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Ron Cain, Jr. – present                        

Margaret Miller – Sanders - present

Everett Vreeland - present                   

Mark Tabakin  - absent

Ron Soussa - present                           

Deane Driscoll – present

Jennifer Horowitz – present                  

Alexander Kachmar – Alt. #1   - present                                                                                  

Greg Milazzo – Alt #2 - present


Township Committee: Deb Nielson - present

Township Officials:       Linda White, Land Use Administrator  

Planning Board Liaison:  Gary Lewis & Tony Speciale - present



Website Development – update – discussed the website.  Mr. Vreeland indicated no issue on current layout.  Mrs. White reminded members that Mr. Soussa was going to review another town’s website that we found interesting and see if ours could be modified accordingly. This matter addressed again later in meeting, resulting in the finding that the EDC should not be listed under a land use board but should be in it’s own category.  Mrs. White will see if Mr. Perkins can change that since it is outside her expertise and permission.  She would also follow up to see if the List of Properties that are vacant can have it’s own icon vs. just highlighted to reach.

Update: Pending BoA & Planning Board applications

Mrs. White provided an updates given on various applications pending at the Planning Board & BoA. Members discussed the pending Lowe’s application, the status and the carry date is June 3rd.

Mrs. White indicated the Planning Board subcommittee continues to meet on the lifestyle mall that this EDC reviewed a while back for Mr. Lakhiani.  The problem     was that the ordinance allows 3 and the applicant wanted as many as 7 small sized units which would change the lifestyle mall anticipated in this area.  The Planning Board continues to meet with this applicant to help with this             redevelopment area.

Update:  Temporary Signs

Mrs. White indicated to help our local businesses, the Planning Board and the Chamber met to try and find a temporary solution to allowing these types of signs.     As a result, a sign policy was created allowing for these types of signs to be displayed and this will be used as a trial policy for a one year period only starting April 1st, 2009.  Mr. Driscoll elaborated on some of the sites with these types of signs.  The Chamber will be doing a public relations attempt with their members to help with control of this and understanding the policies of the community. 

Update:  Master Plan update

Mr. Lewis indicated that the Planning Board is doing the Re-exam as a stopgap measure to comply with the MLUL laws, and that this document was given to the EDC.  The Master Plan subcommittee will be meeting with the EDC in the future to seek their input on some of those areas in the township that may want to be visited to see about economic development opportunities.  Mr. Lewis felt this item should continue to be listed on the EDC agenda to allow the members to brainstorm on the issues and areas they feel might be worthy of review.  He thought it would be better if the EDC discussed it at this level so that when they meet with the Master Plan subcommittee, at least there would be a consensus of ideas to present at that time.  

Different ideas presented: encourage internal connections, perhaps sometime of a bonus on the larger lands with this type of concept.  Mrs. White indicated that she has already given Emery Lane to the planner, as well as the corridors along Rt. 202. 

Mr. Cain created a subcommittee to head this project:  Jennifer Horowitz agreed to head this committee up, and Greg Milazzo and Deane Driscoll agreed to work with her on it.   

Update:  Dick Vreeland & Deane Driscoll on attending Morris County EDC seminar on March 18, 2009

Mr. Driscoll felt that some of the information presented at this session may not really assist them, noting that this year’s seminar focused a lot of redevelopment/transit villages and COAH requirements.  Mr. Vreeland felt it was something we should continue to go to.

It was mentioned that at the seminar Maggie Peters Morris County EDC indicated that they would be visiting towns to meet with the large companies to talk with them about their needs and how the County can better serve them.  Mr. Driscoll indicated that he did discuss this with Ms. White who called Ms. Peters since she mentioned they were going to Montville as part of this, and thought we should better coordinate this between our EDC and Morris County.  Mrs. White indicated Ms. Peters did put this on hold, since she found out that the County Freeholders also were working on visiting different towns with similar concept.  She would get back to us when more information is available or if they are coming into Montville in the future.


Adoption of EDC minutes of 3-18-09 – Eligible:  Mr. Cain, Mr. Driscoll, Ms. Sanders, Mr. Kachmar, Mr. Vreeland, Mr. Soussa, Ms. Horowitz, Mr. Tabakin, Mr. Milazzo

Minutes adopted unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

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