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8:30AM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building



Mr. Karkowsky       - present

Ms. Nielson            - present              

Mr. Lipari              - present     

Mr. Lewis              - present

Mr. Visco               - present

Also present: Joseph Burgis, Planner


Discussion of Rt. 202 – Master Plan studies

Members reviewed the draft March 31, 2010 report on the Rt 202 corridor.  The final draft will include all of the background data that was the subject of a previous report to the master plan subcommittee.  It will serve as a planning framework to guide Rt. 202 future development from Waughaw Road up to the Boonton border.  The Towaco Center master plan is completed, and the next phase of Master plan studies would incorporate the remaining section of Rt. 202 up to border of Lincoln Park. 

Discussion comments:

Under the Vision Statement, expand with more specifics to make sure all of the features in this category are addressed (i.e. plan info on enhancement of physical features of building designs).

Under b Economic Development, be specific and add reference to working with our community’s EDC.  Add wording under improvement of business opportunities relative to locating and expanding in the area of study referencing the ‘highlighted’ areas studied.

Under Proposed Land Use Districts, a:  amend the wording on density provisions to make it clearer.

Under c Medium High Density, change the R20A designation to R27.  This area encompasses two areas in the eastern portion east of Twaits in vicinity of Rathbun Road, Majorca and Park. 

Under d, Medium High Density, add wording that permits an owner occupied residence with business use. 

As to f, Local Business, add language that responds to ‘existing residential uses’ and development of the local business land use categories reflected.  Those local business uses are things like retail stores, shops, banks; professionals offices stress drive thru facilities will be prohibited.  This area is near the Boonton municipal border as well as seven lots and a portion of an eight lot on the north side of Rt. 202 immediately east and west of Twaits Road.  It is recommended to permit resident above ground floor commercial as a conditional use.  Parking areas should be in rear, shared parking arrangements should be encouraged.  Again, building and sign and streetscape elements must be designed with a unifying theme.

Under g Office Buildings, discussions involved traffic concerns on making a left in this area.  This office building land use category corresponds to the existing OB2A and OB2B zone and encompasses 19 parcels between Rt. 287 and NJ Transit line as well as one parcel on east side of Schneider.  The history of creation of OB2A and B zones discussed as it related to uses that would mitigate traffic concerns in this area.  The uses that were added would be expanded to include sports related activities, public and semi public uses, would have wording to ensure the HPRC elements in these areas are addressed, and would also have wording that indicates should there be a By Pass road developed in the area of PSE&G lot, as well as the Changebridge by Pass road, that there be extra uses that would be permitted to be developed ‘only’ under these roadway provisions (second floor office first retail use), relaxing of some of the impervious coverage: items that would make it attractive to combine lots and/or to develop the roadway.  Discussion also ensued on the capping of any food shops/specialty shops, similar to what we did in Towaco.

The rezoning table needs to be amended to reflect the expansion of the area near PSE&G.  The map also will be updated to differentiate those areas discussed off of Twaits Road.  The map includes areas that will reflect ‘proposed open space acquisition’.  The map will also be changed to show the area east of Twaits to be R27 vs. R20. 

Mr. Burgis was also asked to put in some type of a ‘dotted’ area to show the differences in the I2B new zoning areas added so that when zoning ordinances are created, the existing and/new areas are clear for purposes of presentation and reviews.

Mr. Burgis indicated in the existing I2, he would allow for some retail, and if the building is setback deep into the lots, see no problems with provisions that would allow three story structures.

Discussion ensued on the area near Pennick/Taylortown and what would be best use for this area, as well as the area near V&L.  It was decided that the only way retail would work in this area if there was a ‘direct access’ to the Rt. 202 corridor, otherwise, no retail should be permitted.  It was aslso decided that Pennick site is one that warrants its own study in view of the size of the land and the environmental/DEP monitoring that exists.  This will be studied in the future. 

Ordinances that will be developed will deal with the parameters that the subcommittee discussed as to traffic turn, zoning and bulk requirements, streetscape designs, parking, etc.  Mr. Burgis indicated that this ordinance will carry a lot of the design parameters we supported in Towaco Center master plan.  The zoning ordinance will also deal with the additional zoning/uses that may be permitted should the by pass roads go thru.

Mrs. White suggested that perhaps Mr. Mantyla could forward our existing zoning map which has all of the HPRC features imposed to Mr. Burgis so he could use this document in finalizing the mapping needed for this study.

Finally, the process discussed as to review by agencies and public hearings.  The Planning Board will receive this presentation at their April 8th meeting, with a public hearing scheduled for April 22nd.  Once all of the comments offered and mapping is updated, this document will be marked ‘draft’ and will be sent to all of the agencies/department heads that were involved when we started this process with the Goals and Objectives. It will also be posted on our web.  Secretary will comply with the MLUL as to required notice in adoption of a master plan element. 


Mrs. White asked if she could coordinate a ‘technical’ meeting with the Milan professionals and the Board’s professionals in view of the concerns voiced on development of a new restaurant.  No objections voiced.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White


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