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Minutes of July 15, 2009



Ron Cain, Jr.  - present                  Margaret Miller – Sanders - present

Everett Vreeland - present             Mark Tabakin  - present

Ron Soussa - present                     Deane Driscoll - present

Jennifer Horowitz - absent           Alexander Kachmar – Alt. #1 - absent  

                                               Greg Milazzo – Alt #2 – absent


          Township Committee: Deb Nielson – present

          Township Officials:  Linda White, Land Use Administrator - present     

          Planning Board Liaison:  Gary Lewis & Tony Speciale – present



Website Development – update

Mrs. White indicated nothing new other than what was last stated that a company was going to be putting items/videos/photos on web, at no cost, since they are using advertisers for free service. 

She also noted that another Quick Chek application is due to be filed at the Board of Adjustment, but on the site where the two houses were demolished.  This application, from what she understands, will not involve the construction of the by-pass road that was considered to help reduce some of the traffic in this area.  She also noted that there is a mirror image of the existing office building near Rt. 287 (Pallantine/DiCiccio building) that is approved but approval is conditioned upon construction of this by-pass road.  Discussion ensued on why the prior application did not go forward, noting that there is an property owner involved that did not want to give up any of his lands for the development proposal. 

Discussion ensued on how the Township or whether the Township should consider pursuing this with the discussion leading to the conclusion that perhaps if this Bypass Road was construction, ,it could allow the DiCioccio and prior site planned for a Quick Chek to be development.  Mr. Soussa indicated he might support condemnation of the property needed in order to see this come to fruition.  Mrs. Nielson indicated that the Township did send a representative to discuss this issue with that owner, but nothing came of it, so the issue was put on a back burner.  Mrs. Nielson indicated that she would bring this back to the Township Committee again since perhaps it should be readdressed now.

Mrs. White mentioned that there will be an office/warehouse proposal on River Road adjacent to public works (Pinto site). 

Update:  Master Plan update – input by Master Plan subcommittee

Ordinance Areas for future Planning Board discussion: lack of signs permitted in R27D; look at R27D and requirement of loading docks in office building.

Properties & Areas of interest:  Emery Road, Kokora, run down homes on Changebridge Road

Concerns noted on time constraints as to EDC being able to supply and discuss redevelopment/other areas that may be in need of change in zoning.  Both Ms. Horowitz and Mr. Milazzo were not able to make the meeting.  Discussion ensued on goals and objectives that EDC should be considering in preparation for master plan. 

The EDC has been maintaining a list of areas already.  Several board members volunteered other areas:  consider allowing retail in the OB1 zones.  Mrs. White noted that Pinto is filing an application as referenced, and that different uses were discussed, one of which was an indoor sports facility.  Mr. Soussa thought this area from River Road/Horseneck should be investigated to allow retail.  He also indicated another area that may be good for retail in along Chapin where the JP Western Wear site exists. 

Mrs. White noted a site plan was prepared for this site as warehouse/offices and the front house a small deli, but they never went forward.  Another area mentioned was the corner of Rt. 287/Main (Giancaterino/Folgelson property).  This property was said to have some severe constraints and limited access. 

Mr. Soussa also mentioned the property on the north side of Rt. 202 (Giancanterino had a 5,000 sq. ft. office building design that he withdrew in this area), and see if any zoning changes may encourage redevelopment, development along this area.

Mrs. Nielson indicated that this town is 90% residential and 10% commercial, and that she hopes the EDC focus on what they want to see as a goal for the future of this community with this 10%.  Do you think the community should intensify existing businesses, expansion of existing business, what type of business do we need, do we want hotels, mixed uses? 

She had hoped the EDC would offer their ‘vision’ to the Planning Board with some recommendations.  General discussion ensued, with several mentioning that a food store should be something we look to get, but understanding that there is little property left for a large store, look for something like a Trader Joe/small Wegmann type of food store.

Also discussed is the fact that we have to acknowledge that Rt. 46 highway has to be treated differently, and that this type of retail theme is not something we would want to carry along our interior main corridors.  These corridors should be treated more with a neighborhood commercial type of use, nothing that would create that denser highway retail use. 

The committee also discussed encouraging and promoting property owners to ‘marry sites’ together so that if there is a possibility of redevelopment for an upscale Trader Joe’s, etc., then this would make some of these areas revitalized while large enough to carry some of the retail uses that we may envision for the future.    

Mr. Tabakin indicated we need to serve our residents acknowledging that times have changed and that we are 90% residents and we should try to find amenities/stores that encourage our residents to shop locally.  Mrs. Nielson stressed that we need to know from the EDC what will create a ‘vibrant community’. 

Another area that should be investigated is Old Bloomfield with the houses behind the commercial Rt. 46 area looked at (south side).  Joining some of these lots may encourage redevelopment that attracts the small food chain store.  It is a natural out growth in this area, in view of the existing developments and mixed uses along this street, also noting the recent approval of Lowes and the other large anchor building which is without a tenant at this time.  Perhaps we can look at this area similar to what was done in the Boonton town center.

Another area that is a possibility for retail would be Stiles Lane.  We already have various warehouses and businesses in this area.  Mrs. White mentioned she understands that Paul Miller will be leaving, and the Planning Board originally offered retail to the owner who chose at that time to go into a long term lease with Paul Miller.  This is an area that should be investigated.

Mr. Driscoll said he would talk with Mrs. Horowitz and Mr. Milazzo and see if we can get something more formal in the way of goals and objectives and areas to review.  It is anticipated this will be available for the August 19th meeting.

Shop Local Campaign – no discussion

Montville Day – no discussion

Vacancy Listing & Mapping – Mrs. White indicated Mr. Vreeland does not have the ability to maintain the lists we comprise, and since Mr. Vreeland left earlier in the meeting, the issue of he serving as secretary and function of carried to August agenda.


Adoption of EDC minutes of 6-17-09 – Eligible: Mr. Cain, Mr. Driscoll, Ms. Sanders, Mr. Soussa - adopted unanimously.

Meeting adjourned unanimously,

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

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