed on file in the Township Clerk’s office. This meeting has been properly noticed to the public in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act.”


Present:            Committeeman Art Daughtry

Committeeman James Sandham, Jr.

                        Committeewoman Jean Bader

                        Committeeman Tim Braden

                        Chairwoman Deborah Nielson


Also present:            Gertrude Atkinson, Township Clerk


Pledge of Allegiance.




PUBLIC PORTION:  Bernice Baline, 30 Gabriel Drive, Montville, spoke about Library appointments.  She wanted to reiterate her comments on one of the appointments:  he has been there for over twenty years, and I feel that it is time that we started to evolve – he and a lot of the other board members.  By keeping them on, you don’t get a lot of new ideas.  I am a concerned resident and taxpayer.  They nominated him to be secretary for 2009, and he is not even reappointed yet.  They want to push this member through. 


Chairwoman Nielson stated I think that was an oversight, and they are rescinding that.  I am on the Library Board. 


Committeeman Braden stated I spoke to the Chairperson and if Mr. Ernstrom is not reappointed, they will deal with that.


Baline stated I still feel that this gentleman should not be reappointed to the board.  I sent a letter to the Township Attorney.  If you don’t have another person, I am willing to serve.  I really feel the board needs to take a look that this is not seen as a political payoff.


Hearing no further comments, Chairwoman Nielson closed the public portion.  Motion:  Bader.  Second:  Sandham.  All in favor.  Motion approved.


BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT:  Reappoint J. Deane Driscoll and Carl J. DiPiazza.  Chairperson recommended both for reappointment.  Liaison – Bader, alternate – Sandham.


BOARD OF HEALTH:  Chairperson recommends all reappointments.  Committeewoman Bader stated as liaison I had a lot of questions as to why so many meetings were cancelled.  Discussion appointing new applicant, Garry Annibal.  Reappoint Charles Perry and Stuart Rothman.  Go back to Mark Kantor reappointment.  Liaison – Bader, alternate – Braden.


DESIGN REVIEW COMMITTEE:  Chairperson recommends all reappointments.  Irwin Guterman requests to be moved to the Housing Committee.  Reappoint all but Guterman.  Liaison – Braden, alternate – Nielson.


DRUG AWARENESS MUNICIPAL ALLIANCE:  June Witty, Christina Renfer, and Connie Kelly do not wish to be reappointed.  Appoint Judith Rosen and Joe Daughtry.  All agreed (Daughtry abstained on Joe Daughtry).  Liaison – Braden, alternate – Sandham. 


Committeeman Braden recommended Victoria Vigil, Alicia Angione, and Patricia Swiatek be appointed.  All agreed.


Daughtry stated Lisa LoBiondo and Nancy Mertz - want to continue when their term is up? Sandham stated their terms are not up.  Daughtry stated when I look at attendance, technically they are fine, but when we do have candidates, the question should be asked, do they seriously want to serve?  I am looking at, since May 1, attendance at two meetings and the chairperson mentioned something to me about that as well.


Braden will contact them to see if they want to continue.  All agreed. 


Daughtry stated we have candidates, and if they want to continue, they should make a better effort.  The other one was Nancy Mertz – she made a dance.  To me, that’s a bigger deal than missing meetings.  But two events since the 1st of April.  Braden will make those calls.


Sandham stated if one of the other two steps down, they will appoint Lauren Connelly.  All agreed.


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE:  Appoint Margaret Miller-Sanders as Chamber of Commerce liaison as Anthony Speciale does not wish to be reappointed.  Reappoint J. Deane Driscoll and Ronald Soussa.  Carol Ann Soroko not reappointed.  Appoint Gregory T. Milazzo and Alexander Kachmar.  Trudy will confirm they can make morning meetings.  Liaison – Nielson, alternate – Braden.


ENVIRONMENTAL COMMISSION:  Braden recommended diversifying this commission with people from Montville and Pine Brook.  Reappoint Sergio Angione and Angelo D. Intile.  Marie Kull and Donna Ambriano not reappointed.  Appoint Jim Muhaw.  Appoint Victor Canning as Planning Board liaison.  Liaison – Braden, alternate – Nielson.


HISTORIC PRESERVATION REVIEW COMMISSION:  Reappoint Garry Lehnert and Michael O’Brien.  Aaron VanDuyne, IV, not reappointed.  Liaison – Daughtry.


HOUSING COMMITTEE:  Reappoint Dorothy Pavlik.  Liaison – Daughtry, alternate – Nielson.  Go back to this.


LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES:   Appoint Howard Chesler in Fox’s slot.  Appoint Susan Max as alternate to the Superintendent of Schools – 1-year term.  All Township Committee supported the reappointment of Edward Ernstrom.  Sandham stated he is an active member during and in between the meetings.  We are getting a mix of new blood – one last year and at least two this year.  Charles Schmidt resigned.  Appoint Tom Mazzaccaro, Jr.  Liaison – Sandham.


