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Minutes of December 16, 2009




Ron Cain, Jr. - present               Margaret Miller – Sanders - present

Everett Vreeland - present         Mark Tabakin  - absent

Ron Soussa - present                 Deane Driscoll - present

Jennifer Horowitz - present      Alexander Kachmar – Alt. #1 - present

                                                 Greg Milazzo – Alt #2 - absent[1]



          Township Committee: Deb Nielson - present

          Township Officials:  Linda White, Land Use Administrator          

          Planning Board Liaison:    Gary Lewis - present

                                                Tony Speciale - present



Website Development – update


Discussion ensued on what we would want to achieve as to our website.  Mr. Driscoll indicated he discussed various items with Mr. Bastone, his assistant and Mr. Perkins. He summarized that most of what we want to accomplish can be done on our web but would require a new software program, which Mr. Perkins is checking out.  If the cost of the software can be determined before end of year, the EDC moved that we would encumber up to the balance in our account for that purpose.  Most members felt that the EDC should be a ‘stand alone’ website listing. 


Discussion ensued on how to get people interested in our website: ideas such as broadcasting to all of the major commercial realtors discussed.  Mr. Soussa can supply Mrs. White with a list.


Vacancy list needs to be kept current.  This is one problem with inability of updating website thru EDC since many of the documents on web are outdated.




Welcome Letter


Modification to prior letter made by Ms. Horowitz.  The letter was simplified and instead of signatures, the names of the three members will be on bottom of letter.  Mrs. White reviewed several concepts that the Planning Board subcommittee recently met with and authorized the municipal planner to meet with these potential developers.  It was decided that the Welcome Letter be sent to each of these entities from EDC, and that this form letter be sent with each new application filed.


Mrs. Nielson indicated there was a second Welcome Letter drafted which she feels would be more in line with the Township Committee, and will review this with them. 



Mr. Lewis updated members on status of reviews at Planning Board level, noting that the Master Plan subcommittee has pushed up the master plan schedule, and will be doing other studies simultaneously (i.e. the Rt. 202 corridor with exception of Towaco Center which has a newly completed Master Plan document). 



Adoption of EDC minutes of 10-21-09 – Ron Cain, Dick Vreeland, Deane Driscoll, Alex Kachmar, Ron Soussa, Margaret Miller-Sanders – Adopted unanimously




Discussion ensued on absenteeism.  Mrs. Nielson indicated State just changed the law to 3 consecutive meetings absent without explanation, which are grounds for removal of a member. Our codes indicate four unexcused absenteeism would result in removal of a letter.   Chair is to write a letter to a member after three missed meetings in a row to remind them of Township code.


Mrs. Nielson also indicated that the Township developed a Sustainable Green team consisting of many different people in the community from all boards and commissions.  They will review energy, solar panels, recycling and reduction of carbon footprint. Three members on this committee are members of the EDC also.


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,



Linda M. White



[1] With explanation

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