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8:30AM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building

SUBCOMMITTEE Minutes of August 13, 2009


Ladis Karkowsky - absent                    Also:  Stan Omland, PE

Ms. Nielson  - present                                  Joseph Burgis, AICP

Mr. Lipari - absent          

Mr. Visco – present         


PSPP/FC95-06-09-03 MILAN – 13 Hook Mountain Rd. – B: 175, L: 4 – amended site plan with variances     


Michael Rubin, Esq. & John Sullivan, Esq.

Greg D’Allermo, owner

Joseph Gates, Architect

Joseph Glembacki, Planner

Applicant indicated that he has developed a new site plan, which plan will consist of off-street parking for his employees only.  This site is located across the street on Old Bloomfield Avenue.  Notice is perfected for all properties involved in this application.

The off-site lease was not executed at this time but provides for parking of 13 employee cars from 6PM till early morning hours.  It will be employees only.  No patrons will be permitted to park there.  There are marked crosswalks, and there is a push button system that works well at these locations.

Concerns noted as to whether or not there is adequate lighting for the employees to leave in early morning hours to go to their cars.  The Planning Board will want assurances that the parking is adequate.

Renovation of the site discussed:  overall flow of traffic and circulation remains the same.  They have an approved valet plan from 1995 that has not been changed by this application.  The subcommittee was advised the applicant will be required to submit a fire prevention report. There will be no stacking in the rear, and there will be hydrants and a sprinkled building.  The count of 212 includes all employees on site at one time.

Mr. Glembacki, planner, indicated he has made some changes that the Planning Board does not have since the DCA required additional handicap parking spaces for those that have a fixed wheelchair unit.  That will require two more spaces, which results in lost of parking spaces required. 

Concerns noted to the applicant on any type of a lease that is not permanent or has a revocation period, and that to go forward with this type of hearing may be pre-mature since they will need to either go back to a smaller number of seating and/or provide additional parking.  There was no parking study conducted on site or for the off-site parking site. 


Day care use for 34 Maple Avenue – request for review by subcommittee w/Planning Board engineer present

This site is located near the Rt. 80 exit ramp.

Present:  Rob Arem, Property Manager

Mike Fowler, PE

Ron Weiss, Architect

Michael D. Staskiewicz, Newmark Knight Frank – Real Estate Managing Director  

Proposal is for a 13,000 sq. ft. day are center, which is a growing need in th community.  It is a permitted use.  There is adequate parking on site.  The use would require a ‘new entrance’ to existing industrial building.  They also require an outside play area. 

It was indicated that there is a municipal ROW on the property alongside of site, and the issue of maintenance came into discussion, as well as the possibility of parking on this private ROW. 

General review of site found applicant should:

Look at the play ground area, and determine if size is in accordance with state requirements

Look at the use of berming to make sure there is adequate sound and sight mitigation to adjacent residential neighborhood

Look at the signage proposed, and how does this fit in with current approved sign theme.  Is there a place another monument sign can be located to better advise the day care use proposed.

Largest concern responds to how the applicant intends to development the pick up and delivery of children and associated parking for day care use/staff/parents.

Determine if user will be using any buses as part of this operation, if so, where they will be parked.

Applicant invited to attend another subcommittee once he has obtained a possible tenant since the subcommittee wants to hear more about that particular tenant’s needs and prior activities in other communities.

Pinto – office/warehouse building – River Road – request for review by subcommittee

Present:  Steven Schepis, Esq.

              John Pinto, Owner

              Marc Walker, PE

Development consists of 40 acres in total with a lot of wetlands and environmental constraints as well public utility easements.   There will be a 39,000 sq. ft. warehouse proposal.  Applicant is at the DEP for sewer extension permits.  There is a proposal for two separate buildings.  Th rear building will be a satellite office for Pinto’s trucks and empty containers and offices.  All of the trucks will be parked inside with outdoor storage of containers. 

Mrs. White noted that the applicant is requesting a waiver from the full filing fees, which is actually a function of the Township Committee.  Mr. Schepis felt the monies paid is based on the useable land and should be adequate to meet the administrative costs of processing the application at the municipality level.  He indicated he is now aware there are three other variances involved which he will pay.  Mrs. White will review this issue.

The first warehouse is proposed as a spec building since there is no known tenant at this time.

Discussion items:  pedestrian access is there any need for sidewalks along River Road.  It appears doubtful, but at the very least the township may need an easement to access adjacent lands for open space purposes/recreational uses.  Discussion ensued and Mr. Pinto indicated the only building area is under power lines where his development is proposed, but would work with township. 

He will be seeking preliminary and final.  Is applicant intending on phasing of project since one building spec.  Unknown but will review this with his professionals.

Applicant will need to give the Planning Board copies of all of the utility company’s easement and permission to develop as indicated. 

What of traffic?  Mr. Schepis indicated that the traffic is covered generally within the EIS.  Board will want more specifics at the time of formal submission to ensure that any trucking of containers/trucking in general does not affect local roadways in this area. 

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

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