General Program Information

Montville Township offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities for residents of all ages and abilities from traditional sports to craft classes, adapted recreation programs for those with special needs, gardening, science workshops and theater trips. Additionally, there are numerous recreational facilities, which are available for use by residents. The seven members of the Recreation Commission are appointed by the Township Committee and are responsible for overseeing recreational programs and facilities in the Township. The Commission meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Municipal Building.


ARCHERY - 2nd through 8th Grades

Learn the basics of archery, which include: the parts of the bow, the mechanics of archery, types of bows and equipment and inside target shooting. This program is conducted by the Lincoln Park Archery Club and held at the Camp Dawson barn. Classes take place in January & February.


Trips are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month to the Taj Mahal Casino. Trips depart at 8:00am and return at 7:00pm to the Montville Community Park located at 130 Changebridge Road in Montville. Reservations must be made in advance by contacting the Recreation Department.

Badminton Lessons - Grades 3 - 12

Come learn how to play this fun racket sport. An opportunity to learn how to hold the racket properly, execute a variety of shots, proper foot work and game rules. Classes are offered throughout the year.

BASKETBALL CLINICS – Students in Kindergarten through 8th Grades

A great opportunity to learn and/or to improve various basketball skills. Learn offensive/defensive fundamental skills.  Full and half court scrimmages.  Clinics are offered throughout the year.

BASKETBALL, IN TOWN - Boys & Girls, Grades 3rd through 8th

An opportunity to learn and/or develop basketball skills and compete against other In-town teams. Practices and games will take place between November and March at the various schools’ gyms.


Adult leagues are offered in the Spring through the Fall. Games take place at the Community Park courts on weekdays.

Bushido - Ages 5 to 15 & Adults

An opportunity to learn traditional martial arts as well as safety awareness, self-discipline, self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence. Classes take place one weekday per week throughout the school year.

Cartooning Workshop - Grades 3 - 5

Learn to create visual images that communicate life ideas and messages with humor and wit. This course will teach how to design, draw, and develop ideas, culminating in the printing and producing your own set of cards and cartoons.  Classes will take place throughout the school year.

Cheerleading Skills & Drills Clinic - Grades 2 - 6

Learn the proper stretching and warm-up, basic skills and jumps with light tumbling skills.

CHEF IT UP - Ages 2 1/2 through 5, K through 5th Grades & Adults

Where kids & food are a great mix! Chef It Up 2 Go offeres peanut free/nut free cooking classes for various age groups. Children learn fun basic cooking skills and have a blast creating their own culinary cuisines! "Tea for Two" classes are offered for the PreK age group with their Adult Care Provider. Elementary ages students participate in classes where they are the Top Chef! Adult classes are offered with various themes according to the Season!

CHESS – 1st through 12th Grades

Beginner and advanced programs are available. Children will learn the origin of chess, the rules of the game, the moves of the chess figures, and winning strategies, while participating in both group and individual instruction. Instruction is provided by the International Chess School, which uses the program of Kasparov World Chess Academy. Classes take place one weekday per week throughout the school year.


Tickets are sold throughout the year for various Theme Parks & Ski Resorts. Residents can take advantage of these discount offers. Tickets available vary throughout the year. Spring & Summer tickets have included: Great Adventure, Hershey Park, Sesame Place, Morey’s Piers, Splashzone, Mountain Creek, Dorney Park, Camelbeach and the Philadelphia Zoo. Winter tickets offered have included: Mountain Creek, Shawnee Mountain, Jack Frost/Big Boulder and Big Boulder.

CPR - Ages 14 & up, Babysitters, Caregivers, Parents.

CPR and AED Certification nationally approved and recognized through the American Heart Association.  Infant/Child/Adult CPR and AED automatic external defibrillator training will be obtained through this program.  Class offered in the spring.

Craft Classes - Ages 4 - 9

Students will be very busy learning crafting decorations, gifts, and games.  They will learn different art mediums and how to use their imagination to create.

