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AGENDA OF November 18, 2009



Sergio Angione- absent, excused                              Victor Canning,- absent excused

Angelo Intile- present                                           David Cotter, Vice Chair- absent excused

Hugh Merritt- present                                               Michele Caron, Chair- present

Dr. Lawrence Kornreich- present                                 Jim Muhaw, Alt#1- present

                                                                                      Ray Hinkle, Alt#2- present



“As required by the Open Public Meetings Act, adequate notice of this meeting has been provided.  The notice specified the time and place of the meeting to the extent known at the time.  The notice was posted on the bulletin board at the Municipal Building, sent to the Daily Record and was placed on file in the Township Clerk’s Office.”


·         Presentation RE: Montville Township Garden (Rain Garden): Pat Rector County Environmental and Resource Management Agent for Rutgers and Carla Shan president of the Montville Valhalla Garden Club presented the Montville Valhalla Garden Club presentation.  Rutgers and the Montville Valhalla would like to put a rain garden in the Montville library area to present to the town. The Environmental Commission supports the rain garden project.

·         Earth Week – Preparing for 2010 - Angelo Intile suggested that the Environmental Commission continue working with the paper and computer projects from previous years.  Recycling will be done on May 1, 2010.

·         Arbor Day – Preparing for April 30, 2009- the women’s club is preparing workbook for the fifth grade students.  Michele Caron and the Commission are moving forward with this project.  Michele Caron suggested that the commission honors Matt Meyers, an environmental teacher at Lazar Middle School.  The Commission agreed with the nominee.

·         Tree City Recertification – Preparing for 2010- Michele Caron updated the Commission noting we will re apply for recertification to Tree City USA.  She indicated she is also working on getting signs that say Tree City USA to put them at the entrances of the town.

·         Bike & Hiking Trails – Funding Application- Michele Caron updated the commission that the State Women’s Club has a grant that can help towards Bike and Hiking Trails.  Angelo Intile also asked if the Bike and Hiking Trail were added in to the Master plan.  Michele Caron said she would contact the Township on this request. 

·         Development of 2010 Budget- Angelo Intile suggested the town look to hire an environmental consultant and to look into including this into the budget.  Michele Caron asked Mr. Intile to develop a quote to see if it could be added to the budget.  Larry Kornerih suggested that before adding a consultant to the budget, this should be discussed with Ms. White to determine what resources are available to the town before adding this line item to the cost of Environmental Commission budget.

·         ANJEC Events- no update or upcoming events

·         Development of Goals and objectives for 2010-

-          Hugh Merritt suggested having a goal of the commission to creating and managing grassland along the rockaway river working with Rutgers and Autoban.

-          Michele Caron and Hugh Merritt suggested that there should be a Walkway down to and from the Passaic River.

-          Ray Hinkle suggested that mowing the vegetation at the Community fields/gardens be delayed until March.

-          Jim Muhaw suggested that the commission should work on being apart of sustainable New Jersey.

-          Michele Caron suggested that the town council and commission should work on having a “green” Montville day.

-          Michele Caron suggested that one of the goals of the commission would be to put in biking and hiking trails.

-          The commission also agreed on a goal to update the Environmental Inventory Report.


Adoption of minutes of 10/21/09: Members eligible to vote, Sergio Angione, Angelo Intile, Hugh Merritt, Lawrence Kornreich, Victor Canning, David Cotter, Michele Caron, Jim Muhaw, and Ray Hinkle-Larry Kornreich made a motion to adopt the minutes and it was unanimously adopted.



Meeting adjourned unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Alicia Angione

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