Township Clerk

Duties of the Township Clerk

The Township Clerk's Office is responsible for the recording, preparation and safekeeping of the minutes of the Township Committee meetings and other official records of the Township, including resolutions and ordinances. In addition, the Township Clerk prepares the agendas for the Township Committee meetings and handles the Township Committee's correspondence. The Township Clerk also maintains all records regarding appointments made to Boards and Commissions by the Township Committee.

Licenses & Permits

In addition to the above licenses and permits, the Township Clerk is the local administrator of alcoholic beverage licenses, municipal towing operator permits, billiard table licenses, and filming on public land permits.

Documents Available From the Township Clerk

The following documents are also available from the Township Clerk:

The Montville Messenger

The Township's quarterly publication, The Montville Messenger, is published through the Township Clerk's office. In addition to the magazine being posted on the Township's website, it is also mailed to all residents and businesses in the Township. There are also copies available at the Municipal Building. The Messenger contains information regarding Township news and events, including Recreation and Health Department events.