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8:30AM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building



Ladis Karkowsky - present

Ms. Nielson  - present

Mr. Lipari - present          

Mr. Visco  - present

Gary Lewis  - present

Also Present:

Joseph Burgis, AICP - present


Rt. 202 Study

Map of existing zoning for Rt. 202 corridor (excluding Towaco area) reviewed.  Mr. Burgis indicated he has some recommendations that he would offer but has not committed them to writing at this time, wanting some general guidance on the south and north side of the corridors in certain areas.  He reviewed the existing zoning and lot sizes in the area, offering some general comments and ideas.  After a lengthy discussion, the subcommittee finalized some recommendations for the Changebridge intersection/west to Rt. 287 and will look at west of 287 to the Boonton line at future meeting. 

Discussion ensued on whether or not the finalized document reflects proposed roadways that may be under discussion or have been discussed:  i.e. Changebridge Road By-Pass Road and By-Pass Road behind Schroths. 

Mr. Burgis was asked to develop some written recommendations on possible zoning, size of lots and types of uses.  Again, the concern of the members was any adverse impact on traffic circulation existing by any proposed changes along this area:  perhaps consideration should be given to creating requirements such as ‘no left turns’; recognize existing canal bed and reference to HPRC historic canal bed area, allowing secondary accesses if by-pass roads come to fruition. 

Mr. Burgis was also asked to make sure that the areas we reviewed near Schneider Lane be included in this zoning area study.  The area under review at this time will be limited but should incorporate this section. 

Timetables discussed:  will something be ready for a subcommittee meeting on March 9th at 8:30AM?  Mr. Burgis responded affirmatively. 

Would we have something available to discuss with Planning Board for April 22nd meeting on this study area.  Mr. Burgis responded affirmatively.

Will we need to do a Master Plan amendment with public notice?  Mr. Burgis responded affirmatively, meaning all documents for public review must be on file ten days prior to April 22nd.

Mr. Lewis asked Mrs. White to set a subcommittee meeting for March 9th at 8:30AM and to provide the required Sunshine Notice. She indicated affirmatively.

Mr. Lewis asked Mr. Burgis to get something out to subcommittee members prior to the March 9th morning meeting.  Mr. Burgis indicated he would do so.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

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