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8:30AM start



Ms. Nielson- present                      

Mr. Lewis- present

Mr. Visco - present

ALSO PRESENT:  Joe Burgis, Planner


Land Use Compatibility Issues

Review continued on existing zoning and uses permitted and existing within the community.  Discussions held on:  existing uses in the I1A zone (Rt. 46 area) and what I1A uses are permitted by code.  The subcommittee review permitted listed uses and recommended elimination of the following from the I1A zone:  banks, central telephone exchanges, medical clinics, permit all indoor sports (eliminate word ‘court’), nursing homes, residential health care, hospitals, places of worship, add vocational or technical to ‘schools’, eliminate helistops, power generation stations and outdoor storage.

Open issue:  religious use – should they be permitted in industrial zones.  Mr. Burgis discussed some examples, and would come back at future meetings with his ideas.

The B3 zone (Rt. 46 area) existing locations and uses, as well as zoning uses discussed.  Subcommittee recommend eliminating central telephone exchanges, theaters, motels, bowling alleys, same wording for indoor sports (eliminate word ‘court’), vehicle sales, fine art studios, art galleries, museums, libraries, animal clinics, contractors yards, moving and storage, school bus storage and maintenance, recreational facilities, child and adult care, and agriculture use.

The B4 zone (Rt. 46 area) reviewed.  Mr. Burgis felt that there needs to be a clear distinction as to what is a retail use vs. a personal services use, noting the differences between the two resulting in the need to further define and break down the different uses that would be retail use vs. personal service.  The subcommittee saw no problem with allowing hotel use in this zone. 

OB1 Zone reviewed.  There are various OB zones (OB1A, OB2, etc.).  Mr. Burgis was asked to look at all of the OB zones, their zoning requirements and uses permitted and come back with some recommendations for these zones and their uses. 

Website & public involvement process discussed.  Committee members stressed the importance of making sure our website has an area where the residents can review the documents we are working on, which allows them the ability to communicate to the committee with questions and comments, and to make sure that they are aware that we need their input on this important planning document.  Subcommittee minutes and articles are already posted, but the committee wanted assurances that there is some type of registry set up and email system that allows residents opportunity to voice their concerns.  Mrs. White will coordinate with township administrator.

Scheduling for public meetings with residents will be on Saturday mornings so that there are more opportunities to involve our residents in this important process.  These schedules will need to be set up sometime in the future.   Mrs. Nielson stressed the importance of using whatever media we can to keep our residents up to date and involved in process, noting we should consider all of the local newspapers with a press release, not just the Montville Messenger.  Discussion continued on development of meetings with other agencies (.e. Board of Adjustment).  Mrs. Nielson asked that we include the Chamber of Commerce in this.  This scheduling will also be developed.

Mr. Lewis asked Mrs. White to coordinate a master plan subcommittee meeting for the September 10th meeting of the Board at 6PM, and provide the Sunshine Notice.  The Subcommittee is already set for the 9/24/09 meeting at 6PM. 

Highlands’s discussion:  we need to make sure we have our Housing Element completed before the December 8th deadline regardless of whether or not we wish to opt in or out to ensure we comply with COAH requirements.  Mr. Burgis was requested to begin work on the Housing Element, and we will look for which meeting will work for public hearings (consider October 8th meeting of Planning Board based on completion of document by Burgis).   

Mr. Burgis was reminded to submit the pro’s/con’s on opting in/out of the Highland’s for the 9/10/09 meeting of Planning Board.  Mrs. Nielson stressing the importance of having this document in advance since the Township Committee needs to be involved.  Mr. Burgis concurred and is working on it, and will have it available for the 9/10/09 meeting. 

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White



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