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6:00PM Start

195 Changebridge Road, Montville Municipal Building



Mr. Karkowsky            - present

Ms. Nielson                 - present         

Mr. Lipari                    - entered late              

Mr. Lewis                    - present

Mr. Visco                     - present

Also Present:  Joseph Burgis, Planner


Discussion of Rt. 202/Housing – Master Plan studies

The subcommittee reviewed the Rt. 202 corridor map and the parcels east of Twaits Road.  It was suggested that the OB zoning be considered parallel to Rt. 202 to the deepest current OB zone line should extend across the remaining R27 lot in rear.

The members discussed preparing an overlay arrangement for the area near the existing junkyard.

The I2 properties near Sea Breeze on Rt. 202 discussed.  Mixed zoning exists in this area.  One of the lots is vacant and is in the OB zone.  Mr. Burgis was asked to look at creating one single zone designation (south side of 202) for all of these properties making sure to look at all of the existing uses so area becomes more cohesive. 

Members wanted to make sure when developing the master plan, Mr. Burgis develops design themes and contextual building designs in each of the areas along Rt. 202. 

Mr. Burgis is investigating traffic counts to see what type of uses would be less of an impact in the areas where traffic concerns exists along the corridor today to determine what uses may assist the township in mitigation and/or whether or not access roads previously discussed would aid in changing uses along these areas. 

Area west of 287 is being looked at for consistency in design themes:  perhaps a small village type of neighborhood/business use would work in this area.  Mr. Burgis is continuing this review.

Next master plan tentatively scheduled for March 23rd at 8AM.  To be confirmed.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda White

Sunshine Notice Provided

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