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Minutes of January 20, 2010



Ron Cain, Jr.    - present                       Margaret Miller – Sanders - present

Everett Vreeland - present                    Arnold Schancupp - present

Ron Soussa - present                            Deane Driscoll - present

Jennifer Horowitz - present                   Alexander Kachmar – Alt. #1  - present 

Kevin Seidel, Alt 2 - absent                                                           


Township Committee: Jim Sandham – present

Township Officials:       Linda White, Land Use Administrator  

Planning Board Liaison:  Tony Speciale



Appointment of Temporary Chairman – Ron Soussa

Appointment of Chairman – Ron Cain

Appointment of Vice Chairman - Deane Driscoll

Selection of Meeting Dates – Third Wednesday Monthly@ 8:00AM Meeting Place:  Municipal Conference Room


Website Development – update

Discussion ensued on development of website with Adam Brewer who works   with the website; the only staff that will be able to update and address changes  has to be employees even though members of the EDC may wish to volunteer  their time.  It cannot be done by outside computers either.

Mr. Brewer will talk with the township webmaster and Mr. Bastone about the   items discussed this morning as to having the EDC off of Land Use, as well as the ability of putting on photos of vacant sites, updating the vacancy list regularly.

Update: Pending BoA & Planning Board applications – Mrs. White indicated the Planning Board is busy with Highlands Modules and Master Plan.  The Board of  Adjustment has several tower applications, as well as the Quick Chek application which is on for use approval in March. 

Mr. Soussa contacted Mr. Lewis who noted his appreciation to the EDC, and that as Chair of Master Plan subcommittee, will continue to include the EDC in those issues that are important to economic growth of the township.


Adoption of EDC minutes of 12-16-08 – Eligible:  Mr. Vreeland, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Cain, Mr. Driscoll, Ms. Horowitz, Mr. Kachmar, Ms. Sanders – Adopted

Meeting adjourned unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,


Linda M. White

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 24 February 2010 )
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