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Ron Cain, Jr. - present 

Everett Vreeland - absent                  

Ron Soussa - present                           

Jennifer Horowitz - absent                 

Margaret Miller – Sanders - present

Mark Tabakin - absent                                              

Deane Driscoll – present

Alexander Kachmar – Alt. #1   - absent

Greg Milazzo – Alt #2 - absent


Township Committee: Deb Nielson & Tim Braden (alt)

            Deb Nielson – Present

            Tim Braden – Present

Township Officials:       Linda White, Land Use Administrator

            Linda White - Present  

Planning Board Liaison:  Gary Lewis & Tony Speciale

            Gary Lewis – present

            Tony Speciale – present



Website Development – update

Mrs. White indicated that there is a company that will be posting video’s of the township, a free service that will use ads placed on our web.  Later in the meeting, Mrs. Nielson elaborated on this program explaining how the company provides the service and what was involved. 

Concerns arose about the Township’s inability to change the website to reflect   EDC as its own entity, having to go through land use to reach this website.  It should be independent.  Mr. Soussa noted this is two months now that the EDC has requested this.  Mrs. White will again address this with Mr. Bastone, but he indicated he was not going to do this at this time, but she would double check again.  Ms. Neilson will discuss this issue at the next Township Committee meeting.

Mrs. White indicated she is getting in PDF’s on some of the projects we had approved, and that she already received one from Lowe’s, and has asked Boiling Springs, Montville Office Plaza, LaSala, Heller Group to participate.  Mr. Lewis asked about Dr. Keating’s site?  This will also be requested once complete. 

Mr. Lewis felt this would be a good idea to have these documents so that we can do a slide presentation at our second meeting in September when we are inviting the outside agencies, etc. to the Planning Board meeting.

Update: Pending BoA & Planning Board applications

Mrs. White noted Lowe’s has been approved. 

Update:  Master Plan update – input by Master Plan subcommittee

Emery Road, Kokora, run down homes on Changebridge Road

Nothing has been done by the subcommittee whose members are not present today.  Concerns arose that this be addressed especially since the Planning Board is forging ahead with Master Plan and this is something that is important to the EDC.

Towaco Center Master plan will be incorporated into the updated master plan.  The only activity in the area Mrs. White noted was the McDermott property listed for sale.

Mrs. Nielson voiced concerns that the Highlands will have on our community, noting that at this time we are waiting on a matrix from our township’s planner who was asked to list the pro’s and con’s of opting in/out for the township to consider.  These items will continue to be heard, and the decision has to be made sometime this year. 

Mr. Braden voiced concerns, also noting that you have no idea what will happen  with pending legislation if things change after Fall. 

Mr. Lewis voiced concerns about making sure we work together to plan for reasonable and smart growth.  Mr. Soussa asked if we were addressing alternate energy understanding a new bill is introduced calling this an inherent benefit.  Mrs. Nielson voiced concerns since we are not sure what type of accessory structures, if not located on a roof, can be installed in ground.  The Planning Board is investigating but is using caution on this issue.

Mr. Lewis indicated that we did, though, add the requirement under goals and objectives to use substantial building practices. 

Mr. Soussa felt the Planning Board should also look at the current zones and sign regulations for office building development, noting issue with his sign located in the R27D zone.  He also mentioned ‘loading docks’ as being required.  Mrs. White indicated she would add to the list, but that one (sign) is a variance and the other is a waiver under design standards, less stringent.  But she will carry a running list of all items.


Update:  Grants available  

Mrs. White noted she researched the grants that Ms. Lim from Parsippany received as per her directive last meeting, but the grant she is working on is the same grant Montville received.  No other grants were researched at this time.


Shop Local Campaign discussed.   

