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6:00PM start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building



Ms. Nielson – Present                                          

Mr. Lipari - Present             

Mr. Lewis - Present

Mr. Visco - Present

Mr. Karkowsky - Present

ALSO PRESENT:  Joe Burgis, Planner


Land Use Compatibility Issues

Mr. Burgis reviewed the draft matrix for the subcommittee.  He developed the matrix to compare 7 components as it relates to the Highlands to give numerical weight as to whether we should opt in or not.  The Affordable Housing numbers get adjusted by the Highlands after each assessment.  COAH’s numbers are currently 316 and the Highland’s revised numbers is 84 units. 

General Issues

Mr. Burgis - Not losing any deference from the current MLUL but if in Highlands they pay for legal representation.  If we opt in there is a greater change of getting planning grants.  Ms. Nielson – The Township is built out, how many planning grants would we need?  Mr. Burgis – There is not a lot of build out potential in Montville Township but if the Township opts in there will be more studies required by the Highlands.  Mr. Burgis suggested another column in the matrix that would give a weight of importance (5 being most important and 1 being least important) so we can get a level of importance for each point.

Affordable Housing Obligation
Mr. Burgis – We have an extension unit June 8, 2010 so it does not make a difference.  We do not have to have a public meeting on the housing obligation on September 24, 2009.  The Highland’s said that there is no October 1st deadline on the Affordable Housing Obligation aspect only.  By December 7th the Township needs to make a decision to opt in or out of the Highlands.  The Highlands have done an analysis to determine growth.  There is an 84 unit obligation under the Highlands as opposed to the 316 unit obligation under COAH.  If the Township opts out of the Highlands, they can use this analysis to go back to COAH to request reduction in obligation numbers.  Ms. Nielson – When will we know what the net out is between the growth share and the 2nd round numbers?  Mr. Burgis – Within a month.  Need to look at the existing Affordable Housing Units and relate it to 2nd and 3rd round to come up with a differential.

The Masterplan Subcommittee will meet again on September 23, 2009 at 8:30am to discuss numbers.  Mr. Burgis indicated that the Highlands have reinstated RCA’s within the Highlands area. 

Municipal Build Out

The County did a build out analysis of 567 residential units and 1,438,800 non residential sq.ft. where the Highlands did an analysis of 92 residential units and 27,927 non residential sq.ft. with 43 jobs.  Opting into the Highlands would have no growth in Town.  Discussion ensued on the water allocation within the Township.

Impact on Planning Program

The Township is only required to do a re-examination of the master plan every 6 years.  Under the Highlands, there are 11 plan elements that need to be prepared.  Mr. Burgis reviewed the regulatory process.  Ms. Nielson asked if once the Township opts in, can they opt out at a later date?  Mr. Burgis indicated that he has not gotten a firm answer on that question to date.

Transfer of Development Rights

Mr. Lewis indicated that he was not sure this program was realistic.  Ms. Nielson indicated that if the Township opts out they would have to go back to the County on the wastewater issue.  Need to find out the deadlines in dealing with this.

The committee was requested to submit their tally’s to Ms. White no later than 9/18/09 in order for her to forward to Mr. Burgis so it can be completed prior to the September 24th meeting.

OB Zone

Discussion ensued on combining some of the OB zones.  Would not be feasible to have one OB zone but some can be combined.  OB2B needs discussion on building coverage allowable numbers since none are in place currently.  There can be some combination of OB1 & 2.  The lot sizes are comparable along with the list of permitted uses previously discussed.  Can bring the lot size down to 60,000 sq.ft.  Ms. Nielson – Would that result in additional possible subdivisions?  Mr. Burgis – Yes but no major impact. 

Mr. Burgis indicated that he needed to put everything discussed into a text format at this point.  Ms. Nielson indicated that they needed to have a deadline on the Residential aspect of zoning. 

Mr. Lewis indicated that for the September 24th subcommittee hearing the matrix is to be refined and the COAH summary discussed and over the month of October the matrix will be used to opt in or out and make recommendations to the Township Committee.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White



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