CROSS COUNTRY LEAGUE – 1st through 8th Grades

An opportunity to participate in cross country and compete in the Lakeland League. Practices will include workouts & distance runs of two to three miles and games. Must be Montville Township residents!

Season runs August through October.

Dance Classes - Ages 2 1/2 to 5 and Grade K-5

Precious Peanuts - Children will learn the very basics of tap, ballet, rhythm and simple movements such as plies, toe taps, digs and passe.

Hip Hop - Children will learn some jazz techniques as well as hip-hop moves. The class will teach musicality, rhythm and coordination in an upbeat and encouraging environment.

Classes will take place throughtout the school year.

DRAWING - Grades K- 5

Young Rembrandts will teach drawing with a see-touch-do method. Students will taught basic to advanced drawing skills, art techniques and vocabulary. Classes will take place throughout the school year.


Computer Explorers offer after school classes that are project-based, hands-on and designed to make learning fun! Programs themes have included: Robotics, Engineering, Video Game Design Technology Classes & Dino Discovery. 

FAIRY CLASSES – Girls, Ages 4-7

Classes are designed to incorporate fun with facts about the earth and its creatures. The 5 step course for your child earning their wings includes the following themes:  Giving to the Earth, Animals are Our Friends, Fairy Friend Gifting, Fairy Fun & Fairy Tea Party with Guest.. This is a DROP OFF program, but parents are invited to the TEA PARTY at end of the sessions. Classes are offered in the Winter & Spring months. Also available are special Holiday themed classes and Summer camps.

FIELD HOCKEY – Girls, 5th through 8th Grades

This is a traveling team program, which practices and plays games between September and November. Games take place against other town teams on Saturday afternoons.

FORENSICS INTRO CLASSES - 6th through 8th Grades

This program will focuses on the techniques of effective public speaking in the areas of oral interpretation, oratorical, interpretation, extemporaneous and impromptu speaking, as well as public forum debate. Classes are offered as an after school progam and as a Summer camp.

GARDENING - Montville Residents

Garden Plots are available at the Community Park and Indian Lane East (organic only). Plot sizes are either a 30’x30’ or a 15’x30’ or a 30x60. Must be Montville Township residents!

GOLF CLINICS – Grades K-12

Different golf clinics are offered throughout the year. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of golf.

GUITAR LESSONS – Grades 3-12 & Adults

Guitar Lessons including both Rock & Roll & International classes are available. They are offered throughout the year. Students must provide their own guitar.

HORSESHOE LEAGUE - Over 18 years of age

Adult league is offered April through September on weekday evenings. Matches take place at the Montville Community Park Horseshoe Pits.


Little Lacrosse is aimed specifically at pre-school kids. The program is a non-contact, safe and fun way for children to learn the basics of lacrosse by combining various skills and drills with fun and exciting games. Each session is designed to promote coordination, motor skills, physical fitness and self confidence. Program takes place in the Spring.

 LITTLE TOTS CLUB – New-born through Preschool years and their Adult Care Provider.

Spend time enjoying activities with your child in a social atmosphere. This program is a fun and educational which includes free/social play with toys. Organized activities include: story time, puppet shows, introduction to instruments, singing, movement, patterns, circle time, sounds & finger plays, bubble time, parachute games, rhyming, arts & crafts, shapes, letters and cutting. Special Occasions (Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc) are planned in a party-time atmosphere that center around a theme. The program is held on different weekedays at the Field House from September through June.

MAD SCIENCE WORKSHOPS – 1st through 5th Grades

Mad Science Workshops are educational & entertaining science for children. They are hands-on science fun with take home projects. Some program topics include: Laser Light, Matter of Fact, Rockets, Dry Ice, Acids and Bases, Black and Blue Oceans, Mineral Mania, Watt’s Up, Magnetic Magic, Optical Illusions, Lights… Color… Action, Slime, Sonic Sounds, Tantalizing Taste, and Harnessing Heat.  3 different workshops are offered throughout the school year. Camps are also offered during the Summer months.