Mrs. Nielson indicated that the Township will be involved in this project, noting that there is a small lead in article in the most recent issue of the Montville Messenger and the town will run a larger announcement indicating that the Chamber and the Township are supporting a “Buy Montville” campaign in the Fall Issue, Mrs. White indicated she understand that the Township Committee will be handling this at their level.  Later in the meeting, Mrs. Nielson indicated that the Township will make sure that it is on our web, that there is a resolution acknowledging same.

Mr. Speciale indicated that the Chamber is working on this project, trying to develop some type of ‘tag line’.  Various ideas for promoting this offered:  what about a kid’s poster campaign (Gary Lewis); what about banners promoting it along main corridors?

Mrs. Nielson indicated that the Township will be involved in this project, noting that there are the leads in the Fall Issue, and that more ideas and concepts will come as activity progresses.  Different ideas discussed on how to involve  promotion of our merchants, and how it would benefit them.  Mrs. Nielson  indicated that there are three heavily travelled roads in community, and that perhaps it may be a good idea for EDC to check with police to get those areas that have the most traffic to promote Shop Local to our residents.

Discussion evolved to Montville Day

Different concepts and ideas discussed for this event (what about ‘taste of’ using all retailers to sell their food at this event’.  Mr. Nielson indicated that the theme will be Fall Harvest for autumn theme.  This event is first Sunday in October.  No rain day planned at this time. 

Water Rates

Mrs. Nielson indicated that the township will be reviewing water rates for its residents noting that the surplus that generally existed is not longer there, and that all should anticipate a raise in the water rate sometime next year.

Money Magazine

Mrs. Nielson and Ms. Sanders indicated that Money Magazine had conducted intensive interviews and photographers were in the community for several days last week taking 1,000’s of photos since we are being considered again.  We will not know how Montville fared until the issue is released, August 09.      Mrs. Nielson indicated she contacted the professional photographers from NYC and asked if we can have the photos taken for our town.  They indicated a 3-month period existed where Money Magazine owned them. She will continue to review this for future use.

Mr. Cain went around table for further discussion items.

Quorum  Issues:

Concerns noted as it relates to those members that are not attending, raising a possible issue as to quorum problems.  Members not attended should be obligated  to inform the Chairman if they will not be able to attend meetings.  We shouldn't have to wonder if we'll have a quorum.

Recording Secretary

Mr. Driscoll asked for a Motion to appoint Mr. Vreeland Recording Secretary, recognizing there is no pay involved, but noting that Mr. Vreeland has a lot of time to devote to the function of the EDC and would probably be able to follow up on a lot of the EDC business that we have been unable to do.  He could update the vacancy list, follow articles, read other website, work on business inventory updates, and get us information on programs we may not be aware of.  Mrs. White    indicated that would be a good idea. 

Comments by Mr. Soussa indicated that the website still has an outdated vacancy list.  Mrs. White indicated this is updated regularly by her office and that she gives it to the webmaster to update on the web.  She is not empowered to put this on the web, but does have ability to post all of the Board agenda, meetings, updates. 

Mr. Braden suggested that vacant properties be indicated on a map so that we could visualize the areas in need of economic development. Mrs. White will discuss this with Mark to see if this can be accomplished.  Once that is accomplished then Mr. Vreeland can work on keeping this document timely.     Mrs. White suggested putting this on the web site.

Motion made to have Mr. Vreeland act as Recording Secretary by: Deane Driscoll

Seconded:  Ron Soussa

Roll call unanimous.

Mr. Lewis asked if Mrs. White was still going to attend in view of areas of land use that both representatives from Planning Board may not be privy to.  Mr. Cain would appreciate that.


Adoption of EDC minutes of 5-20-09 – Eligible: Mr. Cain, Mr. Driscoll, Ms. Sanders, Mr. Kachmar, Mr. Vreeland, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Milazzo, Mr. Tabakin

Minutes adopted unanimously in a Motion made by:  Deane Driscoll, seconded by Ms. Sanders.


Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

With explanation

With explanation

Without explanation

Without explanation

With explanation

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