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7:00 p.m. – Statement of Open Public Meetings Act Compliance

Roll Call


Resolution authorizing Closed Executive Session for the discussion of:  Litigation – Ptaszek; South Salem Associates; Tax appeals – 54 Indian Lane, LLC; PLSS, LLC.  Contract negotiations – White collar; Group health insurance; Land Conservancy of NJ; Joint municipal court; joint dispatching; animal control.  Property acquisition – Marketplace.


8:00 p.m. – Public Session


Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance



1.      Administrator

2.      Attorney

3.      Finance

4.      Engineer

5.      Committee



1.      Joint municipal court

2.      Dog Park

3.      Vista Road speed hump

4.      Animal Shelter

5.      Roller hockey rink

6.      Gardenview Realty performance bond



1. Ord. No. 2009-22 authorizing the execution of a contract for sale between the Township of Montville and Joseph Robert Starkey

2.      Ord. No. 2009-23 amending the Revised General Ordinances of the Township and establishing traffic regulations applicable to the Camp Dawson Park and regulating the us of said roadways, streets, driveways, and parking lots by motor vehicles

3.      Bond Ord. No. 2009-24 re-appropriating $27,821.35 proceeds of obligations not needed for their original purposes in order to provide for the 2007 road resurfacing program in and by the Township of Montville

4.      Bond Ord. No. 2009-25 amending sections 3 (c)(i), (c)(ii), (f), (g)(ii) and (h)(ii) of Bond Ord. No. 2008-22 of the Township of Montville finally adopted May 27, 2008 in order to reduce and increase certain appropriations

5.      Bond Ord. No. 2009-26 amending sections 3(c), 3(g), 3(k) and 6(b) of Bond Ord. No. 2009-20 of the Township of Montville finally adopted July 28, 2009 in order to reduce and increase certain appropriations and to amend the average period of usefulness


A.        Resolution authorizing the processing of certain tax sale certificate redemptions

B.        Resolution authorizing cancellation of municipal tax sale certificate #08-00015

C.        Resolution authorizing cancellation of municipal tax sale certificate #07-00009

D.        Resolution authorizing the release of various cash bonds held by the Township of Montville

E.         Resolution releasing William Keating from performance guarantee – Block 51, Lots 28 & 33, 137 Route 202

F.         Resolution releasing Woodmont Builders, LLC (Glenview Woods) Block 21.01, Lot 42 – Old Lane/Waughaw Road – from performance guarantee and waiving the requirement for a maintenance bond

G.        Resolution accepting performance guarantee – Norman Vachon, Block 33, Lot 35, 85 Taylortown Road

H.        Resolution authorizing Chapter 159 appropriation – Prevention of Smoking Program $180.00

I.          Resolution authorizing Chapter 159 appropriation – Public Health priority funding $142.00

J.          Resolution authorizing Chapter 159 appropriation – Mountain Lakes Health Services $8,083.00

K.        Resolution endorsing the “Green Acres, Water Supply and Floodplain Protection, and Farmland and Historic Preservation Act of 2009”

L.         Resolution authorizing contracts with certain approved State contract vendors for contracting units pursuant to NJSA 40A:11-12A

M.       Resolution in support of S-445 sponsored by Senator Joe Pennacchio – the “Transparency in Government Act” which would provide for establishment of State public finance website

N.        Resolution supporting an amendment to the Open Public Records Act

O.       Proclamation in support of organ and tissue donation

P.         Appointment of Theresa Cavanaugh to the Residents’ with Disabilities Advisory Committee

Q.       Approval of solicitor’s permit application 2009 – Mark M. Englander

R.        Resolution approving open and closed session minutes – regular meetings 05/26/09, 06/09/09, and 06/23/09

S.         Resolution approving the review/release of closed session minutes items not yet released from various meetings of 2000, 2001, 2008, and 2009


1.      Resolution authorizing permit for a seasonal farm sale – Conklin Farm – 9/19 – 10/31/09

2.      Resolution supporting the Montville Soccer Foundation Brick Walkway Fundraiser at the Community Park

3.      Resolution authorizing the execution of a consent judgment between the Township and Waldemar Ptaszek, Alison Ptaszek and Groundswell Enterprises, LLC

4.      Resolution authorizing Change Order and final payment to English Paving Company – Hook Mountain Road Resurfacing Project

5.      Resolution authorizing Professional Services Agreement with Resource Services North – Metro wetland services

6.      Resolution authorizing Professional Services Agreement with GC Stewart – Metro survey

7.      Resolution approving the listing of bills and signing of checks







Next Regular Meeting September 22, 2009








09/04/2009 4:28 PM


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