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Montville Township Environmental Commission

January 20, 2010

Meeting began promptly at 7:35pm

Roll Call. Absent with excuse, Sergio Angione. Victor Canning was added to the roll call.

Present: Michele Caron, James Muhaw, Angelo Intile, Larry Kornreich, Hugh Merritt, Gary Annibal. Monica Mirnecki, Tim Braden

Annual Commission Reorganization took place.

A temporary Chairperson Hugh Merritt asked for nominations for Chairperson. Larry Kornreich made a motion for Michele Caron as Chairperson. Jim Muhaw seconded the motion, all in attendance voted in favor.

Meeting was turned over to new chairperson Michele Caron. A motion was made by Michele Caron for James Muhaw to serve as Vice Chairman. Hugh Merritt seconded the motion. All voted yes, One NO vote by Angelo Intile.

Environmental Commission Secretaries position was discussed. Frank Bastone will be contacted to see the status of this request. It is the request of the commission to have a township employee that has experience in the verbiage and knowledge of Land Use to fill this vacancy. Michele Caron will report back to the Commission on the progress made in filling this vacancy.

Introduction of New Commission Members. Ms. Caron made a formal introduction of new commission members of Gary Annibal and Monica Mirnecki.


Introduction and Congratulations to Township Committee - Commission Liaison, Deputy Mayor Tim Braden.


Adoption of Meeting Schedule – 3rd Week of each month at 7:30pm.


New Business


Appointment of Sub-Committees

Board of Adjustment – Michele Caron

Board of Education – Hugh Merritt

Economic Development – James Muhaw

Health Department – Gary Annibal

Open Space Committee – Sergio Angione

All commission members will read minutes or attend meetings to keep open communications from these boards and the EC. Linda White will be asked to provide minutes or meeting schedules for these boards to liaisons.

Environmental Inventory was discussed. Members of commission will probe into whether the ERI study provided by planning board was a perspective and not an actual study of specific areas of Montville/Towaco/Pine Brook. Discussion ensued in regards to the price to have an actual study done. This would assist planning, zoning and township committee make more informed and scientific decisions when granting permission to developers. ANJEC and Rutgers University Grad students would be approached as to their interest and level of participation in a Montville Township ERI area specific study. Grants will also be examined to relieve township costs to have such a study completed.

Fostering Environmental Education Outreach to Middle and High School Students.

Many discussions about High School programs and Middle School  programs were discussed. Teachers of Environmental Studies will be contacted for their comments. District Watershed Ambassador will be contacted for their comments and programs. The Aquifer Study Program will be re-enacted. Charles Perry will be contacted to see if he has the aquifer study equipment in his garage. The high school does not have the machinery used in the past.  Matt Meyers the middle school science teacher was also discussed. He has been nominated to be the Arbor Day Honoree for all of his hard work with the gardens within the Lazar Middle School.

Review of Applications from the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Linda White will be asked to provide the commission with TWO copies of applications. This will enable the commission members to leisurely and examine the review each application BEFORE their monthly meetings. Questions will be ready in advance for discussion at each monthly meeting.

Development of a process where applicants and items being reviewed by other boards can involve the environmental commissions concerns BEFORE the projects get to voting process. Each EC member should be responsible along with liaisons to bring these issues and applications to each monthly meeting of the EC.

Commission discussed how to work with other Boards and Commission to limit the number of non-compliances that jeopardize the town’s natural resources and environment.

This is one of the main objectives of the Environmental Commission this year.

Sustainable New Jersey Committee was discussed by James Muhaw who was appointed to this committee by Deb Nielson who is Chairmen of the new board in town.  A report will be given by Jim after the first meeting that will be held next week. He will also provide updates to the commission on a monthly basis.

Old Business


PMN09-Saia, Sal 107 Changebridge Rd. – B 123, L:2 – Minor Subdivision. No discussion. Waiting on DEP rulings.

Environmental Commission Mission Statement/Goals and Objectives.

Larry Kornreich and Monica Mirnecki will make comments and corrections on the by-laws (1st page article 3, composition of commission).

Next meeting will have a report and follow-up.

Recycling Day – May 1st. Adam Brewer will be contacted to discuss use of municipal parking lot. Television recycling will also be discussed. Angelo Intile will reach out to Shred It Corp and Got Junk in reference to their participation. Michele Caron will contact Urban Renewal Corp.

Arbor Day – April 30th Last Friday in April. Matt Meyers, science teacher at Lazar Middle School in Honoree. Arbor Day Poster Contest winner TBA. State and County dignitaries will be contacted for their participation.

Rain Garden Project – Lake Valhalla Garden Club, Hugh Merritt reported to commission that the Montville Library Site was chosen as the best location for the Rain Garden Project. Rutgers University and Master Gardeners will participate in this project. Location was chosen because of its highly trafficked area by residents of the township. The water will be coming from rooftop and be moving along the entrance of the auditorium area of the building. All press releases are being covered by the Garden Club and Rutgers University. Project is being paid for by Garden Club and Rutgers.

Planning Board – Feb 11th. Re: Kanouse Lane – Stefanelli property. The soil movement error and burying of a significant Jurassic Rock formation will be reviewed by planning commission. The serious environmental issues were reviewed. Commission made a motion and voted to ask Mr. Vic Canning to represent the commission in requesting that a geologic scientist be solicited to provide the correct remediation and over seeing the process for this piece of history. All commission members voted YES.

ANJEC Training Courses – Saturday March 13th – Environmental Commission Training to Protect Natural Resources, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Building. All commission members were asked to attend. It will be written into the By-laws that all EC commissioners must attend training time during each year of their appointment.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:15pm

Respectfully Submitted.

Michele Caron

Chairman & Secretary for 1/20/01 meeting.

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