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8:30AM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building



Mr. Karkowsky          

Ms. Nielson                             

Mr. Lipari        

Mr. Visco        


858 Rt. 202 Associates, LLC – 858 Rt. 202 - B: 110, L: 17.01 – discussion on renovation of site/new development

Present:  Munir Davies, owner

Mr. Davies reviewed his redevelopment plans for the existing gas station located on Rt. 202 near Evangelical Mission.  Mr. Davies acknowledged that he was before the Board of Adjustment several years prior and that at that time, he reduced building and upgraded site to accommodate incorporating Towaco street line improvements, as well as totally revamping gas station canopy and building to further enhance site.  Although it was denied, he would like to pursue some type of redevelopment of this area to allow use of the same size building with no increase in square footage to make this site viable.  He has stayed on top of the prior owner’s environmental problems, and continues to work with the Sunoco representatives to ensure that the work continues diligently.  He also indicated that if he can renovate, he wanted to remove all underground tanks entirely and modernize them in an effort to continue to promote water protection measures.

Although the Planning Board members acknowledged this was a much nicer site plan effort that they would have to discuss this with their planner.  This is an existing non-conforming use and although the board’s attorney has indicated in the past that a Planning Board can review a site plan that does not increase and/or alter an existing non-conformity, additional facts and info would need to be collected.   Mrs. White will pull prior filing and reschedule for discussion in immediate future.

PMISC09-12 Retrocycle, LLC – 1 Mars Ct. Unit 1-3 – B: 3, L : 38.11 – office (757 s.f.)/warehouse(5,480 s.f.) –light manufacturing, engineering of motorcycle components – 7:30am-5pm Mon-Fri – 3 employees – 1 van parked overnight – no signage (Urmston Realty) – referred to subcommittee due to concerns on types of equipment to be used as party of project.  Information supplied by the tenant reflects this as a small machinery type of business and large presses will not be used.  Further indicated is that the building was constructed using sound installation construction techniques.

Approved subject to compliance with agency findings, use letter submitted, and sign theme approved as part of overall site.

PMISC09-15 Subcon Products – 11 Chapin Rd unit B – B: 182, L: 6 – Unite B (office 720 s.f/warehouse 5,530 s.f.) distribution and fabrication of conveyor belts – currently in unit C (3,000 s.f. office/10,400 s.f. warehouse/assembly) and expanding into unit B – no additional employees – no additional signage – no outdoor storage – hours of operation 7:30am to 10pm – 14 employees (Frassetto)

Approved subject to compliance with agency findings, use letter submitted, and sign theme approved as part of overall site.

PMISC03-16 Tiffany’s – 73 Old Bloomfield Ave. – B: 177, L: 3 –discussion on site plan changes – update

Present:  Tony & Peter Siragusa & Mike Romanelli

Mrs. White reviewed the expansion of the site that was done without the benefit of site plan approval.  Although the township allowed a film shoot to be conducted on site, the changes made to accommodate this shot is an expansion of the existing approval and not authorized by the Township.  Accordingly this has resulted in variances for additional impervious coverage, front yard intrusion, permanent vs temporary outdoor eating, and although there is shared parking from another combined site plan under Gardenview, these issues are such that they need to be responded to by site plan application. 

Board members voiced concerns on the possibility of increase in odors if the outside barbeque pit is used as well as the smoking area designated.  Of concern also was the additional large screen TV’s on wall outside in outside seating area, noting the residential neighborhood should not be impacted by this type of activity. 

Mrs. White noted that this site received a formal Notice of  Violation, and that the ten day period would be up at which point she would go to summons to achieve compliance.  The property owners would like to come back to the Planning Board with an updated site plan and present testimony to allow these items to remain. 

Mrs. White indicated she would give a thirty day extension at which time the full application should be filed and/or supporting documentation with a timeframe should their professionals indicate they need more time.

George’s As Built Site Plan – Rt. 202

Mrs. White indicated she received the as built site plan which was reviewed by the township engineer.  This was a long extensive site plan that was originally approved in l984 but never proceeded to completion.  As a result of formal notices of violation and increased diligence on pressuring upgrades and removal of violation issues from the site, the township assistant engineer indicated that other than landscaping which he could not justify as being in compliance with approval of l984, he saw no other major issues.  Mrs. White noted, though, that the trailer located on the site was put there without approval of township, but applicant renovated this area to meet building upgrades. 

Concerns were voiced about the need to constantly monitor this site, and the continued issues that creep back in even after compliance.  Mrs. White noted that she will have Mr. Petrillo conduct an on site to determine that all landscaping is surviving.  Any that have died will be replanted after discussing what type of species better survive in this area with Mike Kopas.  The other issue has to deal with inside stacking of cars in the service area.  This is not allowed, and just to make sure that all details from prior approval to this approved site plan are the same, she will ask Mr. Petrillo to take photos to put with this file. 

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

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