MARTIAL ARTS – Advanced Adults Only

Workouts will cover Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Ju Jitsu, Cha Na, Judo, & Kung Fu Techniques. Classes are held at the Activities Building on Passaic Valley Road in Montville. 

MATH ENRICHMENT – 1st through 5th Grades

Newton's Law offers after school programs, which are designed to help students master the fundamentals of math. Classes are offered throughout the year.


“Natural Path” (Yoga of the Mind) is a meditation practice adapted and simplified to suit the needs of the present-day human being.  It focuses on the inner development of the individual resulting in a balanced existence.  The practice includes weekly one-on-one training and group meditation as well as your own personal practice of mediation.


This program will enable each student to grow in an atmosphere that promotes integrity, self-esteem, positive values and good sportsmanship. The instructors are are dedicated to delivering quality outdoor programs, where your child will not only have great fun but also learn that character really counts. Some sports included are as follows: Soccer, Lacrosse, Softball, Hockey, Bocce, Flag Football, Cricket, Basketball & Olympics. Camps are offered throughout the school year, school breaks & Summer months.

OPEN GYM (BASKETBALL) - Men over 18 years of age

This program is offered on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:00pm at the Montville High School gym. Proof of residency is required for admittance into the program. Pick up basketball games are offered on a nightly basis. Days and times may vary throughout the year, dependent upon gym availability. Must be Montville Township residents!

PATHWAYS – Programs for children with special needs

PATHWAYS includes various programs such as swimming, rock climbing, pony grooming, yoga, life skills outings, baseball, rugby and soccer. It is an organization devoted to advocating for educational and social reform for children with disabilities, providing parent and family support services and education, developing recreation and life skills programs for children with special needs, and providing community service opportunities through mentoring programs.

PIANO – Ages 4 to 9

All children have amazing potential!  The early years are the easiest time for musical learning, as all young children are natural music makers.  The benefit of music for the young child is positive influencing all aspects of his/her physical, emotional, educational an social development. Open the door of music now for you and your child, and you open the door onto a joyful and rewarding journey together. Introduction to the piano group lessons will allow students to have fun with their peers while they explore concepts of rhythm, note reading, posture development and movement as well as first steps in playing the piano.                        

PONY GROOMING & PETITE EQUESTIAN – Ages 3 –13 (Classes will be broken down according to age & experience)

This unique program provides an exciting and inexpensive introduction to the wonderful world of horses in a fun-filled, non-threatening atmosphere. PonyShare uses ponies and cobs, smaller and easier to handle than their larger equine counterparts. Small groups of  4-5 children are formed according to age and prior experience—if any.After reviewing  Safety Rules, materials previously covered and learning new subject matter, children are assigned their size-related pony or cob and each small group works under the tutelage of a qualified instructor. Some of the horsemanship matters covered include: Safety on and around the horses, Basic Anatomy, Equine Senses & Body Language, Grooming, The Tack and Harness, Driving the Miniature Horse, English & Western riding, Barn Management and Careers in the Industry. Participants also get to shortly ride and drive their charges 3 to 4 times during each Session. While not a substitute for lessons this program enhances team work and self-esteem while helping develop a genuine appreciation and respect for the animals.


Racquetball is a fast pace, fun, and exciting sport, easy to learn and fun for all ages. Racquetball is also a tremendous cross training activity that helps promote hand eye coordination, agility, flexibility, and overall athleticism. Participants will learn the skills of the game and the rules required to play and enjoy the sport of Racquetball. Play takes place at a local facility.

RUGBY – Kindergarten through 8th Grade

The Recreation Department along with the Morris County Football Club introduced the program in June of 2000. The program runs mid-June through the end of July. This is a non-contact “touch” program with modified rules.  For more information you can log onto the Rugby website at:


Science workshops are held on school breaks. Workshops cover such topics as: Chemical Magic, Rocketry, Electronics, Detectives & Their Solutions, Roller Coasters, and Motorized Machinery. Programs are taught by certified teachers.

