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Minutes of November 18, 2009



Ron Cain, Jr. - absent  

Margaret Miller – Sanders - present

Everett Vreeland - present        

Mark Tabakin  - absent

Ron Soussa - present  

Deane Driscoll - present

Jennifer Horowitz - present 

Alexander Kachmar – Alt. #1 - present 

Greg Milazzo – Alt #2 - present  


Liaisons Present:

Township Officials:  Linda White, Land Use Administrator          

Planning Board Liaison:  Gary Lewis & Tony Speciale



Website Development – update

Discussion ensued on ways to promote economic growth, noting that our website does not address many features of our community that are important to attract new businesses to community.  Since the budget for EDC has remaining funds of approximately $600, members   thought that half of these monies should be encumbered to hire someone to create and design the EDC webpage.  Members would prefer having their own page and discussed different ideas of how  this page could be developed, mentioning different pictures of  existing companies located in our community, and the sharing of  businesses already existing. 

Also discussed future breakfast meetings with realtors, keeping the vacancy list current, and making sure that the “How To” document is put on the web since it is a valuable tool for the community. 

The members, in a Motion made by Dean Driscoll, seconded by  Dick Vreeland moved that we encumber half of the monies towards this goal.  Mr. Soussa and Mr. Driscoll will see if they can find someone that can provide this service. 

Shop Local Campaign

Ms. Sanders indicated the Chamber is piloting this program summarizing the different activities in mind for upcoming year.  After    discussion, the Board members in Motion made by: Dean Driscoll,  seconded by Dick Vreeland moved that the remaining half of the EDC monies be encumbered to support the Shop Local campaign.


Budget for 2010 – Mrs. White reviewed proposed budget with membership which was given to the Township Administrator.

Goals & Objectives

Membership 2010 (Terms Expire) Mark Tabakin, Jen Horowitz and Alex Kachmar as well as Margaret Miller-Sanders are up.  Each was asked to fill out the clerk’s form, and that the Chair is to write his recommendation to Clerk.

Welcome Letter:

Members discussed the need to address the welcome letter developed     and update it to address sending to those businesses interested in our community.  Mrs. White asked to email the prior Welcome letter to   Ms. Horowitz to update.  It was felt there should be two different           letters:  one that offers EDC assistance, and the other a welcoming letter.  Ms. Sanders noted that the Chamber already provides the welcome type of letter to all new businesses moving into community.


Adoption of EDC minutes of 10-21-09 – Ron Cain, Dick Vreeland, Deane Driscoll, Alex Kachmar, Ron Soussa, Margaret Miller-Sanders – Adopted unanimously


Mrs. White updated members on activities pending at the Board of Adjustment and Planning Board, noting that the Board of Adjustment  is heavily involved in many of the applications that are filed for use  approvals, noting Quick Chek, cell towers.  She also noted Lowe’s would          be presenting their request to the Township Committee for roadway  improvements in accordance with the Board of Adjustment’s approval     resolution November 24th. 

Discussion ensued on restrictive zoning the changes that should belooked at to assist promoting reutilizing of existing buildings or vacant warehouse buildings.  Mrs. White indicated the Planning Board is addressing the corridors and many of these areas as part of their           Master Plan review.

Mr. Soussa indicated we should keep a running listing of all areas that are being investigated for ease in review for the EDC. 

A subcommittee created consisting of Ron Soussa, Alex Kachmar and Greg Milazzo to review documents and keep EDC abreast of items relevant to EDC.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

With explanation

With explanation

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