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8:30AM start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building



Ms. Nielson                              

Mr. Lipari        

Mr. Lewis

Mr. Visco

Mr. Karkowsky

ALSO PRESENT:  Kevin Kain, Planner


            Highland’s Discussion:

Review conducted of a draft matrix that was developed by Mr. Burgis as a ‘test matrix’ to help develop and structure the pro/con of opting in or out of Highland’s.    The Planning Board subcommittee wanted additional wording in the draft to reflect that our focus would be on environmental and protecting of water resources within our municipality.  Mr. Kain will update the matrix with the additional data and present same to the Planning Board for the 9/24/09 meeting.

Discussion continued with the subcommittee recommending that we provide similar articles and ghost email to allow the residents of the community to review the documents we are working on, to ask question or to give comments.  Mrs. White will coordinate.  It would also be linked to the Highland’s website address should anyone want to access this site.

It is not required, per Mr. Kain, to have a public hearing on the Board’s discussion of the Highland’s.  Their recommendation goes to the Township Committee, who is the authority for actually rendering the decision on opting in/out.

Timetables discussed with December 8th being the deadline noted for making decision on         Highland’s issues. 

Master Plan Discussion:

The subcommittee asked Mr. Kain to develop a memo to the Board of Adjustment on the    Master Plan hearings under way, so that the Board is fully cognizant of the importance of   participation in this updated document, and that we wish to meet with them in the future.  Mr. Kain will develop accordingly.

Mrs. White noted that she received an email from Environmental Commission chair noting  that they would like the Planning Board to incorporate a document that they worked on several years ago relative to bike paths.

Some of the areas we already reviewed and recently made changes in our zoning ordinance.  Mr. Kain was asked to make sure that the corridor in Towaco Center is noted. 


Subcommittee members also wanted to make sure that the next step of review is the scope of the corridors, what we will review and that there be a structured outline for future master plan subcommittee meetings.  Mr. Kain will coordinate with Mr. Burgis.


Mrs. White sought guidance on whether or not additional signage can be displayed on the   façade of the new Deli.  Guidance offered:  no internally lit signs, applied lettering to have same color and depth and font of the freestanding sign reviewed and found acceptable.    Mrs. White will coordinate.

PMISC09-32 Highland Wealth Management – 2 Changebridge Rd. Suite 204 – B: 44, L: 1 – 1,370 s.f. (office) financial planning – 2 employees – 9am-5pm Mon-Fri – signage to be in compliance with approved theme (Anton Co.)

Approved subject to sign theme, agency reports and use letter submitted.

Meeting adjourned unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

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