SKIING - 6th through 12th Grades

Trips take place at Shawnee Mountain in Pennsylvania OR Mountain Creek in Vernon, N.J. on Friday evenings during January, February, & March. This program provides students with the opportunity to ski/snowboard or to learn to ski/snowboard with their friends. Choice of packages are available from just purchasing lift tickets & transportation to purchasing lift tickets, rentals, lessons & transportation. The Mountain Creek program includes a Season Pass.

SKIING (Season Passes) – Open to Ages

Season Passes are available for Mountain Creek Ski Resort in Vernon, N.J. Individuals can purchase passes from Students to Adults & Limited to Unlimited! Call for various packages & prices!

SOCCER, KIDDIE – 18 months through 3 years Plus Adult Care Provider

This program is designed to introduce soccer to children from 18 months up to 3 years old.  The adult care-giver fully participates in the class along with the child to make them feel safe and to fully enjoy their experience.  Program is offered in the Spring, Fall & Winter months.


These classes introduce soccer in a fun filled environment to 3, 4, and 5 year old boys & girls. Your child will learn the fundamentals of soccer through a program of structured activities & fun games. The programs are held in the Spring, Fall and Winter months. Different time  & day choices are available. This program is also offered on Saturdays for Grades K-2.

SOFTBALL, PEE WEE T-BALL - Kindergarten through 2nd

The program is offered in July and August teaching the very basics of softball. The participants use a “T” in order to learn to hit the ball off a stationary object.

SOFTBALL, MEN OVER 30 years of age

This program is for men who are interested in enjoying fun and relaxing games. Season runs April through July. Games are played on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.

SOFTBALL, MEN OVER 60 years of age

This program is for men who are still interested in competing on a traveling team level. Games are played weeknight evenings during May through August.


Junior Spin is a 50 minute Group Indoor Cycling Class that is a safe and fun group aerobic exercise. The  classes are led by a certified Spin instructor and the children will ride stationary bikes that simulate riding outdoors, all set to an exciting and invigorating music mix that energizes and sustains the riders for the duration of the class. Spinning is a great way for your child to maximize their fitness level while having fun. A child that exercises regularly will be healthier, happier and more self-confident. Classes are held at a local facility.

SPORTS CLINICS - Various age groups

From June to August, various coaches offer specific sports clinics to introduce and/or improve skills. Some clinics that have been offered include: soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, field hockey, lacrosse and volleyball.


This program has been designed to introduce young children to a variety of sports in a safe, structured environment. All games and activities will encompass hand/eye coordination, balance, agility and movement — all key factors to the early development of children in sports. In addition to having a great time playing the different sports, children will develop social interaction and communication skills. All sports are developed through a series of games and activities designed to ensure learning and most importantly: fun, fun, fun! Program Curriculum: Hand /Eye Coordination, Movement, Coordination Activities, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Hockey & Softball.

SUMMER ACADEMY - 5th through 8th Grades

Classes include: Study Skills, Mathology, Critical Reading & Writing. You can choose one or all four. Classes are offered throughout July & August.

SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM - Kindergarten through 9th Grade

This program is offered for four to five weeks during the summer at different locations based upon the campers grade/age. Program includes arts & crafts, weekly trips, sports & quiet games. This program provides youngsters with “something to do” and keeps them in touch with their school friends during the summer months. A Trips Only program is also offered to students in the 6th through 10th Grades.

 TINY TUNES – Infants through Age 5 with Adult-Care Provider

This program explores finger play, sign language, counting, the basic scale as well as non-vocal music using rhythm instruments. Children and adult-care providers are encouraged to participate together, enhancing their musical experience. Children participate at their own level by singing, clapping, playing, moving, experimenting with musical instruments, listening, watching, and much more.


