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6:00 PM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building



Mr. Karkowsky - present

Ms. Nielson - present              

Mr. Lipari - absent       

Mr. Lewis – Chair - present

Mr. Visco – present

Also Present:

Joseph Burgis, AICP


            Continued discussions on Setting Goals & Objectives of Master Plan

            Discussion ensued on the revisions made to the Goals & Objectives of Master Plan from last subcommittee hearing, finding these changes acceptable.   

            Mr. Burgis discussed Module 5, which is scheduled on the agenda for August 13th and is the hearing for the Highland’s Element of the Master Plan.  This is a public meeting, and Mr. Burgis feels that as long as we show on the agenda, that the sunshine notice of agenda is faxed to newspaper, and agenda is on the Montville web, that we would have satisfied the requirements under the grant for a public meeting.  Mr. Lewis indicated that the module has excessive text and areas contained that are not something that should be treated lightly, hoping all other board members would read and offer comments and questions prior to the scheduled hearing. 

            Mr. Burgis discussed Module 3; this is scheduled on the September 24th agenda of Planning Board, dealing with the Housing element.  His discussions were based on having to decide on Highland’s issues as well as the COAH housing element, and that the Board will need to make these decisions on COAH before December 09, as well as whether or not we want to opt in or out.  Mr. Burgis was asked to supply a checklist that shows positive/negative as to opting in/out so that we can narrow down the extensive amount of text to one position sheet for discussion.  Mr. Burgis will prepare a comparison sheet for the members to focus on at their next meeting.

            Mr. Burgis indicated that our numbers for COAH at this time are:  14 Rehab, 261 units from prior round, with a 316 gross share obligation which he feels is over estimated and a higher number than we should have received.  He indicated that his recent work finds that there about 500 acres left but after application of environmental concerns, easements, etc., if you have 200 acres left, that is a lot.  He discussed how COAH looks at creating numbers noting that they take all land and just multiply by density.  Mr. Burgis indicated after reviewing our current housing numbers and anticipated, he feels the number of units needed in next round is 117 units, since we have almost 500 surplus numbers. 

Discussion ensued on the amount of work that is needed to come up with analysis of vacant lands and housing needs, noting that Highlands wants the construction code records for new construction as well as demolitions, and he has found that a lot of municipalities do not have accurate records. 

Mr. Burgis will have a draft available to send to Planning Board members in advance of the July 23rd meeting.

Next meeting:  refine land unit data, zoning, and should have a better fix on vacant land analysis.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

Absent with explanation

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