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6:30 p.m. – Statement of Open Public Meetings Act Compliance

Roll Call


Resolution authorizing Closed Executive Session for the discussion of:

1. Attorney-client privilege:  Municipal Court Judge

2. Contract negotiations: Blue Collar; Banking Services; PSE&G

3. Property Acquisition:  Marketplace; Changebridge Road extension

4. Personnel

5. Litigation:  Democratic Club/Committee; First Aid Squad


8:00 p.m. – Public Session


Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance




1.      Ord. No. 2010-10 establishing salaries or wage of officials and employees of the Township of Montville, County of Morris, for the years 2009-2012 – white collar – public hearing to be carried and ordinance to be reintroduced

2.      Ord. No. 2010-11 adopting a codification and revision of the Ordinances of the Township of Montville, County of Morris, State of NJ; providing for the maintenance of said code; repealing and saving from repeal certain ordinances not included therein; establishing a penalty for altering or tampering with the code; and making certain changes in previously adopted ordinances


1.      Administrator

2.      Attorney

3.      Finance

4.      Engineer

5.      Committee



1.      Plausha Park Water System

  1. 2010 Municipal Budget

3.      Energy Audit



1.      Ord. No. 2010-12 amending the Revised General Ordinances of the Township of Montville and eliminating health benefits for elected officials

2.      Ord. No. 2010-13 establishing the rate of compensation of a Senior Tax Clerk of the Township of Montville, County of Morris


A.     Resolution authorizing the return of cash bond held by the Township – Block 39.3, Lot 97, road opening $550.00

B.     Resolution releasing Norman Vachon – Block 33, Lot 37 – 85 Taylortown Road – from performance guarantee

C.     Resolution partially releasing performance guarantee, releasing a letter of credit, and accepting cash as a substitute performance guarantee from William Iellimo – Block 82, Lot 8.01 – 30 Changebridge Road

D.     Resolution releasing James Pagonis from performance guarantee – Block 75, Lot 1, Chestnut Street

E.      Resolution authorizing agreement for municipal services with Garden Homes Management – Rachel Gardens Apartment Complex

F.      Resolution accepting conveyances of temporary construction easements in conjunction with the 30-inch interceptor improvement project

G.     Resolution authorizing treatment works application with the NJDEP – Tierra properties subdivision – Block 139.06, Lots 17 & 18, Woodland Road

H.     Resolution authorizing the submittal of 2009 NJ Transit elderly and persons with disabilities capital assistance program application

I.       Resolution authorizing the submittal of 2010 ANJEC smart growth planning assistance grant program application – Open Space-Trails Plan

J.       Resolution endorsing the Fourth of July Committee and approving of Fourth of July events from 06/25/10 to 06/27/10

K.     Resolution authorizing the issuance of two solicitor’s permits – ice cream trucks:  Fouad Kojakal – Billy’s Ice Cream; and Sedat Yildiz – Mr. Sam’s Ice Cream

L.      Resolution urging conditional veto of S-82 regarding Time of Decision Rule


    1. Resolution authorizing the preparation of specifications and solicitation of bids for the New Vestibule at the Montville Township Public Library Project
    2. Resolution authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Johnson, Murphy, Hubner, Wubbenhorst, Bucco & Appelt – Martin F. Murphy, Township Attorney
    3. Resolution authorizing change order, final payment, and acceptance of maintenance bond - Wm.   Stothoff Company - Well No. 2 Redevelopment Project

4.     Resolution approving the listing of bills and signing of checks







Next Regular Meeting Tuesday, April 13, 2010





03/22/2010 12:24 PM




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