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Montville Township Environmental Commission

March 17, 2010

The chair, Michele Caron called the meeting to order at 7:50pm

Roll Call. Absent with excuse, Angelo Intile

Present: Sergione Angione, Garry Annibal, Tim Braden, Vic Canning, Michele Caron, Larry Kornreich, Hugh Merritt Monica Mianecki, James Muhaw.

Minutes of January Meeting

Larry Kornreich moved to approve the minutes of the Februrary 17, 2010 meeting.  The motion was seconded by Sergio Angione and with votes of ayes by Commissioners Kornreich, Angione, Braden Caron, Canning, Merritt, Annibal and Mianecki the minutes were approved as presented.

Reports byf Environmental Commission Liasons

Ms Caron reported that the Board of Adjustment had postponed the hearing of the use variance for the Quick Check gasoline station on Route 202 to their May meeting.  The applicant was seeking waivers from the requirements of an environmental impact statement and stormwater review.  The BOA was also accepting applications for new cell towers. A demolition application for Milan Restaurant will have to be heard after the fact, as the contractor has demolished the structure.  Ms. Caron also reported the application for Lowes in Pine Brook was going forward.  Mr. Braden added the Township is working on a developer’s agreement with the applicant.

Mr. Merritt reported that according to the Board of Education the upcoming budget shall not have an effect on the Environmental Commission except the EDC – Every Drop Counts water conservation program will have to be cut due to budget constraints.

Mr. Muhaw stated that the Economic Development Committee was considering a website design and was pursuing a potential restaurant on Whitehall Road.

Mr. Annibal said the Board of Health was granting some additional sewer conversion extensions, accepting Health Department approval of a proposed barber shop, a health care marketing office, a candy sprinkle manufacturer and cell towers.  The BOH also was informed of a rabid raccoon. 

In Mr. Intile’s absence, Mr. Braden advised that the Open Space Committee is in the process of conducting negotiations for land acquisitions but the details are kept confidential until there is an agreement.

New Business


Ms Caron read a letter from the Recreation Committee regarding Environmental Commission support of their application to ANJEC for funds for trail development in Montville.  After a discussion about the ANJEC funding of other projects such as the Environmental Resource Inventory, Mr. Angione moved that the Environmental Commission support the application for trails, the motion was seconded by Mr. Merritt and upon a voice vote of all ayes, the motion passed and the chair authorized and instructed to sign and send the letter of support.

Mr. Canning reported that the Planning Board application: PMN09-Saia, Sal – 107 Changebridge Rd. – B 123, L:2 – Minor Subdivision - was seeking variances on the site plan.  Ms Caron discussed the garbage and building material coming down onto the site from above.

Mr. Kornreich reported on the ANJEC Training Courses that was held on Saturday March 13th and attended by Environmental Commissioners Kornerich, Mianecki and Annibal.  All agreed it was a worthwhile training session.  A good part of the training was on environmental resource inventories so the reporting led to a discussion of updating the Montville ERI.  Mr. Merritt asked who was doing the ERI in the Highlands and whether or not the Highlands Commission would pay for the Montville ERI update for that part of the town in the Preservation zone.  Mr. Braden said he will investigate who is doing the ERI for the Highlands, who is paying for it and what is the time frame. 

Ms. Caron asked Mr. Kornreich to discuss the progress on one of the Goals and Objectives for the year, updating the Commission Bylaws.  Mr. Kornreich and Ms Mianecki worked at reconciling the bylaws to the Township ordinance that created the EC.  They reported the open issues were: the chair is appointed by the mayor but there is no language concerning the term limit.  Ms Caron offered that the chair may not serve more than three terms.  Mr. Kornreich further reported that there an annual report needs to be prepared and submitted; and that the secretary and vice chair should be offices in the bylaws and voted in by the commission.  There was also a suggestion to add a category of associate member. 

Mr. Kornreich also discussed the other goals and objectives that had been previously submitted to the Commission and upon a motion made by Mr. Merritt, seconded by Mr. Muhaw and a vote of all ayes, the Montville Environmental Commission voted to accept the stated Goals and Objectives for 2010.  Mr. Braden said he felt the EC is responding to the needs of the Township Committee and the township and Mr. Canning suggested sending a copy of the bylaws and Goals and Objectives to the Township Committee for review.

Ms Caron updated the Commission on the plans for Arbor Day.  She is still waiting for a biography from the Honoree, Mr. Matt Meyers and will contact the Lazar School principal, John Galucci, about planting the tree at Lazar School.  Cub Scout Pack 179 will act as a color guard during the ceremony. 

Ms Caron further reported that the winning poster was submitted by Tammy Roberti of Cedar Hill School and Recycling Day plans for May 1 are progressing.

Mr. Muhaw reported on Sustainable NJ and discussed garbage disposal and recycling costs as well as the initiative for residential energy conservation.

Mr. Merritt said there will be percolation tests on March 25 for the site of the proposed Rain Garden and the training program and installation will be on May 4 and 5.  He further discussed the importance of the preservation of grasslands and that Rutgers has a program to set up and manage meadows..

Ms Caron announced that starting at the May meeting; Liz Johnson will fill the position of recording secretary.  A motion made by Mr. Muhaw, seconded by Mr. Kornreich and with votes of all ayes, the appointment was confirmed by the commission. 

Ms Caron adjourned the meeting at 9:52.

Respectfully Submitted.

Garry Annibal

Recording Secretary, pro temp,  for 3/17/01 meeting.

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