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8:30AM start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building



Ms. Nielson - present                           

Mr. Lipari - present      

Mr. Lewis – present

 Mr. Visco – present

Mr. Karkowsky – absent

Also present:

Joseph Burgis, Planner


Land Use Compatibility/Highlands Issues

Members reviewed the matrix comments received from some of the Planning Board members with the goal to address the matrix in such a way that all information and comments can be incorporated into the document. 

Mrs. White was asked to obtain the tax assessing information in writing so that there is supporting documentation on the development figures within the matrix.  Members felt this good tool in developing decisions especially as it relates to economic impact to the community, public services, schools, etc.

Before the document is finalized for submission to all review agencies and commissions that may have an interest in offering their opinions, Mr. Burgis was asked to date each page with final date on front so that there would never be a question if document sheets ever separated. 

Mrs. White would send this matrix to Environmental Commission, Board of Health, Tom Mazzaccaro, Tony Barile, Recreation, Open Space, HPRC, EDC and Board of Adjustment, Township Committee, Clerk and Administrator/.   It was asked that each of these entities weigh in their opinion in one document response. 

Mrs. White also advised to put matrix on website and to gather all the website comments received for the subcommittee of the master plan to meeting on October 22nd at 6PM special master plan meeting schedule. 

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

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