LOCAL BOARD OF ASSISTANCE:  Reappoint Maida Avallone.  Liaison – Daughtry, alternate – Braden.


PLANNING BOARD:  Reappoint Russ Lipari and Anthony Speciale.  Move Victor Canning to Environmental Commission liaison.  Discussion regarding appointing Garry Annibal to the Board of Health or to the Planning Board.  Consensus was to appoint Garry Annibal to Planning Board.


RECREATION COMMISSION:  Reappoint Stephen Moscone.  Liaison – Daughtry, alternate – Braden.


RESIDENTS’ WITH DISABILITIES ADVISORY COMMITTEE:  Dolores Sereno and Carol Haight do not wish to be reappointed.  Sandham stated he will need help with this committee.  There are a lot of openings.  Would like to put something in the next Montville Messenger.  I spoke to Frank Bastone about getting the Director of Social Services as a Department Head liaison.  Also, would like to get involved with the Board of Education’s Special Services.  Appoint Matthew Rankin.  Daughtry asked if we can look at combining some of these committees.  Braden asked if they could meet quarterly.  Liaison – Sandham, alternate – Bader.


LONG TERM FINANCIAL PLANNING COMMITTEE:  Chairperson recommends all members for reappointment.  Bader, Nielson, Braden, and Daughtry recommended reappointing all members.  Sandham stated he took offense to the way Mr. LoBiondo addressed this Township Committee at a recent meeting.  I don’t appreciate that coming from someone who sits on one of our committees.  I would support appointing Mr. Lefkowitz.  He attends most Township Committee meetings.  I know he can express his opinion as a resident (LoBiondo).  We are not in adversarial relationships with any of our boards.  Braden stated he didn’t take Mr. LoBiondo’s comments the way Jim Sandham did.  Township Committee consensus – reappoint all current members.


OPEN SPACE COMMITTEE:  Frank Messina does not want to be reappointed.  Reappoint all others.  Appoint John P. Misiewicz.  Liaison – Bader, alternate – Nielson.


TREE PERMIT APPEALS BOARD:  Reappoint Steve Olsen and Ivan Bader.  Braden will ask about the Environmental Commission liaison since Charles Perry resigned from the Environmental Commission. 


ROCKAWAY RIVER WATERSHED CABINET:  Reappoint Mikulka and Seipel.  Charles Perry not reappointed as Environmental Commission liaison as he is no longer on the Environmental Commission.


BOARD OF EDUCATION:  Liaison – Daughtry.


PLANNING BOARD:  Sandham stated he is interested in serving on the Planning Board.   Daughtry stated he is willing to give it up.  Nielson stated she would like Art Daughtry to stay on.  Braden stated he understands where Jim is coming from.  A year or two of experience would be good instead of going into that position green.  I understand his position of wanting to be acclimated to that board.  Nielson stated Art is up to speed on the master plan and that is still in progress.  Consensus – Sandham to be Township Committee member on the Planning Board.


BOARD OF HEALTH:  Reappoint Mark Kantor.


HOUSING:  Township Committee needs an understanding of exactly what the Housing Committee does.  Sandham stated Irwin Guterman has been asking to be appointed to that committee.  Reappoint Ida Biase unless hear otherwise.  Nielson will speak to Ida Biase and Linda White about what the charges are of the committee.  Leave Guterman on the Design Review Committee.


PROFESSIONALS:  Nielson stated we had sent RFP’s.  Attorney, Labor Counsel, and Water & Sewer Engineer – retain current for ninety days and interview other firms.  Auditor and Bond Counsel – reappoint for one year.  Water & Sewer Engineer – possibly go back and re-negotiate. 


MUNICIPAL PROSECUTORS AND PUBLIC DEFENDER:  Reappoint Danzi, Driscoll, and Amadio.


MUNICIPAL JUDGE:  Reappoint Davenport.


MAYOR:  Bader stated she feels one year is not enough, and I would like to see Deb Nielson reappointed as Mayor and Jim Sandham as Deputy Mayor.  If I am re-elected, I would whole-heartedly support Jim Sandham for the next two years to be Mayor.  Braden, Daughtry, Sandham, and Nielson agreed.  Nielson and Sandham thanked the Township Committee members for their support.


Township Committee discussed that they need to do Frank Bastone’s review.  Also, they would like to get together right after reorganization and have a Saturday morning planning session.  Have the chair people and possibly the department heads in.


Meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.  Motion:  Bader.  Second:  Sandham.  All in favor.  Motion approved.


Respectfully submitted,





Gertrude H. Atkinson, Township Clerk


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