2014 Road Paving Projects - Phase I

(NEW) Status as of June 5, 2014:

Milling has been completed on all roads.

Paving has been completed on Cherokee Court, West Lake Road and Taylortown Road.

Paving will continue on Friday, June 6, with two crews on Redding Place and Fawn Drive.

Phase I of the 2014 Road Paving Project to begin Friday, May 30th

We were advised on May 29th by the paving contractor that they will begin work on Phase I of this year's paving project on Friday, May 30th between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm.  The tentative schedule, subject to change due to weather conditions, is:

  • Friday, May 30:  Milling on Redding Place, Forest Hill Road, Hollister Road and the east end of Forest Place
  • Monday, June 2:  Milling on Cherokee Court, West Lake Road, Taylortown Road from Route 202 to the railroad bridge and a portion of Candlewick Drive
  • Tuesday, June 3:  Milling on Fawn Drive, Isolde Court, and Stephen Drive
  • Wednesday, June 4:  Milling on Van Winkle Road, Old Bloomfield Avenue from Maple Avenue for 200’ westward and a portion of East Cheryl Road

Paving is to begin on Wednesday, June 4th and is likely to be done in the same order as the milling.

Police will be on scene for traffic control whenever work is being done.  Priority in traffic flow will be given to emergency vehicles and school buses.  Based on the roads being worked on at this time, we are optimistic that there will be little to no impact on school bus routes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Engineering Department at (973) 331-3323.

We will keep this page updated as work is completed.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 05 June 2014 )