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6:00 PM Start



Ms. Nielson                    

Mr. Lipari   

Mr. Lewis

Mr. Visco

Also Present:  Joseph Burgis, Planner


          Highlands Discussion:

          Mr. Burgis summarized the Highland’s Element as it relates to build out analysis.  He indicated that their numbers are low summarizing them in the report given to the Board members.  He stressed that until we hear numbers from COAH, and the concern over the way the building permit computer generates new construction vs. alteration, that this is another issue that will be clarified over next few months.  He elaborated on assumptions and past history. General discussion ensued. 


          Members discussed the need to use our website, with Mr. Lewis expressing that we need to make sure that we have a section on web totally dedicating to the master plan, containing all of the info, different links, the minutes, statements, goals and objectives, etc.  He would also like to see a ghost  email address that allows residents to send in statements, questions, areas of concern to the Planning Board, and asked that this be coordinated.  Mrs. White will discuss with Administrator.

          Members also want it very clear that anything posted is clearly marked ‘draft’ since the Highlands documents we are receiving under the grant    program is not the work of the township, and we have had little review of these documents at this time, and that we do not support an opting in or out until we have had adequate time to analyze the documents we are receiving.  Mrs. Nielson asked that each page be marked draft with a ‘date’ on it so that   residents are aware we are still reviewing this document, and since these documents change regularly, it will allow for better ability to make sure there is less confusion on the issues.  Mr. Burgis was asked to make sure he  puts a disclaimer on the cover of his documents, as well as the watermark draft’. 

          Master Plan:

       Land Use Capability Discussion:

          Mr. Burgis submitted a map reflecting the current businesses in town and their activity according to what the zone allows.  He indicated some of the uses in the permitted use section (noting a telephone conference center) may be old language and should be updated.  Due to time constraints, the issues of discussion on uses centered on a church use: should they be      allowed in industrial zones vs. residential zones, which is customary.  Mr. Burgis indicated that this area needs to be clarified since we need to come up with reasonable conditional standards to allow churches.  Due to time constraints, the Master Plan committee will meet again on August 13th continuing these discussions.

Meeting adjourned,

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

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