Transitions Lifestyle System, Weight Management and Healthy Eating—TLS Shape Up is designed by kids, for kids. It teaches goal setting and planning skills while instructing kids the  fundamentals of good nutrition and exercise.  It helps children develop self-awareness of how their bodies will respond to their food choices, providing the motivation and education that will help maintain  their healthy choices throughout adulthood.  6 Weekly Topics include: Goal Setting, How to Fuel Your Body, How to Get Lean and Fit, How to Break Bad Habits, Staying Strong Under Pressure and Building Self Confidence. Fitness coaching will be included on alternate weeks. Add on Spin Classes as an option!

TENNIS LESSONS - Ages 3 through 17 & Adults

Lessons are available throughout the year for beginner, intermediate & advanced levels. Lessons take place at the High School tennis courts or at local indoor facilites.

TRACK CAMP – 1st through 6th Grade

This program is offered as a weekly program in the Summer. The intent of the program is to promote a positive approach to exercise while learning the sport of track and field in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Activities and events include:  sprints, relays, long jump, shot put, discus, workouts, games, time in the water sprinkler and races (awards for the fastest, most improved, hardest worker, etc.).

TRACK CLINIC – Kindergarten through 8th Grade

Children have the opportunity to learn several Track & Field events while having fun in a non-competitive environment. Typical practice night would include stretching, warm-up, drills, games, long jumping & speed work. No meets! Practices take place on weekday evenings in September through October.

TRACK LEAGUE – Kindergarten through 8th Grades

An opportunity to participate in track and field events and compete in the Lakeland League. The children compete in the following age groups: Clinic: 6-8 year olds, Bantam: 9-10 year olds, Midget: 11-12 year olds & Youth: 13-15 year olds. * Age groups are determined by the child’s age by December 31st. They are required to attended 2 of the 3 practices which take place on weekday evenings. Meets take place on Friday evenings for the Clinic group and on Sunday afternoons for Bantam, Midget & Youth groups. Season runs March through June. Must be Montville Township residents!


Throughout the year, the Recreation Department offers a variety of trips to the NY Theaters, Radio City, and various Sports Events.

TRIPS, TEEN – 6th through 10th Grades

Trips take place twice a week during the months of July & August. Students have taken trips to such places as: Great Adventure, Dorney Park, Whitewater Rafting, Bowling, Minature Golf & Camelbeach.

VOLLEYBALL, INTOWN – Girls, 6th through 8th Grades

Players will learn the fundamentals of volleyball while having a fun in game situations, drills and scrimmages.  Such skills as passing, serving, setting and hitting will be introduced in a fun, hands-on manner.  

VOLLEYBALL TRAVELING TEAM – Girls, 7th through 8th Grades

Players will compete in a travel league with local teams in the Fall season. Tryouts are held to be able to participate in this program.

WHAT'S GROWING ON? GARDENS – 5th through 9th Grades

Students learn the basics of growing food from seed to table, the importance of recycling nutrients through composting, and developing a working native plant environment. They will learn to identify species of plants, birds and butterflies that visit the gardens. Most importantly, gardeners will get to eat the fruit that is harvested! Classes are offered during the Summer months.

 WRITING – 3rd through 5th Grades

Writing plays an important role in literacy.  In this class students will have the opportunity to put themselves in the role as an author. They will choose topics and methods of writing. Through discussion and mini lessons students will engage in writing for real and creative purposes. Students will explore story structures, as well as the writing process to utilize in their own writing. Come write with us! Beginner Writing, Creative Writing and Ask Prep classes have all been offered.

YOGA for TWEENS – Ages 8-14

Tween Yoga is a fun, creative approach to yoga that can be very helpful for girls and boys whose bodies are still developing. The use of animated poses and basic stretching exercises promote strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Breathing and visualization techniques teach kids how to focus, relax and develop self-control. Tween Yoga is also great for inner-strength, confidence and  self-esteem! Classes are offered throughout the year.

ZUMBA – Adults

ZUMBA is an aerobic dance workout set to pulsating Latin music. Classes are offered throughout the year.



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