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Minutes of March 17, 2010



Ron Cain, Jr.    - present                       Margaret Miller – Sanders - present

Everett Vreeland - absent                    Kevin Seidel, Alt. #2 - absent

Ron Soussa - absent                            Deane Driscoll – present

Jennifer Horowitz - present                   Alexander Kachmar - present

Arnold Schancupp – alt #1 - absent    



Township Committee: Jim Sandham & Deb Nielson - present

Township Officials: Linda White, Land Use Administrator - present

Planning Board Liaison: Tony Speciale - present



Meeting with Tax Assessor, Mr. Tom Lenhardt & Township Administrator Frank Bastone on Tax Incentive Programs

Mr. Bastone distributed information given from the Township Attorney to members outlining a summary of the various statutes on tax abatements, summarizing that tax abatements are only available under specific statutory authority.  Mr. Bastone reviewed the process, noting that there are actions and requirements that must be put in place in order for the Township to allow tax abatement programs. 

Mrs. White reminded some of the members that the Township investigating designating certain areas along Rt. 46 years ago (the junkyard site, Kevah Konner, motel area) under the Rt. 46 Redevelopment study which we received a grant for.  The township at that time did not want to go forward with naming the areas as ‘blighted’ so they never adopted any formal ordinances/resolutions.

Mr. Lenhardt reviewed assessing of commercial/industrial buildings answering many questions of the members, most relative to how it works and when can the taxes be raised (especially after tax appeals are successfully won – a three year period).  Mr. Lenhardt explained about tax appeals, vacant buildings, noting that the assessment is actually driven by the residential market.

BoA & Planning Board applications update – No new applications of interest; a lot of interest on vacant properties or existing properties in Towaco area.   Mrs. White noted she has been receiving some requests for solar panels for in ground swimming pools. 


Master Plan Update

Mrs. White summarized the various reviews under way by the subcommittee of the Planning Board as part of the master plan review under way.  She noted the area under study at this time is Rt. 202, highlighting some of the concerns and areas and issues facing the subcommittee during these reviews.  She indicated the Planning Board will review all of these items when they are completed for review and action, and at this time the planner is reviewing all of the current uses in the areas to look at some zoning codes that would allow development without any adverse impacts.

Mrs. White indicated she also asked the planner to develop a sidewalk ordinance so that we can see how we can find funds to put in sidewalks in the missing voids in the community.  Discussion ensued on whether or not there is a sidewalk plan, and whether or not there should be more discussion on the prioritizing of where a sidewalk should go (i.e. discussion about Board of Ed review process on sidewalk request discussed).  Mr. Sandham agreed and would bring these comments back to Planning Board. 

Website Development – update

Mr.  Bastone asked if he would see if Mr. Perkins and Mr. Brewer could coordinate updating the webpage in accordance with the memo that EDC received previously.  Mr. Bastone will look into it.  Mr. Driscoll and Mr. Kachmar will work with Mr. Perkins to go over the areas.

Morris County Municipal Summit - 3/31/10 Morris County College 5-8PM

Mrs. White registered Mr.  Vreeland Mr. Driscoll to attend.  No others were interested.


Meeting with Towaco Crossing – Whitehall Road – not ready to appear before EDC yet; will notify when they want to do a presentation to EDC.


Adoption of EDC minutes of  2-17-10 – Eligible:  Mr. Vreeland, Mr. Soussa, Mr. Cain, Mr. Driscoll, Mr. Kachmar, Mr. Seidel  - adopted unanimously in a  Motion made by:   Dean Driscoll, seconded by Mr. Kachmar.


Mrs. Horowitz asked why the Sign Policy discussion wasn’t on this agenda.  Mrs. White indicated the Sign Policy is up April 1st and was looking for input from all levels of agency review summarizing last year’s meeting.  Mr. Speciale elaborated on Chamber’s involvement and need to continue to assist our business owners during this economic climate.  Mr. Sandham asked if the Township would get this again to decide if they want this policy to continue.  Mrs. Horowitz expressed their may be other ways to help our business with other types of signage/displays.   Mrs. White will put this subject on the Planning Board agenda as well as next EDC agenda

Meeting adjourned unanimously in a Motion made by:   Dean Driscoll seconded by Mr. Kachmar.

Mrs. White noted she will be on vacation for next meeting, so someone will need to take minutes.  Mr. Driscoll will coordinate with Mr. Vreeland.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. White

With explanation

With explanation

With explanation

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